Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Covering paper beads with paper

I am working on a project and finally am going to be using these white paper beads I made a while back.  I made them white so they could be customized for a particular project.  For this project I am wrapping them in decorative paper.  I found the papers I needed in my Serendipity supply box.  I decided to cut the beads in half, cover them with paper and then stitch them to my project incorporating beads in between them.  It took a while to customize them with the paper I had chosen and will certainly find that a draw back when deciding to use the rest of them.  The other option is to colour them when I make them but that may mean that they will never get used because they are not the right colour OR that I do not have enough to complete the project.  So I am not sure which I the best way ahead but I will see how it goes and decide after I have used them.          Therese

Reusing old cards to make new ones!!

A few more cards I have created using images from old greeting cards that have been donated for refurbishing.  For the first card, I trimmed out the cottage image and added a green scallop border on the right after I had punched each scallop with a 1/16" hole punch.  It was created using some wax resist/watercolour background paper from my stash.  I layered a rectangle of gold gift wrap to a brown card front and then added my embellished image.  I added a green ribbon across the bottom gluing the ends to the inside of the card.  I cut a very slim opening on the spine using my slot punch to slip the ribbon into.  I layered a laser printed greeting over a brown die cut label and adhered to the front of my card using 3D foam tape.  
For my second card, I trimmed the hummingbird image from an old card, layered it onto gold gift wrap, then onto an orange rectangle and finally onto a dark brown card.  I stamped a greeting onto the image using green ink and my card was done!!
For my third card, I trimmed out the image, added a folded ribbon on the top right and layered on half of a silver label (SU).  I layered a laser printed greeting onto a blue label and adhered it over the silver label.  It is very different for me to put the greeting in that location but that was the space that was available.  I find that using images from old card has be stretching myself creatively!!  
A few more cards to add to my stash!!