Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Graduation cards from card kits that feature an embossed greeting, decorative paper and a gold metallic die cut

I made another three graduation cards using the card kits from my last cardmaking class in March.  I love how they worked out!!  The first one has a colour printed image of a great decorative paper I made a while back with coloured acrylic medium.  Love the vibrancy of this image!!  The other two are scrapbooking papers that I really liked.  The white mats are made from white cardstock which I cut with a rectangle Nestabitities from Spellbinders.  I stamped and gold embossed the greeting on the bottom portion of the mat.  I mounted the paper behind the opening and then adhered these large layers onto coordinating card fronts.  The gold metallic botanical die cuts were cut with a set of Thinlits from Tim Holtz and adhered with white glue applied with a fine tip applicator.  


Monday, April 29, 2019

Harry Potter theme birthday card featuring a digital greeting, a shaker element and a book mark with quotes

My oldest granddaughter will be having a birthday soon so I got a card ready for her.  She is a fan of Harry Potter and has read all the books.  I decided to make her birthday card with a HP theme.  I started with a large black card.  I laser printed a script background, the birthday greeting (Pixabay) and the two sides of the fun HP bookmark on the same sheet of 8.5 x 11 cardstock.  I trimmed out the bookmark pieces, glued them to each other and then punched a hole to which I added a length of black ribbon.  I found some very good HP quotes online which were all designed and ready to go.  I trimmed the greeting, sponged the edges with black and layered it onto a gold paper.  Wanting to add a fun element I decided to add a shaker element to it so I cut a hole in the script background layer using a circle Nestibilities.  I created a shaker sandwich - a square of transparent plastic to which I added a foam tape border large enough to be hidden by the background paper filled with sequins, beads, heart paper punchies and some glitter.  I removed the release paper from the foam tape and placed another sheet of plastic over top.  Much easier to manage once the shaker element is sealed.  I mounted it behind the opening in the background using double sided tape, added a gear cut from gold cardstock and finished off with a gold brad that went through the shaker element.  Afterwards, I wanted to add a ribbon and fortunately there was room between the pieces of double sided tape to get my ribbon through.  I glued one end to the back on the edge of the round opening and the other end went over the top and was adhered to the back as well.  I mounted this large element to the front of my large black card.  I mounted my large collage greeting with 3D foam tape over the ribbon.  Lastly, I tied a short piece of the same ribbon to the one on the front between the greeting and the opening to simulate a bow!!! I am really happy how it turned out!!!           Therese

Sunday, April 28, 2019

A baby girl card featuring a cute digital image of a clothesline, some decorative paper strips and an embossed strip

For this baby card I used a card kit I created for the March Cardmaking Class.  I changed up a few of the decorative paper strips to emphasize the pink theme.  I used a portrait format for this one and added a strip of double sided tape across and laid all the ends of my strips into it.  I embossed a brown strip of cardstock and adhered it over the ends to make a neat finish.  I trimmed all the ends with little flag ends before adhering this large element to the front of my brown card.   I watercoloured the image of a few cute dresses on a clothesline (Melonheadz) which I substituted into the kit to make it a baby card.  Like my last one, I had extra cardstock on the bottom so I trimmed it with scallop decorative scissors and paper pierced each scallop to add interest and texture.  I mounted the layered image to my card using 3D foam tape.


Saturday, April 27, 2019

Baby card featuring a cute little horse digital, strips of decorative paper and a vellum greeting

Needing some baby cards for my stash so I went digging through some card kits from previous classes to see if I had any that could easily be made up.  No luck but I was able to convert this one into a baby card by simply changing the image to this cute little horse one (Melonheadz) which I had in my image stash and adding a vellum greeting also from my greetings stash!!
So I added a strip of double sided tape across the yellow layer and adhered the ends of my paper strips to it.  I embossed the navy strip, adhered it over the ends and trimmed it to the edges to finish that nicely.  I trimmed the ends of the strips in a diagonal pattern and adhered this large element to the navy card front.  I watercoloured the laser printed image and layered it onto a green rectangle and had enough spare to trim the bottom with scallop decorative scissors.  I used a push pin to pierce each scallop which adds a nice touch of texture.  I used a small piece of double sided tape to adhere the vellum greeting to my card before mounting my layered image using 3D foam tape.  You can see the other cards I made with these kits here.  They were part of my March Cardmaking class.                   Therese

