Saturday, July 22, 2017

A glittery embossed background with a punched border of butterflies for these two cards

 I found these two scraps together - the turquoise stamped and glitter embossed background and the border punched butterflies!!  A friend of mine punched it for me on one of our play dates a few years ago.  So I created a couple of cards!!!  I started with two deep green card fronts and layered on the embossed pieces on the right hand side.  Added the turquoise pieces along with a scalloped turquoise border in behind on the left hand one and a black strip over the edge on the right hand one.  I found several black circles in my stash which layered very nicely with my round greetings (SU) so I slipped them under the layer before gluing everything into place.  I added sequin flowers to my stamped greetings with tiny brads and then glued them over the black layer which highlights it just enough.  I glued the butterfly border above the greeting.  I added clear rhinestones to the scallops of the border to finish off the left hand card.  Two for my stash!!


Birthday Card Set - a little boy with a frog on a very bold and bright background

The final card for my set of sixteen cards!!  You can check out this post to get the details for why and how I created this large set of cards.
For this card I started with a bright blue card front and added the green decorative paper before adhering the bottom border that was punched with a Martha Stewart border punch.  I wanted to back the image with white because a green face is simply no fun.  So I trimmed a strip of white cardstock and punched the top with one chevron (SU).  I tested my image to see if it would fit and folded the left hand edge back a quarter inch to create a flap I could use to attach it to the back of the white strip. I watercoloured the image on the back being very careful not to use too much water because vellum has an aversion to it.  I was not as success as I have been in the past but that is sometimes the way it goes.  After my image was dry I attached it to the white strip using double sided tape on the flap on the left hand side.  I added a bit of glue stick behind the greeting but that was not enough to keep it down because of the buckling from my colouring so I added two little black brads to help out.  That worked quite well.  I tucked the white strip behind the border and trimmed it at the top of the green layer before gluing it into place. The image is from Dearie Dolls.  Lots of free digital images there!!      Therese

Friday, July 21, 2017

A background that is quilted and gold embossed for a thank you card

I found this background in my stash which was created when I was teaching a class a few years ago.  I started with adhesive label, positioned all the strips then sprinkled on gold embossing powder.  The powder stuck where there was adhesive and then I just heated it to melt it!  Worked nicely!!  I trimmed it down to 4" x 5.25"  and layered it onto a dark red card.  I repeated the gold in the greeting by added a layer of gold gift wrap and by colouring my greeting using a gold gel pen.  I love this font!!  Noel!!  The layered greeting was added to the card front using 3D foam tape.            Therese

Birthday Card Set - birds of a feather scrapbooking element on some great polka dot decorative paper

My second last card for this large set of cards!!  To find out why and how I created these cards you can check out this post.
For this card, I started with a blue green card to which I added this very cool polka dot background paper which I got from my sister as we were playing with making #8 cards.  I added a blue green strip near the center to cover up some fold lines.  My sister, Sylvia, also gave me this large focal element which was part of a large scrapbooking paper which featured some great saying and beautiful doodly art before it was all the rage.  I watercoloured the image and glued it to the front of my card overlapping the little strip.  All that was needed after that was a little greeting which in this case was a watercoloured oval punchie with a laser printed greeting over a scalloped oval punchie (SU).  It was adhered to the card using double sided tape.


Birthday Card Set - Soft and subtle dragonfly die cut card

We are nearing the end of this card set!!  Only a few more to go!!  If you want to know why and how I made these cards you can check out this post.

For this card I started with a kraft card front and added  crackled decorative paper in a coordinating colour.  I created a textured strip to put across the lower portion by first stamping a crackle stamp in brown on brown cardstock then embossing with a textured embossing folder.  To add a bit of dimension I also touched it here and there with a brown ink pad to create some contrast.  I glued the strip to my card front and then layered on a decorative label punchie greeting which was embellished with shimmer watercolours just like the dragonfly.  The dragonfly got the same treatment as the ones on these cards.  Another pass through the Big Shot in the original die along with the embossing mat to highlight the embossed areas, a bit of shimmer watercolour applied with a small brush and then a small piece of double sided tape behind the body section before being applied to the card front.  I used a coordinating fine tipped marker to make a dotted line for the flight path and this card was done!!


