Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Paper beads

I joined a Paper Bead swap on AFTCM and these are the beads I created!  I used pages from a song book and ensured that the treble clef was at the end that would show.  These are not quite a quarter inch around and 1.5" long.  I used double sided tape and some black glitter embossing powder for the middle band of colour and black glitter for the ends.  They each give a bit of a different look which I like.  Once finished I coated them with a clear acrylic finish to seal them and make them a bit more durable.  I used a rectangle of paper instead of a triangle which means that these beads are nice little cylinders instead of beads that are thick in the middle like these ones.
So they are packaged up and ready to be mailed off.  Looking forward to seeing what comes back!!  Maybe I will have a few more I can use as charms for my next bracelet which I am currently using as a decoration on one of my vases!!