Saturday, January 25, 2020

Slow stitching - new project - snippet roll with scraps

I have started by new slow stitching project - a snippet roll!!  I am using the cushion covers which I removed as a base for this project.  There were two that are falling apart so those have been relegated to the scrap pile but the other four are worn but usable so I did some research to see what I might use them for.  Because they are worn I do not want to put them into a quilt.  I decided on a snippet roll!!  There are a wide variety of them on line and I decided to make one that could be used as ribbon to wrap a gift.  I cut one of the cushion covers into 2" strips which works well because the quilted square are 4" finished.  I managed 8 sixteen inch strips and used my sewing machine to sew them end to end.   That gave me 132 inches!!  Overnight I decided to have finished edges so I used a bias tape maker for a two inch strip and ironed my strip to have the two edges meet in the middle as you can see above which is 1" wide.  Next, I cut over 250 little 3/4" squares in coordinating colours from my fabric scraps and separated them into darks, mediums, colours and lights.  I started from one end and pinned my squares to the back side (unfinished) of my strip going from dark to light and starting over again.  I will need to sort out how I am going to do my stitching!!        Therese