Saturday, October 16, 2021

Large Christmas card with a fun wreath filled with a school bus ornament

 I started these cards by creating the wreaths.  They are a combination of two elements.  I had to created a white mask to cover the bells in the wreath ( Clipart Library) so I could add the school bus (Pixabay).  After combining the images I colour printed them on white cardstock and fussy cut them to create my focal elements.  They all have red cards layered with a variety of Christmas papers.  I embossed the whte paper with the dots to add some dimesion to the paper instead of adding a strip across.  I adhered the wreaths with 3D foam tape to finish off my cards.  Therese

Friday, October 15, 2021

Large Christmas cards with fun Christmas paper, an embossed panel and a fussy cut bus

 I started both of these cards with a red card.  I added the HO HO HO paper in pieces on the top and bottom.  I embossed the white panels with the QuicKutz Christmas greeting embossing folder and then layered it over the gap.  I did add a brad to them before adhering them into place.  The left hand one has an embossed and torn strip in a dark red cardstock tucked in behind the white panel.  The bus with the wreath on the front (ClipartMax) was colour printed and fussy cut.  I added the buses using 3D foam tape.  


Thursday, October 14, 2021

Large Christmas card with an embossed greeting a red strip and a little green tree

 I started with a bright green card and added the red and green paper.  I embossed the red strip with a Christmas greeting embossing folder which has several different greetings on it.  I had a bus cut to put on this card but unfortunately I should have checked its size before I embosssed the strip because it covered part of the greeting. So I just changed it up and found this little tree in my stash.  I added glittery red paper behind the openings and yellow star brad to the top before adding to my card front.  Finished it up very nicely!!        Therese

Quilting pattern featuring houses with lights in the windows

 I found this quilting pattern at a thrift store recently and bought it for my daughter as she is always inspired by houses and buildings.  I really liked how they all worked together so nicely and it was good to have a colour reference too.  I expect I will replicate it in some way in my slow stitching.  It was created by Lorraine Stangness from Strathmore.    Therese

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Large Christmas cards with an embossed snow bank, some iridescent ribbon and a bus with a wreath

For these four cards I started with white cards and added a piece of snowflake background paper in blue and purple.  I added the ribbon in a few different configurations and secured the ribbon with double sided tape.  Next, I added the white snowbanks - one is ripped, the other three are trimmed in a soft curve using scissors because the tearign was quite ragged.  I embossed the white snowbanks with a Christmas greeting embossing folder (QCuts) and then mounted them below the paper and ribbon.  The school bus (Clipart Max) was embellished with a wreath (Clipart Max) before printing on white cardstock.  They were fussy cut and mounted over the snow bank using 3D foam tape.  Love the bus!         Therese


Tuesday, October 12, 2021

All occasion cards featuring photos from calendars

These were my next three cards.  

For the first one I trimmed this wonderful rose photo for a 4" x 6" calendar page.  I created a white card and added this beautiful pink background paper.  I die cut an ironwork border from some green shimmery cardstock and then trimmed it into two pieces.  I trimmed another strip, cut it into two as well  and added my ironwork pieces to each of them with regular tape on the back.  I mounted them on the top and bottom of my card.  I tore a piece of vellum to highlight the rose photo. added some paper piercing using my pattern tracing wheel, adhered them to each other and then to my card front.  Love it!!
For my second card, I trimmed out the Wilson Snipe photo for the calendar page and found some paper that really echoed the colours in the photo.  I trimmed out a background and then cut it in half and flipped over the top and used tape on the back to piece them back together.  I added a dark brown strip and added three brads at the top to echol colours from the photo.  I added two strips of coordinating blue cardstock to the back of the photo at the top and bottom.  I mounted the photo to my card using 3D foam tape. 
For my fourth card, I started with a photo of a red winged blackbird.  I created a black card and stamped and clear embossed feathers in the top right and lower left corners.  I found this paper in her stash that perfectly matched the red of its wind.  I stamped both pieces with the feather using scarlet ink - I really like the effect.  I mounted both pieces to opposing corners which allows the ones on the card to show.  I layered the photo with black cardstock and then mounted it over my background using 3D foam tape.   I added three little black circle punchies below the photo.  It has been fun making cards with these wonderful photos.  I have a few more picked out and may get a few more cards made by the end of the week.  Therese


Monday, October 11, 2021

Large Christmas cards with fun little buses

 I have made up a few more Christmas cards for my sister with school buses.  
The first one features a kraft coloured card and stitched background paper in red, green and yellow.  I found a greeting in my stash that worked well. I punched stars out of the top portion and then added them to several of the panels in the paper.  To add variety I punched a few smaller stars and added them to other panels.  I did punch a few more from a scrap of the same yellow cardstock as the greeting.  The little school bus (ClipartMax) was printed on white cardstock and fussy cut.  I adhered it to my card front using 3D foam tape in the largest panel along with a few small stars. 
For my second card, I trimmed this bright red and green paper and adhered it to a bright green card.  I embossed a red strip of cardstock and added the greeting with a green brad.  I mounted the strip to my card and then the little fussy cut bus over it using 3D foam tape.  
I will have to be sure to get these to her well before the start of the holiday season!!

All occasion cards with bird photos

I have made another little batch of cards for my sister with the stash she left here a few years ago.  I have used photos from calendars which another of my sisters, Sylvia, has given us for Christmas over the years.  She takes wonderful photos so it was easy to make cards with them.  

For the first card, I trimmed the photo from the 4" x 6" calendar page and then created a half sheet card from brown cardstock.  I used this orange paper with very subtle stripes for my background and added a wide brown fabric ribbon then mounted it to my card.  I layered the bird photo with a deep yellow layer.  To echo the green in the photo I trimmed a length of green fiber mesh and folded it in half and overlaid it onto the brown ribbon.  I held all of these in place with double sided tape.  I mounted the bird over the ribbon using 3D foam tape.  

For my second card, I started with a mallard duck image trimmed from a 4" x 6" calendar page and then created a dark green card.  I found a speckled paper which echoed the colours in several areas of the photo.  I layered a black strip of cardstock over a green one, added paper piercing with my pattern tracing wheel, adhered it to my background and added a large white brad to the left hand side.  I mounted this large element to my card.  I layered the photo with a piece of black handmade paper with a deckled edge on one side.  I mounted this element to my card using 3D foam tape.  

Very happy with how these turned out!!  Therese


Saturday, October 09, 2021

All occasion cards with school buses and fun squiggly decorative paper

 For my last two cards for this card making session I made two cards with black and white images of this great bus (Colouring Page) and used the same fun squiggly lined paper with words.  For the first one, I used two pieces and added a gray dotted paper in between letting some of the black card show through.  I added a black border to my image using a large tip Sharpie marker and then added it to my card using 3D foam tape.  I added two little chevron punchies which adds just a spot of colour to my card.  

My second card features the bus layered on black and mounted over the black strip I added between the two papers using 3D foam tape.  I added three clear rhinestones to the left hand edge of the strip.  Perfect!!