Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Birthday card featuring a background made of scrappy strips, a little digital greeting and a layered length of watercoloured candles

 Still working on large cards for the special occasions in my extended family.  This one started with a deep rose card and I created a strippy background for it.  I tore my strips and adhered them to a 5.5" x 8.5" scrap piece of bond paper until it was completely covered.  After it was dry, I trimmed it to size and stitched the edges with rainbow thread which I used on my prayer flags which added more colour and texture to it before adhering it to my card front.  I die cut two scallop borders (SX) from pink cardstock and layered my focal element - a whole row of watercoloured candles (SU)  - with a rectangle of green cardstock.  I had already added two rows of paper piercing to it to add texture.  I layered the borders to the top and bottom of the green rectangle and added paper piercing to the scallops with a push pin.  I added a little laser printed digital greeting (Desert Diva- digital) which also was embellished with paper piercing using my pattern tracing wheel to the upper edge and then mounted this large element to my card front with 3D foam tape. Pink and green - my favorite colour combination!!!!!  Love how this one turned out!!

Monday, July 05, 2021

Birthday card featuring a collaged background, fabric lace and ribbon and a long row of watercoloured candles

 Another card for July birthdays!!  I started with a large coral rose card and created a collaged strips background that coordinated.  The strips were gleaned from my little stash of decorative papers which were sitting on my desk from a previous cardmaking session.  I tore the paper into strips and adhered them side by side on a piece of 5.5" x 8.5" of scrap bond.  Once it was dry, I trimmed it to size.  To give some soft texture I handstitched two lengths of off white lace to each other on their straight edges and adhered them to my background securing the ends on the back using double sided tape then added a shimmery ribbon across the stitching also securing the ends to the back with double sided. tape.  I had chosen this length of stamped candles as my focal point so I watercoloured them to coordinate and finished off the flames with some clear glitter.  I added a row of paper piercing on the top and bottom of this layer and then adhered it to my card using double sided tape and glue.  I did tuck the little font greeting (laser printed) in before pressing the card.  It has a row of paper piercing too.    Therese

Thread holder using a pegboard

I have repurposed a pegboard that I used for my craft sale set up into a thread holder.  I ordered 6" peg board hooks from online - they are twice the price locally - and was able to put up all of my large spools.  There is evern room for more than one on a peg in some cases when the spools are different sizes and also room for bobbins on the end so they can live together.  I have not yet decided to add the regular and small spools as it would be more difficult to see the colours of them.  I have them in trays in drawers now and it is really easy to find the colour I am looking for when I have a project I am working on.  Brian was able to make the modifications required and attach it to the wall just above my sewing desk.  As you can see there are several other items that have found their way to the bottom hooks which were scavenged from my craft sale display box.   Therese 

My "tree" quilt is finally finished

I have finally finished the hand stitching of the leaves on this quilt top (51" x 39.5").  I like how it came out but stitching in the middle of the quilt was harder than I had expected due to the weight of the fbric and backing.  I pinned the leaves in place one at at time and used green embrodery thread and running stitch to secure them to the quilt next to the "trees".  I placed the next one over it once I had finished the first one and repeated 18 more times.  I really like how the quilt feels so now I have to find a backing to sandwich my polyester batting into the quilt. 

I found a dark green cotton polyester piece that was the right size for the back and there was enough from the other scraps to make a binding in the same colour.  Perfect!!  I added some vertical stitched lines using an off white thread on the front and dark green on the back once I got the backing pinned into place.  After that I stitched on some outline leaves with the same thread placing them next to the lines on the front to simulate a forest in the background.  I had one leftover leaf and so I traced it with a pencil where I thought leaves would look appropriate then roughly followed the line to create the outline leaves.  I really like how that looks.  I cut 3" strips for my binding and stitched them together.  I decided to use a wavy decorative stitch to stitch it into place because I usually miss the back portion when I use a straight line and have to go back and finish all those places by hand.  I had folded the edges of the 3" strip into the center and then in half so I would be assured that as long as I caught the back with stitching it would be secure.  I am pretty happy with how it worked out.  The wavy line does not distract from the quilt and it certainly ensured that I did not have to do any handwork once I was done.  I washed the quilt after I finished it to wash out the pencil lines and to see that it all held together.  The hand stitched leaves are now a little fuzzy but that is fine.  All good!!!!!  I have a special purpose for this quilt which I will share later.    I have several possibilities for the next quilt - will have to see which one calls to me.  I have also started on another hand stitching project which features stitching decorative fabric elements to solid coloured 6" squares.  I will blog those once I have started the first one.     Therese


