Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Christmas cards with washi tape, embossing and die cut greetings

I usually include a few kits for Christmas cards in my classes in case anyone in the group wants them and if not, they it guarantees that I have a few Christmas cards for my stash!!  These were as much fun as Christmas cards as they were for the all occasion ones I made!  There are quite a few if you check back on the blog.
I made colour washes on white cardstock for my backgrounds using my DIY foam stamp and some ink pads.  Once dry, I added my trimmed washi tapes - all of these were handmade using decorative tissue paper and double sided tape.  You can check out the tutorial here.  I used a hammer and an embossing folder to add texture to the outside edges of my background and then glued it to the card front.  Next, I watercoloured my greeting which I created using two fonts - a regular one for the words and an image font for the little images.  I laser printed them and then die cut them using the Deco Label Thinlit set (SU).  I did add some rhinestones to the snowflakes on the blue one.  I adhered the greeting with 3D foam tape to the front of my cards.  Just realized that I forgot to add sequins to these two!!  I will rectify that when I put them into my Christmas card box!!                    Therese

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

DIY washi tape, colour wash, embossing and die cut greetings

I am working on clearing my desk and have made up these two cards for putting into my stash.  Really loving these!!
I started with a little colour wash on white cardstock for the background using my little DIY foam stamp.  All four of the washi tapes on the pink card are ones I made using tissue paper and double sided tape or medical tape.  The blue and green are commercial ones and the other I made using stamped pattern tissue and double sided tape.  I used different embossing folders to manually emboss the edges of both backgrounds and them glued them to the coordinating card fronts from the kits.  I watercoloured the diecut greetings which I created using both regular and images fonts.  I mounted the greetings using #D foam tape and then embellished the cards with sequins which I adhered with double sided tape.   


Monday, February 26, 2018

A few more washi tape cards with fun greetings from card kits

I have really enjoyed making these washi tape cards!!  You can check out my wahsi tape tutorial here.
I started by creating a bit of a background wash using ink and water using my handmade foam stamp.  Next, I applied coordinating lengths of washi tape.  The green on the blue card is handmade with mylar tissue and double sided tape.  All three on the "Thanks" card are handmade with decorative tissue and double sided tape.  I embossed both of them manually with a hammer using different embossing folders before gluing them to the coordinating card front from the kits. I watercoloured the fun die cut (SX) greetings (image and regular fonts) and applied them to the front of the cards using 3D foam tape.  Lastly, I finished them off by adding coordinating sequins using double sided tape to adhere them to the cards.  Love the look of these!!  Card kits made these quick and easy cards.!!!                        Therese

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Two more cards that feature embossed resists with watercolour - card kits

A couple more cards for my stash that feature white embossing as a resist on watercolour paper!!  The rooster (SU) was a bit too detailed to work really well for this technique.  I added several colours - red, blue, green and yellow but because the design is too intricate there is too much white.  I went with it anyway and added some green for the grass and brown below that for the ground.  I coloured the sky blue!!!  I added a length of green satin ribbon adhering both ends to the back with double sided tape and tied on a short length with a single knot to simulate a bow.  I trimmed a laser printed greeting with decorative scissors (Deckle), sponged the edge with a bit of green and adhered it to my artwork with double sided tape by just tucking it behind the ribbon.  The ribbon was a bit loose so I added a little piece of double sided tape between it and the greeting to keep everything in place.  
The card on the right was fun to make!!  It was hard to actually see what the design was so I just added red and orange watercolour until the design show up!!  I did add a bit of black with a fine tip Sharpie in the center of the flowers and used a yellow gel pen to highlight the outside edge of the flowers as well.  I fussy cut one of my laser printed chalk greetings and edged it with a black marker.  Once I punched the holes I threaded through a gold satin ribbon and adhered both ends to the back of the watercolour paper.  Once I positioned the greeting I added 3D foam tape to the back so it would stay in place.  I tied a short length of ribbon to the one on the front with a single knot to simulate a bow.  I layered this large element to orange cardstock and then to the black card front from the kit.  
Love this technique!!!        Therese

Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Lego card for my oldest grandson!!

