Friday, February 10, 2017

Wax crayons on fabric

 After a conversation with my daughter the other day I decided to give using wax crayons on fabric another try! I used wax crayons on fabric here and made quite a few cards with the resulting beautiful piece of art.  Check them out here and here.  I have as well used wax crayons many times on paper/cardstock and love the beautiful results I get.  

 I cut two large scraps of white fabric which is fairly thin so it is likely a blend of cotton/polyester.   I hauled out my griddle and covered it with foil and heated it to about 300F.  I laid the fabric onto the foil and just used wax crayons (paper removed) to draw on the fabric.  The sky is the limit as to what you can create!!  I have included several of the pieces I made. I did try to make several different pieces in a variety of colour schemes.  Not sure where they will all end up but I believe at least a few will end up in fabric postcards.
After colouring the fabric I ironed it between absorbent paper (napkins or paper towel works) and some regular pieces of bond paper to absorb the excess wax and protect my iron board.  I wanted remove any wax and colour that might transfer to other fabrics or objects as I would like to sew with these ones.  The last time I simply used it the way it was  - fairly stiff and well coated with wax.  The fabric I used last time was quite a bit heavier as well.  It took about 10 applications of the iron with more absorbent paper to get all the wax out of the fabric.  Some of the papers are interesting because they have coloured wax impressions of the fabric on them.  They might end up in cards somewhere along the time.  So I have a new resource to play with!!!!  Looking forward to making a few items to see how this painted fabric will work and handle in the process of sewing it.               Therese