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Large birthday cards that feature a shaker element, some decorative paper and some custom die cut greetings

 I saw a tutorial on shaker cards recently and thought I should give them a go.  It has been a while since I made one.  I created some custom greetings in Corel Draw and printed them on white cardstock.  After trimming them out I got started. 
For the first card, I chose a large orange envelope and created an ivory card to fit inside.  I added two pieces of this beautiful sunflower gift wrap to the front and overlaid a strip of yellow cardstock over where they joined.  To create my shaker greeting I die cut a star, added a piece of transparent plastic to the opening and then made a border of 3D foam tape which I cut quite thin so I could place it around the star shape.  I filled the opening with sequins, paper punched stars, beads, etc and then placed another square of transparency over it after I had removed the release tape.  It was a bit of a challenge in that I had to have a steady hand to keep all the little bits inside the opening while I removed the release paper.  I then mounted my shaker greeting to a background created using brown and orange cardstock.  I punched little stars on the bottom edge, applied double sided tape to the back and rubbed in some copper glitter.  Love it!! I mounted my large shaker greeting to the front of my card over the strip of yellow and I was done!!    It will take a few more to get the hang of it so I decided to make a couple more using pretty close to the same sketch.

For the second one I used another large envelop and created a white card to fit inside.  I added a green embossed layer and added a strip of brown cardstock with a strip of orange over it.  I added glitter glue in blue and green and adhered it to my card once it was dry.  I cut a yellow strip of cardstock, flagged the end and adhered it to my card.  I created my shaker greeting by die cutting a square, adding my transparent layers and filling the inside with glass beads - clear and gold along with some green sequins.  I used a brown marker and added a bow to the top of the square and dots all the way around.  I mounted it to a brown square of cardstock before adhering it to the front of my card using 3D foam tape.  Love the glitter glue border on this one!!
For my third card I chose a large lavender envelope and created a white card to fit inside. I layer on a piece of purple cardstock and then a beautiful piece of floral decorative paper.  I added a flagged strip of yellow paper to this one as well.  I die cut a circle to this greeting, added the transparencies and foam tape to create my shaker which I filled with glass beads, sequins and a bit of glitter.  I corner rounded the three corners I had access to, sponged the edges and mounted my shaker greeting to my card front using 3D foam tape.  I added a little string to my circle a balloon using a fine tip sharpie.  Another good one!!  One of these is off to my sister for her birthday and the other two are off to my card exchange partners for this month. 
Really enjoyed making these but they do require some time to get those shakers made without having little beads running in every direction!!            Therese

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Birthday card with cool tool background paper and fun chalk board greeting

This card is for DH for his upcoming birthday!!  I chose this really cool background paper which I received in a swap a while ago and mounted it to a large black card front.  I cut a fun shape from silver cardstock and added a strip of red and black washi tape down the middle.  After mounting it to my card front I added a fussy cut chalk board greeting which was laser printed from a digital file.  I adhered it with two red brads which are silver brads coloured with a red Sharpie permanent marker.  I really love how it worked out!!!  He is a wonderful woodworker so I am sure he will appreciate the fun paper.  Therese

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Felted Wool coasters

 My grand daughter is raising money for a trip and I have made up a few felted wool coasters to be sold at her next event. 
The felted wool comes from her Mom who enjoys felting wool and creating wonderful items from it.  This was felted wool from a reversible coat which was ivory one one side and beige on the other.  I cut the panels into four inch squares with a rotary cutter and mat.  I rounded the corners by fussy cutting them with scissors.  I machine stitched around the edges to create a bit of a border using thread in coordinating colours - beige on the ivory side and ivory on the beige side.   Next, I used tapestry wool to embroider designs onto the coasters.  I found a few ideas on line and then made up a few others after I got a bit of feel for the process and what I could do with it.  I am really happy with how they turned out!!  Every dollar counts so I hope they sell out!!                 Therese

Thursday, April 04, 2019


 I was exploring a card design a few weeks ago that required doodling to finish it off so I decided to try a few pages to see how easy it would be for the participants to make doodles happen.  I found several You Tube videos of people doing some doodling and decided to follow along and see how easily it went. 

 It was difficult enough for me so I decided not to go with that card design for my class but I did really enjoy the doodling and I think I may clean some of these up and use them as digital images in my card making. 

I may have to do that regularly and see what happens.  Having my own art to use in my card making would be really fun!!