Thursday, July 20, 2017

A cute kids card with a distressed background paper

The background paper for this card was part of a calendar my sister gave me years ago and I created another card with the other half a few days ago.  I embossed this one with a polka dot embossing folder and used an ink pad to highlight the texture.  I did all the edges as well.   I found this tag that worked with it so went looking in my images stash to see what I could find that was the right size.  I found this cute image of two little fairies in a tea cup which worked perfectly!!  These stamped images were given to me by a friend quite a few years ago and it is fun to use them and remember the connection!!  I watercoloured the image, trimmed top and bottom with scalloped scissors and then pierced the scallops with a push pin.  I adhered it to my tag and then worked on a layout!!  I used the red scrap I had trimmed off the background just below the image and over the bottom of the tag and then layered a cute little laser printed greeting with triangles before adhering it to my large element.  I added a large brad to the hole in my tag before gluing the whole thing to a turquoise card.  Really like how this one turned out - not the typical kid's card!!


Birthday Card Set - a few flowers and another shimmery dragonfly

You can check out this post to find the details of why and how I have been creating this set of cards.

I started with a pink card and added the pink striped decorative paper.  I added a strip of brown across the lower portion and added a laser printed greeting which had been embellished with watercolour.  The dragonfly is left over from making these cards so I put the dragonfly back into the die and passed it through the Big Shot a couple of times to make sure it was embossed sufficiently to show all the detail.  With it still in the die I applied shinnery watercolours to the various sections to coordinate with my background.  I popped it out of the die, added a short piece of double side tape just behind its body and positioned on my card front.  That leaves the wings and tail free which helps give it some dimension.  I used a marker and created a dotted line to create its flight path and my card was finished!!


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A birthday card with a collage feel

I created two sets of cards last week as a prize for a family event and packaged them in Ferraro Rocher chocolate boxes.  You can check them out here!!
This card is part of the cards I had started creating before I decided to make cards that fit in the #8 envelopes which fit so perfectly in those beautiful clear boxes!!
I started with a background from a calendar which my sister gave me years ago.  I had dismantled it but the paper was so cool I had saved it in my stash of background papers.  I found it in a box this week and thought I would see if I could make a card with it.  It was already a bit distressed and interesting so I decided to work with that!!  I used a TH embossing folder and embossed only the top portion and used light gray stamp pad to highlight the texture I had added.  I did all the edges as well.  I added a strip of handmade faux washi tape with a bit of a blue tinge and overlaid a piece of Paris themed commercial washi tape over it.  I stamped "hold on .... dreams" using my black Versafine stamp pad.  Wow!! It worked so well and was such a nice solid black!!  Finally I added a vellum birthday greeting with two square brads and glued this whole element to an orange/yellow card front.


Birthday Card Set - a background created with stripes of decorative paper and cute little cupcake digital image

I have been making card for a gift and if you want all the details of why and how you can check out this post.
For this card I started with a white card but you cannot see any of it because I created my background right on the front of the card from edge to edge.  I started with the little strawberries from my stash and added several other papers that coordinated then added two stripes of red cardstock.  I still needed one and figured it should be green to coordinate with the strawberries and I found a scrap of this green polka dot paper and I thought it was perfect!!  So I played with the layout and then glued them all in place one at a time trimming them to the edge of my card.  I watercoloured my laser printed greeting (Melonheadz) using coordinating colours and added it to my card front using 3D foam tape.  The plain red stripe needed a bit of something so I added pink and green sequins to it using glue dots - that was better.  Now, the green one looked a little plain so I added two lines of clear glitter gel pen and some pink daisy punchies as well.  They were calling for clear rhinestones even before I got them all in place.  I used the clear glitter gel pen to add dots to the little scallops on the strawberry strips.  Finally, I just had to add some clear heart bling to the last strip of pink decorative paper which seemed to complete the design.  Way more blinged up that what I usually make but I am sure a little girl will be most pleased on her birthday to receive this cool blingy card on her birthday!!


