Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Thank you cards using my masterboard, an embossed layer and a die cut greeting

Here are the first four cards I made with my masterboard.  They are a bit off colour - they are in reality much warmer in colour.  
I cut off a strip of about 3.5" and drew hearts on the back by hand.  I cut them out and then used an embossing marker to add details to the hearts which I embossed with gold embossing powder.  I really like how well that process worked.  I embossed four quarter sheets of ivory cardstock and cut up two sheets of coordinating cardstock to make the cards.  I glued the embossed layers to the card fronts and then adhered my hearts.  I die cut the word Thanks (SX) from black cardstock scraps and then used my fine line white glue applicator to add the words to my cards.  Super happy with these cards!!  They will soon be on their way across the country to family and friends who we reconnected with on our trip east week before last.