Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cards for gifts

Made these cards for a gift!! I wanted something masculine and found this stamped scrapbook paper in my stash. When I was there I found a 12x12 sheet of collage images that a friend of mine gave me a while back that would coordinate perfectly. Once I cut the images from the sheet I used my postage stamp decorative scissors to trim the images and layered them onto dark brown card stock.
This sketch at CPS worked with what I had already chosen so I added the beige and brown ribbon to finish them off!! I packaged them in brown paper and added a beautiful ribbon!!

Thrifty tip: What a quick and easy way to package cards!! All you need is a square of fabric or paper and something to tie it closed. Cut a square of fabric or paper - 8.5" to 10" works best for four A2 sized cards. If you are using scrapbook paper I find it works best if you scrunch it several times and flattened it out again before using it to wrap your cards. Consider using handmade/mulberry paper or any other very flexible paper. Place your stack of cards nicely in the center of the square with a point on each side. Fold both side points in to the center, then the bottom point up and the top point down. Tie it closed using ribbon, fiber, lace, cording, rick rack or anything else that would suit your paper and the occasion.

This works perfectly if the recipient is creative!! The wrappings can be easily be reused in their creations and makes it easy to customize the look of your package by choosing their favorite colour or subject matter. Of course, the wrapping can also be reused to package any small gift as well.
This is a win - win in so many ways!!