Birthday Card Set - a fun cupcake digital image with some very graphic decorative paper

Yet another card for the set!!  Click here to get all the details on why and how I am making these cards.

For this card I started with a dark brown card and combined two pieces of coordinating decorative paper to create a background.  I added a thin strip of brown cardstock over the place where they joined which gave the whole card a very dramatic look!!  I watercoloured the cute cupcake (Melonheadz) with shimmery watercolours in very subtle shades to coordinate with the background.  I added a thin border to the image using a dark brown permanent marker to help it stand against the bold paper before adhering it to my card front with double sided tape.  I added a bit of shading to the laser printed oval greeting, layered it onto a brown oval punchie and adhered it to the front of my card using double sided tape.  Really love how this one turned out!!


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hand decorated return address labels

I printed another set of return address labels last week and with the prep for our weekend plans I did not get to painting  them til today!!  I used the yellow and magenta ink spray that I created using the spent inkjet cartridges.    Needless to say the yellow had a bit of malfunction and so there was more yellow than I had originally planned to use so I just went with it and added a bit more magenta afterwards!!  They are bright!!!!!!  Have enough for another few months now!!


Birthday Card Set - a doodled flower with some bling

This card set continues to grow!!  To get all the details check out this post.
For this card I started with a pale pink card, added the striped paper and the doodle art flower sticker before adding the eyelet punched border (SU) which I embellished with clear rhinestones.  I watercoloured the flower sticker and added a bit to the oval punchie greeting as well.  I added the greeting using double sided tape once it was dry.  It looked like it needed a bit of bling as well so I added two small rhinestones near the flourishes.  I am very happy with how effective these stickers have been in my cardmaking!!


Monday, July 17, 2017

Birthday Card Set - a dragonfly background with a stamped floral background

I made a set of birthday cards for a family event recently!!  You can check out this post for the details!
For this card I started with a kraft colour card.  I layered on an orange mulberry decorative paper, added a deep red strip at the bottom then added a trimmed laser printed greeting and a little maple leaf punchie as an accent.  Next, I coloured my dragonfly using shimmer watercolours. I reinserted it into the die, ran it through the Big Shot with the embossing mat to better define the areas and then applied coordinating watercolours using a fine brush.  Once it was dry, I used a small piece of double sided tape behind its body to adhere it to my card front.  The leaves the wings and tail free which adds a bit of dimension.  I added a dotted flight path with a coordinating fine tip marker.  It was still needing a bit of something some I dug out a small flower stamp and added a few in the upper left hand corner and a few more in the lower right hand corner.  To keep them subtle I had to stamp off three times before stamping each one.  I created a border on a white scrap which I can use on a future card.  The addition of the flowers was just what was needed!!!
The dragonfly was a left over from making these cards!!


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Birthday Card Set - a subtle colour palette and a cute tulip

Another birthday card for my set!  To see why and how I am creating these cards you can check this post!!
For this card I started with a blue green card front.  I added a gray strip across the bottom and layered on a layered oval greeting (SU).  I cut a piece of beautiful decorative paper and added it just above the greeting.  I watercoloured the tulip image ( Melonheadz)  in soft coordinating colours, layered it onto a rectangle of gray cardstock and mounted it to my card front using 3D foam tape.  I usually like this image in very bright colours but it works equally well in soft toned down colours.


Two sets of doodle birthday card kits

I have created two sets of doodle card kits as kids prizes for a family event this weekend!!
I downloaded the doodles from the internet, laid them out with birthday greetings in fun fonts on a quarter sheets in Corel Draw and laser printed them on white card stock.  I combined the doodle elements with fiber, punchies for central elements, single layer inserts and have included 8.5" x 8.5" pieces of bond paper along with a folding template for the creation of handmade envelopes which will coordinate with the cards.  I watercoloured mine but they could certainly be coloured with any medium - pencil crayons, markers, chalks, etc.  
A few hours of fun in a bag!!