My oldest grandson is having a Lego party for his birthday so I thought I would make him a card using that theme.  I created a background with little Lego block and watercoloured them the basic colours.  Our kids played with Lego in these colours but these days Legos come in a lot more colours as themed Lego sets are created for every occasion and many that coordinate with movie characters, etc.  Our grandchildren have a better selection of colours in their Lego boxes!!  After watercolouring all the blocks I added just a bit of colour in between to give them a place to be sitting.  I added the layered laser printed greeting with a flagged end and the mounted my little Lego to the end.  This little piece was created using a little rectangle of red cardstock and eight little pieces of round red fun foam.  These were diecut and came with a fun foam ornament kit but I expect you could use a punch and get the same look!  I like the 3D look of this piece!!  It looks so much like a piece of Lego!!  I am sure he will enjoy his fun day with family and friends!!

A penguin card for my youngest grandson!!

The penguin on this card was created by an young girl who is very creative and also loves to make cards.  I attended a meeting with her mother at their home and afterwards she was wanting each of us to take home some of her art.  I picked the penguin especially for my grandson's card.  It is made with Perler beads and was a bit thick so placed it between two layers of parchment paper and pressed it with a very hot iron which melted the beads further and reduced its thickness by half.  He is so cute!!  I decided to make it a removable element on his birthday card so he can add it to his penguin collection though quite a few of the others are stuffies!!  I punched a hole at the top, added a black ribbon hanger and mounted it to a dark gray card using double sided tape.  I glued the hanger to the inside of the card using magic tape so it would be easily removable.  I added a layered greeting to the bottom portion of my card.  A laser printing font greeting, a black strip of paper over a larger piece that has been punched on both sides with a scallop border punch.  I pierced each scallop with a push pin and mounted it to my card front.  I added a small strip of yellow cardstock to the right hand side of my card front and then a little fun heart next to my greeting!!  I am sure he will love the little penguin!!                   Therese

Wonky tree to Lovely as a tree for these Christmas cards

In an effort to finally finish off all the card kits on my desk I worked on transforming these Wonky Tree kits into something else.  These worked out better than the last ones which ended up being a complete overhaul.  I returned the navy borders and the wonky tree parts to my stash and glued the blue backgrounds to my white card fronts.  I stamped and embossed the set of trees from Lovely As A Tree (SU) in silver onto my backgrounds and then used scraps of white cardstock to create snowbanks for the bottom edge.  I stamped the greeting on the snow banks embossing them in silver as well.  I glued the snowbanks below the trees and trimmed them to the edge of the cards.  I was really tempted to add a ribbon or something above the trees but in the end talked myself out of it.  I may be inspired later to add "something" - we shall see!!  So I am doing well, that is another two Christmas cards for my Christmas card stash so I have caught up to my January and February goal for this year!!                Therese

Christmas cards with a Bethlehem die and O Holy Night greeting

I am working on getting a backlog of card kits off of my desk!!  These started their lives in the process of finishing off some Wonky Tree Christmas cards. Needless to say, that by the time I was finished I had changed all the elements and those of the wonky tree kits has been relegated to my stashes!!  Funny how the process works sometimes!!  Anyway, I am happy with the cards I got made so it is all good!!
I made these one at a time but in the end I chose the same blue cardstock for all of them because it was the best match for the decorative paper (MF) I had chosen.  The decorative paper was already cut and in my stash - a laser printed background from Morgue Files. I love how beautifully it simulates a sky!!  The little Bethlehem die cut ( Taylored Expressions) in black was mounted to a larger piece in each case and a piece of ribbon was mounted to cover the joint.  On the lower right hand one I tied on another short length of ribbon using a single knot to simulate a bow.    I glued the background on first and then added the focal element over it.  On the lower left hand card I mounted yellow cardstock behind some of the window openings which worked quite well.  On the other three I filled them in once they were on the card using a clear stardust gel pen which was much faster with almost the same effect. On the top two, I embossed the greeting - one in white and the other in silver.  On the bottom two I stamped in black Versafine on the decorative paper.  
I bought the Bethlehem die cut last year after pining after the SU set for quite a while.  The SU set had many more elements than I really wanted so I started looking for a single Bethlehem die which was what I wanted and reduced the cost of the investment.  In the end, I did buy the Nativity one as well and combined my order with my sister to cut shipping costs.  Very happy with my investment and love the look!!!  Well worth the money I spent and I look forward to using it for years to come.  
So a few more cards for my Christmas card stash which will go well to getting me caught up with my January and February cards.  


