Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Art - altered book page with bird ATC

I worked on my altered book page today and am happy to say that it is finished and I am happy with it. The bird ATC is one I received in a swap. Part two of the swap is to incorporate it into an altered book page. I enjoy the challenge of making art with a jumping off point!! The quote on the ATC - "Birds of a feather gather together. Robert Brown" spoke to me of the comfort of like minded people and I wanted to show through this page that there is a blessing of more vibrancy and sometimes some colourful chaos when we spread our wings and explore the world outside of our comfort zone.
I started with even rectangles on the left and slowly made them with more uneven edges and different sizes until I had four torn edges. Then I just created a serendipity collage with the colours and added a few punchy colours as well. I hand wrote my words with Sharpie markers - first in yellow and then in brown. Different papers affected how much bleed there was to the writing which I think adds some "chaos" to the words as well. I added some stippled swirls as well just for fun!!
We need to be willing to go to unfamiliar places in our lives so we can come to know ourselves better and have a better appreciation of our strengths and weaknesses!! Art is a great place to step out of our comfort zones and try something new!! A new tool, new technique, new paper, different colour, etc!!