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Birthday Card Set - rainbow paper and a doodled butterfly

I made a set of birthday cards!!  You can check here for more details on why and how!!
For this card I started with a blue card.  I added the rainbow paper before gluing on the bottom double scallop border  (SU) which I embellished with clear rhinestones.  I started with the doodle butterfly sticker which came from a Doodle Art Book which I bought a while back.  After watercolouring the image I decided it needed some company so I checked my butterfly stash and found this set of three which coordinated and provided three different sizes as well.  I tied black thread to them to create their bodies and antenna and glued them on my card using tiny pieces of double sided tape.  Really like how that worked out.   I added a laser printed round greeting (Birds Cards) which I watercoloured to coordinate with my layout.
A fun card!!


Friday, July 14, 2017

Birthday Card Set - a leaf and acorn with a happy dotted background

Another card for the set!!  You can check here to see why I am making this card set and how I am making my card fronts.
For this card I started with a blue green card front.  I had this piece of dotted paper with a piece of dark blue cardstock on the one end from a previous creative project which fit perfectly on my card!!  I watercoloured the laser printed leaf/acorn image (Meljens), layered it onto deep yellow and mounted it on the top portion of this layer.  I added a laser printed vellum greeting below it folding the ends to the back and adhering with double sided tape.  I glued this large element to my card front leaving an even border all the way around.  A nice card for anyone with a fall birthday!!


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Birthday Card Set - a funky monkey on bright striped paper

A kids birthday card for the birthday card set I am making!!  Check here to get all the details on why and what I am destashing to do it!!
I started with a blue green card front and added this wonderful striped paper which reminded me of a party!!!  I watercoloured this cute monkey image (Melonheadz) and adhered it to the lower portion of my card.  I added a strip of rust cardstock over the top edge of the decorative paper and added my layered punchie greeting (SU).  The greeting is laser printed, sponged on the edges and then layered onto a decorative label punchie which I adhered over the strip using double sided tape.  A really fun card!!


Card sets packaged in clear Ferraro Rocher boxes!!

My card sets packaged and ready to go!!!  I have used clear Ferraro Rocher chocolate boxes (30) which accommodate the cards and envelopes perfectly!!  I have printed a sheet with info that also includes an image of all the cards for the birthday ones and also includes the inside verse for the Christmas ones!! I put the sheet on the bottom of the box with the images and text visible from the bottom and sides and placed the cards inside of the paper. Works really well!!   I taped the sides closed to resist the boxes being opened.  
So when you have a hankering for a sweet treat consider choosing the 30 pack of Ferraro Rocher chocolates!!  You can enjoy the yummy insides, save the gold foil and the medallions for your cardmaking and reuse the box to make a card gift for the holidays!!  Practically no waste!!!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Birthday Card Set - a bold floral wreath on a soft floral background

Birthday cards for a gift!!  You can check here to see why and how I am making this card set.
For this card I started with a dark pink card front and added this piece of decorative paper which came from the same sheet as several of the others I made for this set.  I watercoloured the wreath (Melonheadz), added a coordinating greeting and watercoloured the edges.  I added a coordinating ribbon to hide where they join.  I glued this focal element to my card front using 3D foam tape to give it a bit of dimension.


Christmas Card Set - Snowman and nativity

Another prize for the silent auction at a family event coming up soon!!  I made eight of each design for a total of sixteen cards which I will package in a Ferraro Rocher box from last Christmas.  You can check out the Birthday card set I made for the other prize here.  These fit in #8 envelopes (6.5" x 3 5/8") which are available in most stationary/general stores in most locations.  I cut the card fronts from letter sized cardstock and added a section on the short end using the scraps leftover and taped them together.  It can be used on the front or the back depending on your design.  For these, I used that section for the front because I was gluing a piece of heavy weight decorative paper to fill the front which helps stabilize the extra piece.  I added instructions on the back to allow the recipient to reuse the card.  
I trimmed two 12" x 12"pieces of heavyweight decorative paper into eight pieces each that measure #3 x 6".  I made the cards just a slight bit narrower to accommodate the best use of the decorative paper.  I designed the greeting using a font called NOEL, laser printed them in a coordinating colour and punched them out with an oval punch (SU).  I punched coordinating scalloped ovals and glued the greetings to them after sponging their edges with a bit of coordinating ink.  I cut strips about 3/8" wide from scraps of coordinating cardstock for each set and tied 1/4" ivory silk ribbon to each using a double square knot.  I used two digital images for Dearie Dolls - a holy family and a cool snowman and printed them onto off white cardstock, trimmed them out and watercoloured them.  To assemble my cards I glued the decorative paper to my card fronts, added the greeting on the lower section then just above that the strips embellished with ribbon.  Next I sponged with coordinating ink all the way the coloured images before adhering them to my cards.   
I am not a fan of making lots of cards that are the same but in order to be efficient I did the best I could.  It was easiest to colour each part of the images at the same time while I had the colour ready to go - so I painted all the sweaters, then all the noses, etc which made it easier to do them all the same though I did deviate a bit as in some cases the sweater and scarf colours are transposed and the scarf accent colours aren't always the same.  I had better luck when I was doing the nativity - those are pretty close to being all the same.  
So another set of cards ready to go!!  


