Saturday, September 24, 2022

Birthday card with a cute butterfly, paper flags and a coordinating botanical background

It is fun to make cards for grand children!!  For this one I started with an orange card and added this great botanical background which is not too busy.   I added the greeting and  flight path with a heart to the cute little butterfly from FLYCLIPART and then laser printed it.  Once trimmed from the sheet I distressed the edges and added four lines of paper piercing with my pattern tracing wheel.  I layered it with a green paper and then added little coordinating paper flags before mounting this large focal element to the front of my card.  It will make her smile!!


Friday, September 23, 2022

All Occasion Cards featuring a cute little bear (digital ), ribbon and layered & embossed backgrounds

 These two cards feature the same little bear (Pixabay).  They are a free digital which I colour printed a while back.  For my first card I added ribbon in two corners and then embellished them with square brads.  I added black dots using a fine tip Sharpie on the edges as well.  I layered this focal element on a heart embossed gray background which was layered onto a white card.  The second one I paper pierced with my pattern tracing tool then mounted it on dark brown paper.  I layered up a background using a dark brown strip in the center, then two strips of wavy edged yellow (tissue paper on freezer paper) and then green striped decorative paper.  All works very well together which highlights the versatility of these images!! 

Thursday, September 22, 2022

All Occasion Cards featuring a gold embossed heart shaped leaf, some ribbon and decorative paper

 These two are from the same stash of card kits from May Card Club.  For my first card, I watercoloured and trimmed the heart leaf (Magenta) with deckle decorative scissors then layered it with green cardstock which I paper pierced with my pattern tracing wheel.  Added the little ribbon flags and mounted it to my card front which was embellished with decorative paper.  For the second one I added an extra layer of green and red cardstock in between the image and the layer, added the flags and used 3D foam tape to add it to my card front which was already layered with decorative paper.    Therese

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

All Occasion Cards - little embossed gifts with flagged ribbon for texture layered on coordinating backgrounds

 I found this kits from my May Card Club on my desk and made them up!!  They feature little gold embossed gifts (Hampton Arts) which I watercoloured, paper pierced with my pattern tracing wheel and then layered with coordinating cardstock.  I distressed the edges of the first one.  I added the little ribbon flags and mounted my focal element to my card front already embellished with coordinating decorative paper using 3D foam tape.  Therese

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

All Occasion Cards - flower and butterfly stickers on waxed backgrounds

These cards all feature flower and butterfly stickers which I bought locally.  The colourful square (3.5") waxed backgrounds I made a while back by melting wax crayons onto white textured wall paper.  Totally cool!!!  I watercoloured the stickers to coordinate with the backgrounds and then created cards around them.  The first one has an embossed front with torn decorative paper layered over it.  I added two little pieces of ribbon to the square before adding it with 3D foam tape.  The second one has a coordinating layer with a border punched edge.  I added a layer to the waxed square with a wavy edge on the bottom and some paper piercing above it.  

The third one has a turquoise background with a shimmery purple ribbon and I layered the waxed square with green cardstock.  The fourth one has a multicoloured cardstock layer on the back of the square, a shimmery purple ribbon and a pink polka dot background.  



Monday, September 19, 2022

All Occasion cards - torn background, watercoloured images - a cute bird & a tulip

 I am making all occasion cards for my stash!!!  These two feature digital images from MelonHeadz Illustrating.   I love her images and often print several at a time.  These came from my little box of extra images.  I watercoloured the images and then ran my pattern tracing wheel on all four sides. I layered them with cardstock and added a shiny layer to the bird between the image and the cardstock.   I added green oraganza ribbon to the little birdie one as there was enough space for it.  I trimmed the backgrounds shy of the four inches and tore them vertically before adhering them to the coordinating cards.  

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Slow Stitching - one of a kind vest at the Ujaama Grandmas sale

 I bought this heavyweight vest at the "One of Kind Weareable Art" Ujamaa Grandmas sale last weekend.  This organization supports grandmothers in African who are raising their grandchildren because their children died of AIDS.  They are sponsored through the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  They had a wonderful selection of very unique garments and good amount of people interested in making purchases.  I love the colours and the hand stitching in French and English referring to the blue planet, blue skies and blue sea.  It has an inside pocket large enough for a phone and keys!!  I found two buttons in my daughter's button stash that remind me of sky and clouds and are the kinds of buttons we used to have when were were kids.  I will use them to create a unique tie in the front to keep the two sides together which will work well when the weather is a bit cooler.  
I am pondering creating a yellow brooch which will reference the yellow sun, the yellow canola and grain fields and the yellow fall leaves.  It will need a bit of green which would represent the tree lines which intersect the fields.  It is what I love most about living on the prairies and really says "HOME" to me.  Therese