Saturday, September 24, 2011

Challenge Christmas cards

A friend of mine decided to create a challenge!! She cut a whole bunch of these scallop cards using her XL Sizzix die from bright red cardstock and handed them out to 5-6 of us and challenged us to think outside the box and make some cards!! Some were beginner card makers and others have been at it a bit longer and I am probably the veteran. It was a fun challenge and I was super impressed by what the other created - much more out of the box and
creative than I managed to be!! She brought all 23 cards to cardmaking class on Wednesday night and let everyone who was there vote on which one they liked the best. She also had the girls at her workplace vote so we don't yet know who's card came in first but it was fun for all of us to have the chance to create. She has created a prize for the winner - a nice quilted bag.
As you can see, I got started making Christmas cards and just kept
going!! The others were much more broad in their creations - sympathy cards, etc. I also used the cards as is, others added them as a layer on A2 sized cards!!!!!! Those were really nice and that option created so many more possibilities.
Card #1 - A layer of decorative paper to which I added a greeting and some other stamping, some die cut buttons with embroidery thread tied into them, a bit of ribbon and some embellishment to the scallops using a white gel pen.

Card #2 - mini fiber snowflakes attached with glitter glue, large rhinestones, an embossed rectangle on which I layered a stamped greeting!
Card #3 - decorative paper trimmed by hand to reflect the scalloped border, a stamped label embellished with a stamped greeting and 5 petal punch (SU) poinsettia!
Card #4 - decorative paper die cut with an oval with a colour printed winter village scene below it, a bit of ribbon and a stamped greeting layered below the opening.
Card #5 - Lots of piercing, an embossed layer, a glittered tree and a round greeting layered over a die cut bookplate!!'
It was a very fun challenge and I congratulate all the other players for their great cards!! Will let you know if any of the above won or placed at all!! Thanks to Diane for the challenge!!

UPDATE: Just a note to say that Card #4 was the second most voted card in the challenge. One of my friend's card came in first so she decided to award the prize to the next in line which was me!! Here is the wonderful bag that she made as the Grand Prize!!
It is a large colourful bag which is great for all sorts of occasions!! Opens up wide for great access to the contents - I took it shopping on the weekend!!

Thanks, Diane!!