Monday, August 10, 2015

Bottle cap pin cushion

My needles have been living with my straight pins and today I decided to give them a new home.  I created this little bottle cap pin cushion for them.  I started with a yellow lid from a salad dressing bottle and cut a circle three times the width out of stretchy blue fabric.  I handstitched all the way round the edge of the circle and created a little cup which I filled with fiberfill.  Once it was full enough I tied off my ends.  I dug through my button collection and found this beautiful white rose button which I sewed into the middle of my little ball tugging it nice and tight before I tied off my threads.  I stuffed the little ball into the bottle cap and I was done!  I new home for my needles!!  The straight pins will live in the red one and the needles in the blue one!!