Friday, February 23, 2018

White embossing resist with watercolour on these handmade cards from card kits

I have been rediscovering my desk and found some card kits from past classes so I decided to make them up and add them to my stash!!  These cards are from this class.  With the embossing already done I simply applied watercolour, layered them and added greetings to finish them off!!  Card kits make card making quick and easy!!
I watercoloured the feather in blue and green and did the script background in blue.  After the watercolour was dry I added shimmery paint in blue and green to give the feather more glitz.  I layered this element onto green cardstock and then onto the black card from the kit.  I chose to change the greeting to this laser printed one which I fussy cut and then painted with blue shimmery paint to coordinate with the feather.  I adhered the ends of the greeting with double sided tape and added a small piece of 3D foam tape in the center to give it a bit of dimension.  Very happy with how this one worked out!!!
For the other card I was careful in my application of colour to make the images really stand out!!  I started with yellow for the squares (Magenta), then green for the leaves, and finally blue for the background.  Lastly, I used several colours to finish the flowers.  Once dry, I was careful to wipe the surface of the embossing with a paper towel to remove any colour that had dried there.  It makes the white pop!!  I added a simple laser printed vellum greeting on the upper right by folding the end to the back and securing with tape and a tiny bit of double sided below the H in Happy to keep the flagged end in place.  I glued this layer to purple cardstock and then to the black card from the kit.  It was fun to change up these kits a bit.  I do have a difficult time making exact multiples of cards!!


Thursday, February 22, 2018

A joyful Christmas card!!

I have been working on clearing the back log of card kits I have on my desk from past classes.  This kit was a Valentine's one so I dug through my greeting stash and found this perfect greeting which was gold embossed.  I trimmed it a bit, layered it onto red and added some gold embroidery thread in loops on the back.  A technique which I have seen on Splitcoast Stampers lately!! I used regular tape to secure the thread on the back of the greeting.  I glued decorative paper to the front of the red card, added the gold strip then layered on the large greeting I had created!!
It is one more Christmas card for my stash!!  I have been remiss in getting my Christmas cards made for January and February so this is a start!!


Card kits available for this weekend

Knowing the praticality of card kits I have decided to put a few together for an event this coming weekend.  I know several are enthusiastic card makers and this would be a way for them to have fun making cards without buying supplies and tools!!  I simply packaged card kits that I created for this class in a cellophane sleeve, added a display tag and the instructions too.  They are all occasion cards with the papers and greetings visible with one on each side.  So we shall see!!


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Butterfly die cuts, some ribbon and some bling for a fun birthday card

I am working on my card stash and decided to use this beautiful purple background paper.  I cut it to size, added a silvery satin ribbon gluing the ends to the back of the layer.  I adhered this layer to the front of a purple card.  I chose two coordinating purple cardstocks and die cut the butterfly.  This die has the solid back which I cut out of the darker colour and the two wings which I cut out of the lighter colour. I cut the body out of a dark gray.  I adhered the body to the center of the solid layer and then added the wings gluing them only at the center.  It gives the wings a bit of depth.  I added rhinestones to the back so they would show through the center of the flowers on the wings.  I adhered this large element using double sided tape overlapping the ribbon.  I punched a laser printed greeting with the Word Window punch (SU) doing one end at a time because the paper as short.  I layered it onto a dark purple Modern Label punchie (SU)  and had room to add two little rhinestones as well.  Happy to have used this butterfly for this card as it has been languishing on the shelf!!  Therese

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Baby card with washi tape, sequins and a bit of watercolour

