Thursday, June 04, 2015

May Flowers Fabric Postcard

I joined a fabric postcard One for One Swap and here is what I created for my partner!!  I have never made a fabric postcard before so after watching a few online tutorials I just got started.  I created the front of my postcard by piecing two small pieces of the dark blue fabric and trimming it to 4"' x 6". I added a substrate to the back and added several lines of decorative stitching to attach them to each  other.  I die cut a red felt flower (TH), two green heavy cotton leaves (TH) and a yellow fleece center (SX).  I arranged them on my postcard and once I was happy with the layout I started pinning and stitching - first the leaves, then the flower and finally the center.  I added yellow seed beads to the center along with french knots in several different colours of yellow embroidery floss.  I stamped "May Flowers" on fabric label tape using blue ink, then watercoloured them so they coordinated with my flower and ironed them to the front once they were dry.  I cut a 5" x 7" white cotton back, stamped it with soft yellow flowers and added a bit of blue stippling around the edges.  I added "postcard" and a line down the middle with a fine tip Sharpie marker.  I cut a piece of fusible webbing to 4" x 6", sandwiched it between the front and my backer and ironed them together.  I folded the edges over and stitched them down using red thread.  I am happy with my first fabric postcard!! I may have to re-evaluate once I receive the one my partner sends but for now mine will be heading to my partner in tomorrow's mail.