Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sympathy card

Created this card for a family member who has experienced a loss.  I will add making a few more to my To Do list because I prefer to have a few on hand.
I started with this wonderful botanical paper I created a while back.  I layered it onto a soft white layer which I had embossed with little flowers and added a white ribbon between the two.  I glued the ends to the back of the layer and added stitching to the decorative paper.  I added a piece of green grosgrain ribbon over the white and layered on my stamped greeting which I also stitched into place.  The bottom needed a bit of something so I punched the bottom edge with a decorative border punch (SU).  I glued the entire element to a purple card front.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yellow chunky book page

I created this cute little 4" x 4" chunky book page for a swap on one of my groups!!  I found this fabric paper in my stash and I thought this large flower was perfect for the yellow and bright theme.  I added the butterfly quote which was stamped on transparency and the little butterfly punchies which were given to me by a friend.  They were punched from some very bright and shiny paper!!  I added an embossed cardstock backer in green and sandwiched several coordinating ribbons in between before I stitched all the pieces together using yellow thread in my sewing machine.
I love making fabric paper and this one worked out so well for this project!!


Monday, April 27, 2015

A little sewing project!

I have been practicing my sewing skills!!  I used to do much more sewing when my children were home.  I made this little zippered pack for my grand daughter for her birthday.  It was fun to add some decorative stitching and work out a way to add a lining.  The belt is way too long but I thought more was better in case she decides to wear it over her shoulder instead of around her waist.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Fairy tale art for this birthday card

My oldest granddaughter has a birthday coming up!!  My sister gave me a set of postcards a while back and I thought I would see if I could incorporate them into my cardmaking.  The art is wonderful - Grimms Fairy Tales - in soft watercolour so I decided not to cover them up too much.  I added a gros grain ribbon at the very bottom attaching the ends behind the postcard using double sided tape. Next, I layered the postcard onto a variegated yellow orange tissue paper and then onto a large green card front which I had stippled around the edges using my stipple stamp (SU) with green ink. I sponged the edges of an oval greeting punchie and added it over the ribbon using 3D foam tape.
I am really liking the look of the tissue paper layers I have been using on my cards lately!!
My granddaughter is an budding artist so I am sure she will appreciate the artistic and the fairytale aspects of this card!


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Boho Bangles - third time's a charm!

Here is my final boho bangle!!! I was very tempted to create my second bracelet exactly like my first except in different colours.  Instead I decided to use fabric strips which is what he uses in the video.  I used a short piece of bias trim I had in my stash in this beautiful orange/yellow plaid.  You cannot even tell it is a plaid!!  I chose large seed beads that coordinated with the lines of thread in the fabric - yellow, turquoise, leaf green and red.  I created clusters instead of an all over pattern.  I doubled up the reds in the middle of the clusters just to change things up a bit.  I also used gold wire on this one because it coordinated the best.  I also added a large turquoise feature between the last two clusters by using a few slightly larger beads and layering dyed shells on both sides of the central turquoise
bead.  I really like the colour combinations in this one!!

The girls on the group have been saying that once you get started making these it is hard to stop!!  Considering that they are so easy to make and require very little supplies there is no reason not to have an armful that coordinate with your summer outfits!!
I am hoping that these will coordinate with my partners summer attire!!

Boho bangles - the second time around

Here are the supplies I used for my second bangle - taped zip tie, blue 28 gauge wire, sheer ribbon and some blue, pink and clear beads.  I overlapped the ends of the zip tie before applying the red TUCK tape. This tape is very sticky and is used to seal sheathing.  DH has used it for several other purposes as well.  Two years ago it was to seal the holes in the vinyl siding created by LARGE hailstones.  You can see in the photo that I did not overlap the ends on that one - it really peaks where the tape just folds over.  I redid it and added a short piece of extra zip tie over the gap which works much better.  You will see what I did with that one in the next posting.  I used the same shimmery blue/pink ribbon that I used on the first one, wrapping it all the way around my zip tie armature.  I did not have enough beads left over from the first one so I went looking for more beads.  I found some blue and pink ones that worked well together so I simply added the clear seed beads to create this one.  I alternated the pink and the blue beads and added a clear bead between them.  The first time the pattern worked out perfectly - finishing up exactly where I had started.  Not so lucky with this one so I just finished up with three clear beads.  Worked out fine!!


