Friday, January 03, 2014

"Watercolour flowers" cards

 Here are a couple of cards I created using the backgrounds I created using this Watercolour Flowers Tutorial I created.  It is a quick and easy technique that requires minimal supplies and gives you very unique & artsy looking flowers. Check it out!!

For this card I trimmed the quarter sheet background down just a little, added a piece of black lace across the lower section, mounted a layered silk flower accent with a small black brad and added an embellished layered greeting.  I mounted this element to a black card front.  It still needed just a bit of something so I added five feathery leaf punchies (MS) in two colours of green.    Loving it!!
For this card, I trimmed the background quite a bit more and mounted it to a black layer.  I stippled the outside edge of my blue card using black ink and a stipple stamp (SU).  I added a piece of 1/4" black ribbon across the card front and added the layered accent over it.  I used the same ribbon to create a flag embellishment, glued it to the back of the layered greeting and glued this element to the card front using 3D foam tape.   Pretty happy with this one too!!

I am really loving the artsy look of these backgrounds and am looking forward to creating a few more with different elements!!  Hope you will give it a try!! If so, please leave a comment and a link to your creation if you can.


TUTORIAL - watercolour flowers background

Watercolour Flowers Tutorial

Start with a quarter sheet of white cardstock and some watercolour crayons.  

Using different colours of watercolour crayons start making circular scribbles
in groups of five.  Add a yellow circular scribble in the middles of all of your flowers.

Now add little oval shapes with a line down the middle using a green 
watercolour pencil to create leaves for your flowers.

Next spray your decorated cardstock with water and spread the water colour
using a paintbrush.  

Once you have watercoloured all of your flowers leave your cardstock
 to dry.  I used my heat gun to dry it more quickly.

Next, use a black fine tipped Sharpie marker to make circular shapes over
all of the petals of your flowers.  Add dots to the yellow centers.  
Add swirls and dots in between the flowers as you wish.  

Here are a couple more I made using this technique.  On the left, the flowers
are really close together - on the right, they are farther apart.  Either way works well and
gives you a bit of a different look.  I also added dips & lines to my petals in these ones.

This is a quick and easy watercolour flowers technique that you can use to create
backgrounds in minutes.  It is all free form so can be varied as you wish
to give you the kind of background you are needing for your project.  
By making elongated ovals instead of circles you could create dragonflies.
Large squat ovals in two different sizes would create butterflies.
Make only one flower and use as the main element on your project!!

Try it out and see what you are inspired to create!!

You can see a couple of cards I made with my backgrounds here.