Paperclip jewelry


Paper clip jewelry!!  On our trip to the second hand store in the last few days my grand daughter picked up a free crafting book which creates jewelry using paper clips!!  She spent the afternoon yesterday trying several of the techniques and making several items of jewelry for herself!!   Therese

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

And yet more charms!!!!

These are the charms I made while my grand daughter was visiting!  She invented the process and I decided to make a few as well because they looked so awesome!!  Teen idol charms from the Goodwill were sanded, coloured with nail polish or gesso and then glitter glue was added in a variety of colours and nicely mixed up to create some very sparkly charms!! We added the butterflies - plastic decoration cut from some head bands purchased a while back.  We finished the edges with Sharpie or rhinestones. They came with the jumprings and lobster claw catches on them.  Love how they turned out.  She will be selling them at a fundraising event in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!  Therese

More charms!!!!!!!

 Another set of charms which my granddaughter made this week!  Some will be sold at the fundraiser and the Key chains she made to go with the little stitched penguins she is making for a different event for her Girl Guide troupe.  These started as fun flower stickers - see left on the lower right! She added coordinating circle punchies and added her own greetings, symbols and art using glitter gel pens.  I drilled holes in them and she added jump rings and lobster claws to finish them off!!!!           Therese


 Charms!!!!!!!!!!  My granddaughter is visiting for spring break and she has been busy creating charms for a fundraising event for Girl Guides!!
We started with plastic charms I acquired at the Goodwill a few weeks ago thinking that they would make a good substrate for creating on.  We dug out sandpaper, nail polish and glitter glue and then added the little butterfly accents and just went from there!! We finished the edges with coloured Sharpie markers and/or clear rhinestones!!!   They are awesome in real life!!
These are all of the ones she made - double sided so I took photos of both sides!!        Therese

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

March Cardmaking - an embossed cardstock with strips of fun paper and a laser printed digital greeting

For our last card I designed this one which was fairly quick and easy!!  I cut a layer 4" x 5.25" to which we applied a strip of double sided tape into which we laid our strips of paper until it was covered all the way across.  Next we embossed a coordinating strip of cardstock and adhered it over the ends we had placed on the double sided tape.  Next, we flagged the bottoms of each strip in an interesting pattern and adhered this large element to a coordinating card front.  The laser printed greetings (Desert Diva) were distressed and then glued to a coordinating layer which were also distressed.  They were adhere to each other and mounted to the front of our card using 3D foam tape.  This sketch was very flexible in that the card could be used in both orientations.  I created one of each with my cards.  The cardstock strip and the flagged strips could also have been mounted on the short width which also gave the option for both orientations by changing the way the greeting was mounted.  A fun card to finish off our evening!!  

March Cardmaking - decorative paper, fun tags and a bit of embossing

For our second card I designed this one which features the tag I cut out of the first card which you can find here.   We used scissors or corner rounders to trim the corners of our tags, coloured our images if they needed it and then added a folded length of ribbon using a coordinating tiny brad.  I used watercolour and chalk on my tags. We adhered our decorative paper (4" x 5.25") to a coordinating card front, embossed our strip of cardstock and then mounted it over the paper,  trimming it to fit.  We mounted our tags with images to the front of our cards using 3D foam tape overlapping the embossed strips. To finish off our cards we trimmed our ribbon ends.   The little owl is from Michelle Perkett and the penny farthing is from StampinUP.    It is always fun to add font greetings to images and it gives you the flexibility to have them be for any occasion you prefer.  


March Cardmaking - golden die cut, beautiful background paper and a gold embossed greeting

Another fun evening with the girls making cards!!!!  For our first card I created these simply elegant ones!!  I cut the frame out of white cardstock.  In order to be efficient I laid out the tag for the next card in the center of the frame which made the off cut useful.  I created registration marks on my magnet sheet for the Big Shot and positioned my rectangle Nestibility so it would cut out a frame in the way that I wanted.  I left space on the bottom so that the girls could gold emboss the greeting of their choice from the Sincere Salutations set (SU).  That was a new experience for all of them so we had a few practice runs and everyone managed to get their greeting well embossed.  I ran the tracing wheel around my frame before I added the decorative paper behind the opening and glued this layer to my coordinating card front.  We then added our coordinating gold die cuts using white glue in a fine tip applicator to ensure a neat finish.  The leaf is Tim Holtz and the dragonfly is Spellbinders.  Very happy with these elegant cards!!           Therese