Saturday, February 28, 2015

Card featuring a used postage stamp

I made a few cards lately featuring used postage stamps as their focal element.  This one features a round American stamp with the Earth on it.  It is a very cool stamp!!  I layered it on a green circle and then onto a dark blue circle which I cut with Nestabilities.  I still had a piece of this serendipity background so I decided to use it up.  I layered iot onto a medium blue card front and stitched it all the way around with white thread.  I mounted the postage stamp element to an orange rectangle and mounted it to my card using double sided tape.  I found a greeting in my stash that just fit nicely below it so I adhered that with double sided tape as well.  The ribbon I found in my stash as well - I trimmed one end into a flag and cut the other straight.  I glued both ends down with double sided tape and add three blue star brads in between.  Really like the colour combinations on this card!!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another pink and green card!!

I am still working through those pink gingham announcements I found in a box labeled "to be sorted"a while back. For this card,  I punched the bottom edge with the scallop punch (SU) and then with the slot punch.  I applied double sided tape to the back of the slots and added green glitter (MS) to the front.  Nice and glittery!  I trimmed the quarter sheet to fit on a purple card and added a bit of stippling with coordinating ink.  I folded my ribbon and adhered it to the card front using double sided tape.  The collage image was adhered over the ribbon using 3D foam tape.  I like how well the wide ribbon covers the space on the card.  Therese

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hockey postage stamp on a birthday card

Another of the cards I made using used postage stamps.  I started with this stamp that features a hockey player and glued it to the top of a green rectangle.  I used a chevron punch (SU) to add the slots on the left hand side.  I found this background that was perfect to go with this image.  It was in the gift from my Secret Sister at Christmas.  Not sure what was used below but the surface looks like ti was thermally embossed after it was put through an embossing folder.  I trimmed this background, added a length of red vintage seam binding and stitched it to a light grey card capturing the seam binding in the process.  I added a vertical greeting to the side of my focal element, adhered it to my card front with a bit of double sided tape and then stitched all the way around with white thread.  It still needed "something" so I tied on a short length of seam binding to the right of my element and that was just enough texture and colour to finish off my card nicely.
Have you ever used old postage stamps in your art?  If so, post a link to your creation so we can all be inspired to give it a try!


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dinosaur card with serendipity background

Another grandson with a birthday!! He is into dinosaurs this year so I made him a card that features a brontosaurus. In his case, I chose a realistic image because he knows their names and what they look like!!  I downloaded the image from CLKER, added a greeting in COREL DRAW and laser printed it.  I watercoloured the image and layered it onto orange cardstock which I left long on the right hand side so I could punched it with the slot punch.  I added a coordinating ribbon and layered this element to my card front which features a piece of serendipity paper which I created a while back. The serendipity paper was such a good background for this dinosaur image!!


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Train card

My oldest grandson is turning 6 and is wanting trains as part of his birthday celebration so I went looking for some train images.  I found these full colour ones on  CLKER !!  They are a good marriage between realistic and cute!!  I also found the landscape there which worked really well to create a background for my card.  I placed one on the left and flipped the next one horizontally and put it on the right.  Perfect!! I laser printed the greeting and the landscape in proper relation to each other and the train cars on the same piece of white cardstock.  I watercoloured the background and greeting and fussy cut the train cars and glued them between the two.  I added a length of black cording below the cars to create a connection between all the pieces like they would be in a real train.  I mounted this element to a blue card front and added three little hand cut puffy clouds which I sponged with blue and mounted with 3D foam tape!!!   I am really happy with how this card turned out!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Pink and green shabby chic card

Yet again, another card made from the pink gingham announcements that I unearthed from a "To be sorted" box!!  I changed it up a bit for this one.  I added a piece of black lace to the right hand side of a quarter sheet of the gingham announcement and added a collage image (designsbymikel) with a black hummingbird just inside the pink border.  I added a laser printed greeting (Pink Cat Studio) which I layered onto green on the lower right hand side and just above it a gold embossed butterfly image adhered with 3D foam tape.  After assembling the elements I thought it needed a bit of grunge so I used my stipple stamp (SU) and added some green stippling around the edges of the card.  That was better!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Delicate pink and green cards

