Monday, February 18, 2019

Valentine card with non traditional colours, stamped tissue and ribbon

 I made this card for DH for Valentine's.  It is very non traditional in the way of colours but I like the way it turned out.    I started with a large envelope and made a card to fit in it from a subtle green cardstock.  I manually embossed the edges and the bottom with a music embossing folder (CB).  I decided to create a collage so I started with a piece of gray packaging that was printed with a bold floral/filigree pattern and tore off the bottom edge.  I dug through my heart stash and took out several in the green persuasion which I glued down.  Next, I found a book page with a love title and tore a heart from it.  I glued the large heart over my collage of the other hearts.  I took a piece of white tissue paper which I stamped in black with a heart flourish stamp in black ink and then again several more times which I embossed with clear embossing powder which created some clear sections.  Afterwards, I stamped it all over with a script stamp (SU) in black as well.  I applied white glue over all of my collage and adhered my tissue paper over it leaving some of the wrinkles and folds to add texture and finally folded the edges to the back and glued them in place as well.  I applied white glue to the front as well and mixed in a bit of glitter glue in light green which worked as well to create a bit of transparency in my tissue paper.  After it was dry, I added a ribbon, tied on a piece of raffia to simulate a bow, a little "Always" tag and some little iridescent sequins.  Finally, I added a large heart sequin over a little green heart punchie and then attached that with a small gold brad. I am happy with my collage but my grey background hardly shows through but that is the way it goes sometimes.  I glued this large element to my embossed card front to finish off my card!!  I pressed it to ensure that the layers were nicely glued to each other.  We are celebrating Valentine's tomorrow!!        Therese