Boho bangles

Boho Bangles!!
I signed up for this swap because it sounded interesting and was a project I had never tried before!
 I find swaps are a great way to try a "new to me" technique or project.
A link was provided for us to preview the technique - Stackable Bangles by Mark Montano.  After watching the video and perusing the supplies I went looking for zip ties, beads, ribbon and wire!!

I had to modify my zip ties because they were not long enough for the bangles I needed to make for my partner.  We all provided our measurements so our partners could create a bracelet which would fit.  I created my armature by wrapping to each other a zip tie and a hair elastic with heavy weight thread and tied off the ends.  Next, I wrapped the armature with a length of shimmery blue/pink organza ribbon.  Bead were next!!  I found some pink, blue, clear and pearl beads which all looked good together and worked with the ribbon.
 I cut a length of blue 28 gauge wire, created a loop around the armature and secured the wire by twisting the end around body of the wire.  I started wrapping the wire around the armature adding one bead at a time leaving the bead on the outside edge of the bracelet.                        
I chose to repeat a pattern - blue, pearl, pink and clear. These beads were pretty much the same size - some plastic and the others glass seed beads.  I really like the look of this bracelet but found that I had measured too closely and my bracelet was too small once I had wrapped it with ribbon and beads.  So it was not going to be suitable for my partner and sadly is also too small for me so I will have to find a new home for it.
After a bit of reflection I decided to create my armature differently for my next bangle and go with a version much closer to what was suggested in the video.  I found that the elastic on the outside of the zip tie made it difficult to position the beads evenly.  The way of creative discovery is trial and error!!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

White on white wedding card

I made a couple of wedding cards today!!  I have been inspired by the white on white cards I have been seeing on Splitcoast Stampers and thought I would give it a try.  I die cut the oval frame (SX) out of white cardstock and backed it with vellum onto which I had stamped and silver embossed my greeting.  I used the die cut as a guide to stamp my greeting by laying it over the sheet of vellum and stamping through the opening.  I drew a pencil line around the die cut and then trimmed out the vellum oval using regular scissors. I had to trim a little more in a couple of places but I wanted to make sure that the hearts and spaces were backed with the vellum as well.  Once they lined up well I attached the vellum to the back of the die cut using double sided tape.  I left both sides free of tape so I could insert lengths of white vintage seam binding between the frame and the vellum on both sides.  I cut a white layer and embossed it with the Musical Flourishes embossing folder (CB).  Because this is a large card I had to emboss it twice.  I was very careful when placing my spacer over the embossing folder to ensure that the pressure was only applied to the design and not to the edge of the embossing folder.  The edge will often give you an impression when you put it through your Big Kick and I wanted to avoid that mark.  I also wanted to avoid flattening the embossing which I had already done with that edge when I put it through the second time.  It was worth being careful because the layer turned out beautiful.  I added 3D foam tape to the back of the frame, positioned it on my embossed layer and adhered the ends of my seam binding to the back of it using double sided tape.  I layered this large element to a white card front.  
I really like white on white for wedding cards and these turned out great. I used a different embossing folder on the other one but otherwise they are identical.  That is not usually my style but I wanted to be time efficient and the cards are going in two different families that are provinces apart.  


Saturday, April 18, 2015

For a special guy

DH is having a birthday on the weekend!!  To be sure that his card was ready on time I decided to work on it today!!  I was inspired by a card on Splitcoast Stampers that featured strips of decorative papers so I went looking in my scrap bucket to see if I could find several that coordinated.  Fortunately, I did and I also found a little frame left over from these cards that was the right colour to be my accent.  I started by punching HAPPY on one strip and then arranging the rest of them til  I was happy with the look of them.  The strips overlapped just a bit so I glued them to each other to create a full background for my card. Next, I used my homemade stamp positioner to stamp "birthday" on the one below the punched one in brown and embossed it with clear embossing powder.   I glued my background to the front of a brown card.  I added a strip stamped with a leafy background and glued my little green frame over it.  I found a leaf just the right colour in my bucket of leaf punchies.  It still needed a bit of something so I added dots to the bottom of each strip of decorative paper with a fine tip Sharpie!!  That was better!!  My card is ready to go for the weekend!!


