Sunday, July 14, 2019

Birthday card featuring an upcycled card front, ribbon and a punched border

I found this card front in my bag of donated cards and thought it would be perfect for my sister whose birthday is coming up soon.  She loves to sew and makes all sorts of beautiful bridal gowns so I think this will be perfect!!  I love the colours and I am sure she will too!
I started by finding a large pink envelope and made a dark pink card to fit inside.   I trimmed the card front, layered it onto black cardstock which I trimmed to leave an even border when placed on the dark pink card.  I punched the bottom edge with a eyelet border punch (SU) and then added a length of iridescent ribbon in between the pattern and the card front which coordinates with the glittery accents on the image!  I adhered this large element to my dark pink card to finish it off!! 


A Minion clay creation!

I had the opportunity to do a creating with clay session earlier in June and my creation was finally dry enough to paint so the last week of school I went back and started painting him.  It was a short session so I did not get it finished but I did manage to bring him home.  I finished painting him at home with the acrylic paints I have on hand and it worked out pretty good.
How did this come about??? 
My friend and neighbour, Alison gave me a call and invited me to come at the last minute to make a clay creation so I headed out with her to the art classroom at her school and was given a large block of clay and encouraged to make something with it.  We had basic tools and mostly used our hands to get the clay to look like we wanted.  There were more than a dozen people there  - staff as well as friends.  With such a short timeline I did not have many ideas.  For some reason I thought a Minion would be good, though as you can see from my creation I did not have the finer aspects of their construction down pat so he is a bit of a hybrid.  I only came to that realization when I searched for an image to get the colours right!!  So this one is wearing a vest over his denim overalls!!!  I had already started with some of the elements the wrong colour so I had to change those but in the end it worked out quite well.  The acrylic paints dried quite quickly so I was able to clear coat him the next day.  I gave him about 3 coats of glossy clear finish so I think that will keep him looking good for a quite a while.  The others in the session were much more creative that I was - Alison made a cute little pig to add to her collection.  There were angels, movie characters, etc!!!  The art teacher made a very well executed Viking!!!!    Therese