Thursday, July 09, 2015

Paper bead art charms!

 I am participating in a "3 for 3"personal swap with a member of one of my groups, Art Charms. The theme for this swap was Paper Beads.  I decided to expand on the paper bead idea and came up with three different charms.
For these on the left, I cut silver foil card using the Tattered Flowers (TH SX) die being sure to flip my paper so I could glue them back to back!!  I cut a middle layer out of regular cardstock and trimmed out a sliver so I could insert my double eye pin which I created using silver papers clips which you can see below.  Once the glue was dry I applied alcohol inks to first one side than the other and also did the edges.  I love the look!!!! I created danglies for them using head pins and E beads.
 For these charms, I used chipboard circles which I sliced in half, trimmed out a little section for the head pin and glued them back together!!  I coloured both sides and the edges using Sharpie markers and punched 3/4" circles from decorative paper then glued one to each side.  I love the dynamic look of this alcohol ink paper !!  Used the rest of it on one of  these cards.  I added a black initial on each side and finished them off with matte sealer.
I glued a small piece of decorative paper to a rectangle of regular white paper and rolled these beads on thick wire so that the decorative paper would be on the outside.  Does not require a very big piece to cover the outside of a bead and that is the only place it really shows.  I trimmed them to size, coloured the ends with a Sharpie, inserted my eye pin and created a loop on the other end.  I added little pieces of washi tape to decorate the outside and created coordinating danglies from head pins and E beads.
You can see here that I used pliers to straighten a paper clip, created loops on each end and then cut them in half.  They were plenty long enough to create my art charms.
These were very fun to make!!!!  I am stringing a metal penchant chain to the inside of a frame and will be showcasing my swapped art charms in it!!