Friday, April 17, 2015

Birthday card with a tissue paper layer

Another card I created last week and am posting today!!  The flower image is from Anji's Antics.  I laser printed it, trimmed it close and coloured it with watercolours then layered it onto dark purple. I used the same purple cardstock for my card front, added a layer of red tissue paper and then mounted a layer of yellow decorative paper.  I mounted my image using 3D foam tape over the paper, added a strip of red cardstock below it and mounted my layered and sponged greeting over it. The greeting is colour printed, punched out (SU), sponged with a bit of purple ink and then backed with a yellow punchie which as been split in the middle to allow it to show at the top and bottom.
I really like the way the tissue paper gave me a soft red colour between the yellow and the purple. I will be using tissue paper as a layer again!!  It adds dimension and soft colour!!


Pressed botanicals for exchange cards

I needed two cards for my monthly card exchange so went looking for some cool paper to use as a background.   I found this botanical paper I used on these cards and thought that would do very well for spring cards!!  I created the background paper by sandwiching pressed botanicals between two pieces of white tissue paper using Matte Modge Podge.  I love it!!
I cut the background paper to fit a white layer I had trimmed to fit on my purple card fronts.  I used a glue stick to adhere them just in the middle and then used my sewing machine with white thread to stitch them together and incorporated a yellow strip of cardstock while I was at it.  I glued this decorative layer to my card front and added a punched colour printed greeting (SU) overlapping the strip!!
The botanical paper really needs to be backed with white to highlight the colour and detail of the paper.  Only a few more pieces of this paper left but I have scanned it so I can always print off a few sheets but it will not have the same translucency and texture!!


Art Quiltie - a butterfly for April

Just finished my butterfly art quiltie for our April swap!!

I started with a white on white piece of cotton (4" x 4") and added two layers of die cut fabric.  I cut the main butterfly (SX) from some bright fabric backed with heat & bond and the outline from white iron on muslin. The muslin was very bright in contrast to the fabric so I used watercolours (SU) to dye it  - blue, purple and pink.  I used a black sharpie to colour the body.  After removing the release paper from the back of the large butterfly I ironed it to the white fabric and then positioned the lacy wings and the body over it and ironed them into place.  Love how it worked out!! Next I added batting and layered both of them over a larger turquoise square of cotton.  I double folded the edge of the turquoise over the white and stitched it with a running stitch all the way around with white embroidery floss.  I outlined the butterfly with purple floss and added antenna with black floss.  To add texture to the white background I used scattered running stitches in white floss and added a few pearly seed beads as I went.  Finally, I added two turquoise sequins held in place using pearly seed beads.  Love the feel of the textured areas!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Birthday ATC card

Made this card last week and am just getting it posted today!!  I started with the focal image, an ATC from my collection which features a paper napkin layer embossed with clear embossing powder which I layered onto red.  I adhered it to a white card front to which I had added a blue layer embossed with the Decorative Dots embossing folder (SU) which I just recently purchased when my sister, Sylvia, hosted an online party.  I added a length of yellow gros grain ribbon.  I inserted the end on the left hand side through a slit I cut on the spine of the card and used double sided tape to secure both ends to the inside front of the card.  I added this greeting which I cut using the smallest Deco Labels framelit (SU) after I laser printed it and then watercoloured it to coordinate with the card.   Another one to add to the stash!


Thursday, April 09, 2015

Cards for a baby gift

A new baby!!  New Mom's are always short on time and resources so I made a set of cards for my friend's daughter who just had a baby boy!!
I used green card fronts and layered on a trimmed quarter sheet of embossed decorative cardstock. It is green cardstock that was colour printed with an all over design using an inkjet printer.  I embossed it using a star & frame embossing folder and I sanded it to reveal the cardstock.  Love this technique!
I stamped the greetings (SU) in blue on white cardstock, trimmed them close and watercoloured the borders green.  I added a length of navy gros grain ribbon across the embossed frame and mounted the greeting over it using 3D foam tape.  I wrapped the cards in hand decorated paper and tied the package with bakers twine.  A little gift all ready to go!!

