Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

                                             Have a safe and enjoyable Halloween!!

We are having a beautiful day and it should be above zero for all the kids who will be out and about tonight.  For Alberta, that is fantastic!!  Sometimes we have snow and temperatures well below zero at this time of the year!!  Not sure how many we will get but it will be fun to see them all!!


Carving a pumpkin!

I carved my pumpkin for Halloween this morning!!! It was such fun to be creative with the process. I rediscovered my little "saw" tool when we moved earlier this year.  You can see here that I made my own - two scrap pieces of wood, a used jigsaw blade & a couple of screws.  It works so well!!!  I drew my design on my pumpkin, "X"ed the areas that needed to be cut out and started carving!  You have so much more control and it is fast!!  Once I had all the pieces cut out I used a Sharpie marker to fill in all the solid areas and added some doodling all the way around as well.  I am super happy with how it turned out and am looking forward to handing out hot chocolate to all the little trick or treaters who show up at my door this evening!


Jewelry display

I have been wanting to create this frame for my jewelry for a while to prevent having to untangle my chains every time I want to wear a piece but it has taken some time to clarify the vision and find the pieces I needed.    So, I found the frame and the plastic aida canvas to put in it at a thrift store a while back and I decided to put it all together the other day.  It worked out so well!!!!!!!!!!!  I created little "N" hooks using silver paper clips to hang each piece of jewelry on!!

I used hot glue to adhere the plastic 14 count aida canvas to the inside of the frame on the back.  I tacked it first and then added another good bead all the way around to make sure that it will support the weight of the jewelry.  I did have to vet my collection to get it all on the frame but that needed to be done anyway.  So, now all my pieces are at hand and I can see everything I own.  It will make it easier to decide what works with any outfit and I will likely wear it more often because there will be no more tangling issues!!