A card that features a hand decorated background with a serendipity heart punchie accent

The background for this card has been in my stash for quite a while!!  It was double embossed with a heart background stamps in silver embossing powder on a scrap of paper which was painted with leftovers from a project.  I trimmed it to the border and stamped with black in using a script background stamps (SU).  I layered it onto a blue cardstock then onot a black card front. The heart was punched from a serendipity background that coordinated perfectly then layered onto a silver scalloped edged heart die cut  (SU).  I added the laser printed vellum greeting to the back of the heart before adhering it to my card front.  To finish it off I flagged the end of the greeting.  Done!!  Another card for my stash!!
I never waste paint or colour medium of any kind!!  I always have sheets of paper sitting around ready to take another coat of coordinating colour.  It is fun to keep adding layers until you are happy with the paper and then use it in a new creation as a background, to create die cuts or to embellish with embossing powder as I did here.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Birthday Card Set - a light house on a stitched background

You can go here to see why I am making these cards.
I started with a white card front which I edged with a dark blue ink pad.  I took two strips of decorative paper, tore the side of one and then laid them next to each other offset just a bit.  I machine stitched them together using black thread and then glued them to my card front.  I added a dark blue layer to my trimmed image of a light house which I took in PEI many years ago.  I added a laser printed greeting to the bottom and trimmed it with decorative scissors.  I adhered this focal element to my card front using double sided tape.  I tried to center it but it just did not seem right so off to the side it went!!


Monday, July 10, 2017

A fabric postcard featuring wax crayon fabric and an inkjet printed quote

Time for another fabric postcard for my birthday swap on my group.  I started with a piece of this fabric collage which I created a while back using slim strips of fabric which I acquired in one of my thrift store visits.  In order to have the flower pop a bit I decided to use a piece of the wax crayon fabric I created a while back.  I like that it is a bit stiff because of the wax which means it cuts very crisply.  I hand cut the petals from the pinky purple scrap and laid them out on my collage background.  I dug in my fabric scraps to find some green for the leaves and chose this green and white one.  On hindsight, it does not have enough contrast when compared to the background.  It is a learning curve!!  I trimmed out by hand a stem and two leaves and put them on my postcard.  Once all the pieces were in pinned in place I started stitching starting with the leaves in dark green thread.  Next, I used a deep purple on the petals, then changed to a light purple for the perimeter and then used yellow to accent the center of the flower.  I really like how that worked out.  Then it seemed like the leaves were too dark so I added some yellowy green stitching to them which helped.  I added a layer of batting and a white cotton backer and stitched all the way around the edge and then filled in all around my flower in an all over pattern using a light teal thread.  I really like how that worked out as well.  The stitching does not pop too much but coordinates nicely with the background.  I auditioned several fabrics and chose this purple with swirls which worked well with all the elements for my binding.  I applied a strip of fusible webbing to the long edge of the scrap and trimmed it out with my ruler and cutter.  It was long enough to binding all the way around the postcard so I trimmed out four pieces - one for each edge.  I applied the binding to the front by ironing it into place and turned over the postcard and fused the remainder to the back.  I repeated the same procedure for the other three sides.  I stitched all the way around the edge twice in a yellow green thread.  Really like this binding method because it is very neat.  I added a quote that was printed on an inkjet printer on fusible fabric.  I trimmed it out of the sheet, fused it to the postcard and added stitching at both ends.  Lots of fun to use the fusible fabric to create words that can be used on fabric creations!!  I have used stamps and ink in the past which I like as well but this method allows so much more flexibility in font size.  So now that it is finished I will package it up and send it on its way to arrived at my partners location in time for her birthday.

