Friday, November 11, 2016

Butterfly sympathy card

Always want to have a few of these on hand so I decided to see if I could make up a couple.  I found this watercoloured butterfly in my stash so decided to make the rest of the card to coordinate.  I found this embossed layer in my stash as well which was just white cardstock.  So I added watercolour until it looked like what I wanted and dried it with my heat gun. I like the way the colour was absorbed more deeply in the embossed areas because the fibers were stretched.  I chose a gray card to coordinate with the body and glued my embossed layer to it.  I positioned the butterfly and glued it in place with a little piece of double sided tape so the wings with be free.  I added a flight path with dots from a black marker and overlaid a layered greeting (SU) over it with 3D foam tape.
Love using up items I find in my stash!!