Wednesday, May 02, 2018

A card that features a butterfly opening, ribbon and a little greeting

While I was making the kits for this card for the All Occasion Class I made this card!!  It uses a spoiled embossed layer in that because I misjudged the location of my little cutting plate I cut part of the die next to the butterfly on this large die.  I burnished the slit closed and added regular tape on the back and it still showed after I embossed the layer so I decided to use this one to make a sympathy card and simply added a little greeting over the the mistake and no one is any the wiser!!!
So this card sketch works with or without a greeting!  You can check the ones without a greeting here that I created for my All Occasion Class last week!!


All Occasion Stack Class - Card #3 - a wide strip of decorative paper, a thin strip of cardstock and a die cut focal element

This is card #3 in the All Occasion Stack Class this week!  I always make the last card easy because as the evening moves on some are getting tired and are having trouble staying focused!!
This is a quick and easy card!!  It features a wide strip of decorative paper (3" x 5.5") glued right up to the top of the coordinating card and the sides as well.  Depending on how accurately I have cut the pieces there is usually a bit to be trimmed on one side or the other.  Next, the thin strip of coordinating cardstock (.5 x 5.5") is glued over the bottom edge of the decorative paper.  I added three passes of my trusting tracing wheel to give this piece a bit of interest and texture.  Finally, the 3D embellishment is added over the thin strip using 3D foam tape to give it some dimension.  This one is a star die cut which I manually embossed using a hammer and a star included in an embossing folder.  Gives it a bit of texture and interest!!  Without a greeting this card would be appropriate for a new baby or a three year old's birthday!!  Therese

All Occasion Stack Class - Card #2 - embossed backgrounds, fiber and colour printed focal elements

Here is my second card for the All Occasion Stack class this week!!  I went through my stash and discovered two sets of colour printed flowers - these blue Lily of the Valley and beautiful red poppies!  I trimmed them apart and layered them where needed to create my focal elements.  Needing a few more I decided to visit one of my sources for free to use colour graphics - Pixabay!  I found a new person who does the equivalent of loose pen and ink sketches of everyday things and adds a bit of colour.  Love them!! I printed out a few of those and a good variety of others which means that we will not have to colour images in this class.  Again, a good variety of images yields a good selection of themed cards.
So we will be gluing our embossed layers to our coordinating cards and them wrapping our fiber around several times and tying them all together on the front using a couple of knots.  Spreading the fibers apart adds interest and definition to this wonderfully textured aspect of this card.  The colour printed focal elements will be added over the fiber using 3D foam tape.  This vintage image includes a greeting but the others do not therefore keeping the card appropriate for a variety of occasions!

All Occasion Stack Class - card #1 - a die cut opening in an embossed layer which reveals the decorative paper below

This is our first card for the All Occasion Stack Class this week!!  We will be making 12 cards - 4 of three different designs.  I have designed them with no greetings to increase their versatility and have also used a variety of dies and papers to make all the cards different even if they all use the same sketch.
For this card I used an oak leaf die which is part of a large Sizzix die which requires smaller cutting plates (broken pieces) and precise placement as to cut the one die in this large layer.  After cutting out the leaf I embossed the white layer (3.75" x 5") using the CB Swiss Dot embossing folder.  I added a length of coordinating ribbon just below the opening adhering both ends to the back and tied on a short piece using a single knot to the one on the front to simulate a bow.  I glued my decorative paper (4 " 5.25") to the front of a brown card and then mounted my embossed/die cut layer over it using 3D foam tape near the edges of the opening and double sided tape near the outside edges.  Gives the opening some dimension!!! 
So in the course of making the kits I used a variety of dies - hearts, stars, snowflake, trees, bee, butterfly, flowers, etc to ensure a good variety of cards.