Friday, July 02, 2021

Exchange cards featuring cool light bulbs and fabric paper backgrounds

These are my two cards for my exchange partner for this month.  I have seen quite a few cards online with light bulbs and when I found a great image on Beyond The Fringe Crafts I downloaded and used it for these cards.  I sized the images for large cards and printed them on white cardstock.  I fussy cut them, watercoloured them and the bulbs a coat of clear dimensional paint.  I used two larger kraft cards which have coordinating envelopes for my card bases.  I added some fabric paper which I had on my desk since creating cards for Father's Day.  I added embossed borders to each of them - one on the bottom and a rick rack border to the other one.  I added a row of machine stitching to the edges and then mounted them to my card fronts.  Once they were dry, I added the light bulbs with 3D foam tape.  I did add some words to the digital I downloaded. There are so many great saying out there so I just chose two that spoke to me.  They are on their way to my partners in this week's mail.  Therese


Thursday, July 01, 2021

Birthday card with a scrappy background and a collaged tag with some fiber and a small digital greeting

I am working on my family cards for July and decided to make some large cards again.  I started with a large brown card and created a scrappy background for it.  I found most of these pieces in a box that I had not looked in for a while.  They are mostly 12" strips which were cut off of large 12"x 12" sheets for a different project.  I started in the corner with the stripy triangle and then added the brown strip trimming to the edge of my 5.5" x 8.5" bond substrate as I went.  I added the little turquoise triangle after I was finished. I pressed the background, trimmed it to size and then adhered it to my card front.  I die cut a large tag (Elison) using a scrap of cardstock.  In a previous crafting session I had stamped a whole bunch of images from this older SU set onto white cardstock strips and miscellaneous pieces of white cardstock from my bin using Black Versafine thinking at some point they would come in handy.  I decided to use some of the candles for this card.  I trimmed a piece which fit across my tag, watercoloured the candles to coordinate with my background,  added some paper piercing with my pattern tracing wheel and then embossed two lines using my score tool.  After embellishing the flames with clear glitter I adhered this to my tag and trimmed it to the edges.  I found some handpainted paper which coordinated nicely so I trimmed off a piece and then tore it in two.  I adhered one piece to the bottom of my tag and the other to the top of it.  I trimmed the decorative paper to the edge of my tag with scissors.  It coordinates very nicely with my background. I found this little laser printed greeting (Desert Diva - digital) in my stash.  I matted it with two little scraps of cardstock - brown and light teal - and added it to the lower edge of my tag using 3D foam tape.  I punched a hole in the top of my tag and added rust and teal fiber to finish it off. Thinking it still needed " a bit of something" I added a strip of double sided tape on the back of the right hand edge and added a few small lengths of coordinating ribbons - flagging all the ends.  That was better!  I adhered my tag to my card using 3D foam tape.   It feels good to have started these cards because July is going to be busy and it is always better if the cards are ready ahead of time.  Therese

Sunday, June 27, 2021

"Owl always..." all occasion cards featuring little felt owls, embossed teal strips and some coordinating backgrounds

I have had these felt owls along with the teal strips sitting on my desk for quite a while and I finally made cards out of them.  

I embossed the teal strips and flagged one end, added coordinating backgrounds, little black branches  (SU - bird punch) and the little font greetings which I printed  a while back knowing I would like to pair them with these little owls.

A versatile greeting that can lead in so many different directions.  



Saturday, June 26, 2021

Thinking of you card featuring a silver embossed little flower bouquet and greeting with a watercoloured embossed background

I was making cards the other day for my July family special occasions and decided to make a few extra for my stash.  

This one features a stamped and silver embossed floral image along with a "Thinking of  you" greeting from the same stamp set.  I has been sitting on my craft table and not too far away was this background which was embossed and partially coloured.  Not sure where it came from because I do not own this embossing folder.  Anyway, I paired them up and added a blue ribbon and a green card.  I watercoloured the background ensuring that I left some white spaces to off set the image.  I trimmed it to size and added the wide blue ribbon and then mounted it to a green card.  I watercoloured the image, added paper piercing on all four sides with my pattern tracing wheel and then added a bit of blue watercolour around the edges.  Once dry, I mounted it to my card using 3D foam tape.  Worked out really well!  Therese


Friday, June 25, 2021

Anniversary card featuring a white fabric collage background and a stitched heart

 This card was created with a third piece of the white fabric collage I made a while back.  I hand cut a heart from some beautiful fabric and stitched it to my white collage background using all over stitching after I had gone all around the edge.  I used coordinating thread and then decided to add a row of green decorative stitching around the edge. It did not show up as much as I would have like.  I created a layered button to add to my heart.  I started with a red circle to which I added a gold embossed border.  I added a green circle which I over stamped with little bubbles.  Next, I added a brown heart and tied them all together with gold cording.  I stitched this large element to a piece of scrapbook paper uisng dark red thread which framed my piece nicely.  I adhered this large piece to an off white card front.  For my greeting, I stamped "Happy Anniversary" (SU) on a strip of kraft cardstock in brown, trimmed one end with a tag die to get a nice scalloped design with a hole in it.  I flagged the other ends and then ran my pattern tracing wheel on all the straight edges.  I tied on a piece of gold embroidery thread and tied a knot then slipped the greeting over the button.  I used a small piece of double sided tape to hold the greeting from moving.    Therese