Saturday, March 10, 2018

Woven paper strips to create a background!!

This is the last kit to be made up from the bunch I found on my desk a while back!!!!!!!!!!  This one featured strips of paper, a greeting and embellishment which were laid out differently for this card.   I wove the strips together and then laid this large element over the ivory cardstock background and glued all the ends into place before trimming them off to the edge.  I mounted this background to my peach card, inserted and trimmed my greeting and mounted the 3D embellishment  ( punchie/sequin) to one end of it.  As an after thought I decided to use my tracing wheel on my greeting.  It worked out pretty well but is much more difficult to do once the greeting is already mounted to the card.  I love how this one turned out and it exemplifies the versatility of card kits!!  You don't have to follow the original instructions  - you can just do your own thing!!!!            Therese