Birthday Card Set - Roses, thread and ribbon for a very soft and beautiful card

Another birthday card for the card set. Check here to see why I am making these cards and how I am destashing at the same time.
For this card I created a dark pink card front and adhered this piece of beautiful decorative paper to which I had wrapped and tied some natural fiber.  I trimmed the laser printed tag and added a loop of fiber.  I tied this loop into my last knot and then tied on a piece of pink 1/8" ribbon over the fiber using a single knot.
Very nicely done!!


Nautical digital image printed on decorated glossy photo paper

The nautical focal element for this card was printed on glossy photo paper which was coloured with water based inks then printed with an inkjet printer in black. The digital image is from Arthur's Clip Art.   I added a border on the image using a coordinating marker to just help define the edge and a bit of watercolour to the sea portion.  I cut a purple layer for the background and because it was a bit short on the bottom I cut it four times which made up the amount I was short.  I embossed the strips in a gears embossing folder and glued them to my gray card front spacing them with equal gaps. I was going to just layer the image over the background but it still needed something so I added an embossed strip of green cardstock below the image and that was sufficient to balance the layout.  I sponged a laser printed greeting with purple ink after flagging the ends and mounted it below the image over the last strip.  Another card for my stash!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2017

An anniversary card with a collage look

I created this card for DH for our anniversary last month but forgot to blog it!!  I started with a book page background which I created when I was working out the layout for these Christmas cards.  I was feeding the page into the printer incorrectly so it was not printing the word where it needed to be.  After discovering my error I decided to overprint a musical background from The Morgue File to it which gave the sheet a very cool collage look!!  I trimmed the book page to fit on my card and added the trimmed piece to the right hand edge to have one complete background.  I used a piece of brown cardstock which I had embellished with bleach a while back to die cut the flourish (SX).  I cut off the bottom section and rearranged it to better suit my layout in that I was wanting to cover up the word I had printed.  The two little hearts are also cut at the same time and were the perfect complement for this card.  After gluing the flourish in place I added a round layered greeting.  I started with a scalloped circle (Nestibilities) which I pierced in each scallop with a push pin.  I added the laser printed greeting punchie (SU) which I watercoloured in the center in a coordinating colour and sponged on the edge with brown ink.  The greeting is from Netty's Cards.  I added this over my flourish using 3D foam tape.  Love how it turned out!!


Birthday Card Set - Birthday card with a flourish

I am working on a set of cards as a prize for a family event.  They will be packaged in a clear plastic Ferrro Rocher chocolate box we received at Christmas in which they fit perfectly!!!  I always thought chocolate and cardmaking were supportive activities.  So this the first of many that will be included in this prize so you can check in and see the others as they are posted.

I am using #8 envelopes (6 1/2" x 3 5/8") for this project which are readily available locally.  In an effort to destash I am using large sheets of cardstock from Strathmore pads I bought years ago.  They have to be retrofitted a bit but it does allow me to use the scrap I cut off the end to finish off the cards I cut out of the sheet.  My cards are 6.25" x 3 3/8".

For this card I layered three strips of coordinating decorative paper on the front and added a die cut flourish (SX) which I cut from dark brown cardstock.  I cut the bottom portion of the flourish off and rearranged it to work better with my slim card which also allowed me to nestle my laser printed oval greeting (SU) (Birds Cards) within it.   I added just a hint of colour around the greeting to help it blend in using a large brush with very little brown watercolour.  


Saturday, July 08, 2017

Floral cards from card kits

A few more cards for my stash made up from card kits from my last class.  The morning glories are from Anne's Cards 4 U and the tulips are from WP clipart.  The cards feature coordinating decorative paper overlaid with an embellished strip of coordinating cardstock.  The images were laser printed and then die cut into tags.  I watercoloured my images and then added the tiny laser printed greetings to the edge, added the length of seam binding securing them with tiny pieces of double sided tape before adhering this focal element to my card front.    Therese

Thursday, July 06, 2017

A fabric postcard embellished with rick rack, stitching and an appliqued sunflower!!

