Thursday, March 30, 2017

Grungy card with beautiful butterfly embellishment

This card started with the butterfly! The background it is mounted to is two triangles which I taped to each other using handmade faux washi tape and then trimmed to the right size.  I layered this background to black cardstock before adding my butterfly using 3D foam tape and drawing in a little flight path with a fine tipped permanent marker.  The beautifully printed butterfly is a magnet which I bought years ago. I used edge cutters to trim off the magnet.  I added two lengths of gold embossed mesh (window screening) to the back of my focal element - one top right, the other lower left.  Now I needed a background!  I was looking through my decorative paper backgrounds and found this one but it had a kraft background which did not work as well as I wanted so I simply colour washed it with some orange watercolour and that worked much better.  I glued the decorative paper to an orange card front then added my focal element at at bit of an angle.  I colour washed my laser printed punchie greeting in the same way and adhered it below my focal element with 3D foam tape.
I bought this gift wrap paper in London, England and it is the first time I have considered colouring it.  Very good quality as it held up very well to the watercolour and the black printing resisted it!!