 I am in the process of using up some pink gingham announcements from a "To be sorted" box and here are a couple more cards I made.
For these two I simply folded the half sheet announcement in half to make a quarter sheet card.  I used a strip of white cardstock and punched one edge with a scalloped border punch (SU) and the other with the slot punch.  I found some pink ribbon that coordinated and added it to the slots before I used double sided tape to adhere it to the left hand side of the card.  For the top one I used a laser printed tulip image (CLKER). I watercoloured it and sponged the edges in green so it would show up nicely on the card front.  I slipped the left hand edge under the border and glued it in place.  I sponged an oval greeting (SU) with green and added it over the image using 3D foam tape.
For this card, I layered the image over a green backer and used chalks to colour it.  I added a scroll greeting (CLKER) which I chalked to coordinate with the card.

The little girl is a digital image from Lilac and Lavendar. I used this image on these cards as well.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Heart Art Quiltie for February

I am hosting another Art Quilitie mingle!! The theme for February is Heart - you just need to include a heart in your design any way you wish - fabric, stitching or embellishment.
I started by cutting a 5"x 5" piece of white on white quilting fabric and stamping words on it with my magnetic Making Memories alphabet stamps in "Soft Stone" Memories ink.  The words are the qualities of love - kind, patient, polite, joyous, calm, forgiving, etc. After that I stamped a beautiful LOVE (QF) in red after making a heart outline in pencil to ensure good placement.  I stitched pearl seed beads all along the heart outline, added a 4" batting to the back and sewed on all of my white and pearl buttons starting

with the one at the bottom and adding as I went.  When I got to the middle I added the little red heart button and kept going.   Once, I was finished, I added a five inch square of red fabric over the front, stitched around the edge with my sewing machine leaving a gap to allow me to turn it inside out.  Once it was right side out, I stitched up the gap and added blanket stitch all the way around the edge using white embroidery floss. Traditionally, the line of the blanket stitch is left on the outside edge, instead I stitched mine leaving the line about a quarter inch inside the outside edge giving it a different look.
I love the way it turned out!!  I added my credits to the back using iron on fabric labeling tape, hand lettered a quote with a fine tip sharpie and embellished the whote back area with white french knots.
It will be on its way to my partner by the end of the week.  You can check out the other art quilties I have made  - OctoberNovember and January.  I am hoping to continue to get participation so we will all have a good number of pages to sew up into a project.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pink and green baby card

I am working on cleaning up my "To be sorted" boxes and in one of them I found a package of pink gingham announcement cards which I bought somewhere for a really good price knowing for sure that I would get some quick inspiration and in no time at all I would have a pile of cute cards.  It has been years and so far that has not happened so this week I thought I would see if I could get some cards made with them.
I started by cutting the half sheet down to quarter sheet and punching the non ginghamed edge with an eyelet border punch (SU).  I backed the edge with a strip of green layer  - two of my favorite colours together.  I found this laser printed vellum with a baby buggy in my image stash which worked very nicely so I trimmed it down to the right size and chalked the back to add colour. I positioned it on the card, punched two holes with my Cropadile and used vintage green seam binding to create an innie - outie bow.  I mounted this element to a white card front to finish it off.
I just remembered that I did use a few last year to create these cards.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Vintage looking Valentine's card for a special guy

I created this card for my DH for Valentine's!!  I started with a black quarter sheet of cardstock which I trimmed slightly to leave an even border all the way around. I stamped it with a flourish background (IO) and embossed it with red embossing powder.  It worked out great!!  I rubbed on a bit of gold mica powder to add a bit of depth to it and stitched it to the front of a kraft coloured card using black thread.  I added a red layer (ATC from my stash) that had a metal butterfly, some black stamping and a gold shimmer finish over which I mounted a square of serendipity background in reds and golds.  I created my focal element using a laser printed digital image of a heart with leaves (CLKER) which I trimmed and watercoloured.  Once it was dry I added some clear dimensional magic to the heart and berries.  Once that was dry I mounted it to my card using 3D foam tape.  I really like the vintage look in the red, white and black colour scheme!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