On my fabric postcard group, Trading Fabric Postcards, I have joined the birthday swap where we make postcards for each participant for their birthday - just over a dozen postcards for the year!! You can make the postcards any time provided you send them in time to arrive for everyone's birthdays.  I like that I can choose any theme or technique for the postcards which allows me to learn along the way!!  For this postcard I started with a section of this fabric collage which I made a while back.  It had a transition from dark horizontal strips to brighter vertical strips so I stitched on a piece of red rick rack to help visually divide my postcard into two areas.  I found the sunflower in my stash and fussy cut it out of the fabric after applying fusible webbing to the back.  I found a little strip of green and a small piece of dotted green from which I cut two leaves.  They didn't coordinate as well as I would have liked so I watercoloured the leaves of the sunflower, the stem and the two leaves until I was happy with how they looked together.  I added two layers to the bottom edge on the right to create "ground" on which to situate the flower.   Once the flower pieces were dry I fused them to the collage above the ground starting with the stem, then the flower and finishing off with the leaves.  I used dark green thread to add stitching to the leaves, the stem and around the center of the sunflower.  It gives them more texture and a bit more definition.  I added stitching to the ground as well while I was at it.  I cut a piece of batting and a white backer, layered them and stitched all the way around the edge in dark green and added lines of stitching in the dark area as well.  I changed the thread to a light purple and stitched all the way around the sunflower going up and down between the different pieces.  I auditioned several fabrics before I found this red one with tiny white polka dots which worked with the colour scheme of the postcard.  I applied two strips of fusible web to the back of the fabric trimming them out in between then cut out the pieces I needed to bind all four edges.  I positioned a strip on the front of the long left hand edge and fused it in place.  I flipped the whole postcard over and fused the remain piece to the back.  I did the same three more times with the pieces I had trimmed out.  I used white thread to add two rows of stitching all the way around to finish off my binding.  I added a little quote which was inkjet printed on white fusible fabric tucking it just below the rick rack at the top.  Very happy with how it turned out and now it will be mailed off to my partner in time for it to arrive for her birthday.     Therese

Black dragonfly die cuts embellished with shimmery paint as focal elements on these cards

A few cards for my stash using a die which I have never used before.  This dragonfly is from a Spell Binders set called Bugs.  I added a black scrap between the die and the background so I cut both pieces at a time - the hole and the dragonfly.  The extra layer helped to emboss the black layer with the detail on the die.  I left the black layer in the die and watercoloured it through the openings using shimmery watercolours.  They look great!!!!!!!!!  I used some background paper I found in my stash.  I think these pieces were backers on a calendar I got from my sister for Christmas one year.  They were way too nice to throw away!!   I trimmed the one piece down and the other into two which gave me three pieces.
For the first one I backed the dragonfly opening with gold gift wrap, stitched it to a brown layer which was embellished with scallop decorative scissors and a pattern tracing wheel then mounted this large element to a deep yellow card front which I had stamped on the right hand side with a stipple stamp in brown ink.  I added a dotted flight path using a fine tip permanent marker.  I added a small laser printed vellum greeting inserting the one end into the dragonfly opening and attaching it with a tiny piece of double sided tape.  I added just a tiny bit of glue stick behind the writing to get it to lay down nicely.  I added a small strip of double sided tape to the body of the black dragonfly and adhered it in the opening on my card.  The wings and body are free so you can see the gold through the dragonfly opening.  The second one was created very similarly.  I used a large piece of gold giftwrap for the background which I border punched with a scallop punch.  I added two blue strips to my main focal element which allows the gold to show through the dragonfly opening.  The third one used a large piece of background to which I added faux stitching and the other elements were created in the same fashion as my first card.
There are a few more critters in this set and I look forward to using them in a similar way.  I have three dragonflies left over from these card which I will paint and use as embellishments on future cards!!