Saturday, April 04, 2015

A few more cards from my stash!

With such luck at finding a stash of supplies for the last batch of Christmas cards I made I thought I would raid the box on my desk for any supplies that could be used for Christmas cards!!  Here are the cards I made with what I found!!

For this one on the left I used a embossed layer that features three snowmen!!  I found a colour printed greeting which I trimmed and pierced and then glued in place above my little guys. Next, I sewed this layer to the front of a white card using white thread in my sewing machine!!  Found enough supplies to make three of these!!
For these three I used three wax resist backgrounds that feature the same embossing folder with the three snowmen!!  I trimmed them to fit on coordinating card fronts and added colour printed and embossed vellum greetings which I found in my stash.  If you colour print on vellum using an inkjet printer and you are fast you can coat your wet printing with embossing powder and then heat it!! 
 A lovely embossed image!!  
So another 6 cards to add to my stash!!  34+6=40 cards!!   I am very happy to have been able to find these supplies and get all caught up on my Christmas cards for this year!!


Thursday, April 02, 2015

Stash busting Christmas cards

 I have been working on Christmas cards for a bit now and in the process have found a little stash of supplies that have made short work of creating these cards.  It is amazing what ends up in a box when  an artist person has to make their space presentable in a hurry!!  Not exactly sure when that particular event took place but it was a boon to getting caught up on my Christmas cards for this year!!
The top three cards:  On the left - embossed ornaments.  This embossed layer was empty in the middle and I was finding it hard to find something that would work inside the space so I simply trimmed both sides off and added plaid ribbon there instead and glued all three pieces to a green layer.  I adhered it to a large white card and added a stamped layered greeting and I was done!
Middle:  This embossed layer had a greeting stamped on the front that really did not work so I turned it over and added a strip which I have trimmed from a commercial card using decorative scissors.  I sponged it a bit with green ink before I glued the greeting to the bottom of the embossed layer and trimmed the ends even with the sides.  I layered it onto a dark green cardstock leaving a small margin and glued this element to a large off white card front.  
Right:  I love this embossed tree but it really fill the space so I decided to punch JOY with my letter punch set and added a couple lengths of silver cording just above the greeting and just below the tree branches.  I used double sided tape on the back to keep them in place.  I had intended to let the green layer show through the letters but in the process of assembling the card I had a scrap of red on my desk and decided to see what it would look like behind the letters.  Excellent!!  So I glued it in place before I glued my embossed layer to the green layer which I glued to a large white card front.  
 Left:  I love the look of white on white so I layered the snowflake embossed layer to a large white card front, added the greeting which is embossed on vellum using silver embossing powder and was just sitting in my stash!!  I used double sided tape behind the words to adhere it to my embossed layer.  It still needed a bit of something - so I added a silver fabric snowflake embellishment using a large glue dot.  Done!!
Right:  I decided to use this colour printed vellum greeting on this embossed layer so I cut the right hand side into a flag end used a piece of double sided tape to glue it to my embossed layer.  I used a piece of striped gros grain ribbon cut at a diagonal to cover the edge of the greeting and down the left hand side of my layer.  I layered this piece onto red and then onto a large bright green card.  
Left:  This embossed layer features round ornaments and the left hand side was blank.  I found a piece of ribbon just the right width for that space and glued down a piece using double sided tape.  I flagged the bottom end and then layered it onto red cardstock and then onto a large green card front.  I found this perfect round greeting in my stash and adhered it with a square of 3D foam tape.  Done!!
Right:  I was able to use another strip of the same ribbon on this card.  I layered the embossed piece onto red, added my ribbon and attached both ends to the back of the layer using double sided tape.  Next, I added the whole layer to a large navy card front.  I found this greeting in my stash, trimmed it down, layered it onto green and attached it to my card using 3D foam tape.  Done!!
Making cards with a stash of found elements was wonderful.  I expect this must have been leftovers from a class so lots of the work had already been done.  
So this added another 7 to my stash!!  27+7=34!!  I cannot believe how many cards I have managed to make up in the last week or so!!