February card exchange cards with hearts

I made these two cards for my February Card Exchange.  I started with an alcohol ink background that I had stamped over with black ink.  It is on the top of the pile here. I added a few more images to fill it out and then cut it in half.  I layered each piece onto black cardstock and added a slim strip of black cardstock across the middle.  On the left hand card I also added a length of black 1/8" ribbon tied with one knot.  I created the hearts using scallopped die cuts I had received from my Secret Sister that were covered with Sookwang tape.  I added the little hearts in the center of the tape and applied red glitter to the rest of them.  That worked out very well.  I mounted them to the alcohol ink pieces using 3D foam tape.  I worked out my designs, stamped the red card fronts in black with a script stamp, added two quarters of a little white doily to each card and then mounted my main alcohol ink elements to my card fronts.  It was fun to create one portrait and one landscape!!  


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cards using transparent diecutsI

A few cards I made in the last week or so using die cuts that I received from my secret sister, Rena for Christmas.  Out of the collection she sent I used the cups and the large birdie with a cloud.
For the birdie card, I embossed a red frame and mounted it over my "grass" which was several layers of green die cuts which I had stamped a bit to provide some texture on a kraft card base.  I mounted the bird over the frame using a small piece of double sided tape and did the same for the little cloud.  I added a dyed piece of crochet thread across the top and mounted a round birdie greeting (Bird's Cards) over it using a mini brad.  I included a red sequin below the brad to embellish the greeting.  Afterwards, I added a bit of watercolour to the greeting because it seemed to "bright" compared to the rest of the card.
For the cup cards, I layered the cups on white using double sided tape, layered that onto a coordinating coloured cardstock and then laser printed a greeting on white card fronts and layered the cup elements just above  using 3D foam tape.  I really like the Clean and Simple look of these thank you cards.
It was fun to use these die cuts and I expect the others will show up in future cards.  Thanks, Rena.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pink serendipity heart card

I found this pink serendipity heart in a "To be sorted" box this week and decided to just make a card with it right away!! The scalloped layer was with the heart so I just layered them.  I added a green embossed layer over a pink card front and added the wide pink ribbon that matched perfectly gluing the ends to the inside of the card. I added the heart element using 3D foam tape and lastly, added the laser printed greeting (CLKER) that I had trimmed closely and watercoloured.  Another one for the stash!!
I am seriously trying to keep my crafting area neat & clean and have set the goal of going through my boxes of "To be sorted" which have been sitting there for more than a year!!!  So far so good!!


Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Monoprinting using a gelatin plate

My sister was here this past weekend and we played with the gelatin printing plate that I bought a while back.  We hauled out all sorts of paint, marking tools, stencils and paper and got started.  We had watched a couple of online video tutorials earlier in the day and we quickly realized that it was not as easy as it looks!!  All in all, we were happy with most of our prints.  She managed enough pieces to use in her next card making class and I have several sheets of background paper which will be added to the stash and used in future projects.  We used old greeting cards, maps and brown paper as our substrates.  We used glaze and acrylic paints for colour and a variety of items as stencils to make marks in the paint before we made a print.
The plate I bought is made by Stampendous and is about a quarter inch thick.  It has a plastic protector on both surfaces.  We just peel off one of them before we started printing.  It worked reasonably well but I am wondering if the GelliArt plates work better because they are thicker and therefore a bit more flexible.  It is possible that our results were more about the paint we were using rather than the surface.  We will try it again and may have a better perspective then.
If you have not tried monoprinting, consider trying!!  It is a lot of fun. You do not need a gelli plate to mono print - you can easily use a white garbage bag or a silicon sheet on your kitchen counter as your plate.  I like the unique look of the papers that we created which I digitize for future use before I use them up!!