Another washi tape card!!  I sure am loving this design!!  I needed a card for a baptism today so I made up with baby one!!  I added green and blue distress ink my DIY foam stamp and stamped it onto my white cardstock which I had spritzed with a bit of water.  Quick and easy background!!  I added three strips of washi tape - the one on the left is commercial and the other two are handmade using coloured tissue/gift wrap and double sided tape.   I put the background in an embossing folder and manually embossed the edges using a hammer.  I watercoloured the laser printed die cut greeting (image font and regular font) and mounted it over the background using 3D foam tape.  I added sequins using double sided tape - five this time instead of the usual three.  I mounted this large element to a green card front. 
The congregation and the extended family were all invited to a potluck meal after mass and it was a wonderful time for everyone!! 


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

For a special guy on this special day!!

I chose to make another of these washi tape cards for my DH for Valentine's!!  I used a light linen distress ink and a yellow Oxide ink to make the background with my new DIY foam stamp.  I added three strips of handmade washi tape created using double sided tape and tissue paper.  You can check out the tutorial here.  The left hand one is red tissue paper stamped with black Versafine ink, the middle one is printed decorative tissue paper and the right hand one is medical tape stamped with a small heart stamp in black Versafine ink.  I really like the combination of these for this card.  After adding the three lengths of washi tape I manually embossed hearts all the way around with a hammer and then glued this large layer to a red card front.  I found some coordinating sequins in green, gold and red and added them using double sided tape.  I watercoloured the laser printed die cut greeting (SU) and mounted it to my card using 3D foam tape.  I added clear dimensional paint to the little heart greeting (image font) and while I was at it I decided to add some "drops" as well which look pretty cool now that they were dry!! 
We never go out for dinner on Valentine's Day though we usually cook a meal together at home to celebrate.  It has been a very busy weekend and the day is upon us so we will be making plans to celebrate in the next few days instead.  Our celebrations always include good food!!


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Fun background paper, ribbon and some die cuts!!

For these two cards I worked with a similar sketch.  I used a chevron punch on the left hand card, flipped over the punchies and glued them back into the openings using regular tape.  I love this beautiful double sided gift wrap which I bought years ago in London!!  I layered a laser printed greeting on a black strip of cardstock and added a short length of gros grain ribbon to which I tied another short piece using one knot to simulate a bow.  I glued this whole element to a pink card front.    The right hand card has two pieces of decorative paper with a layered laser printed greeting with the same ribbon treatment over where they join.  I added a butterfly die cut (QK) with its small body and antennae die cut!!  This will work with quite a few of my butterfly punchies!!!  I added it with a little strip of double sided tape in the center to leave the wings free!!  
Nice to have a few more cards in my stash!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Two sympathy cards from card kits

I made these two cards up from card kits which I made up for last week's class.  Check out the others here and here.  I used subtle colours on the left hand card because it is a sympathy card.  I did a light blue wash on the background, added three strips of washi tape (tissue paper and double sided tape) and did some manual embossing around the edges with a hammer and a soft flourish embossing folder.  I watercoloured my die cut greeting and mounted it to the front of the card using 3D foam tape.  The butterfly is a digital stamp (SU).  
The right hand card features a quarter sheet of decorative paper trimmed to leave a bit of a border on a dark brown A2 card.  I layered the laser printed greeting over a red strip of cardstock and added the short length of ribbon on the left hand side and tied another short piece to it to simulate a bow.  The butterfly is a punchie (SU) which I embellished with a bit of stamping and then added a body from a QK die which features antennae as well.  That will die will come in handy.  Have not used that one a lot but I can see that it works very well with this punchie and probably will as well with several others I have.  I mounted the butterfly using a small piece of double sided tape in the center leaving the wings free!!  


Friday, February 09, 2018

Some fun cards that feature washi tape, sequins and a die cut greeting

A couple more of these quick and easy cards that feature some washi tape which I made myself!!  You can check out the tutorial under TUTORIALS under my header. 
For the card on the left I decided to see if I could use a landscape format instead of portrait which I what I have used on all the other ones I made.  I think it worked out well!  The three washi tapes on this card were created using tissue paper and double sided tape!!  I used my foam stamp with green Distress ink to do a watercolour background, added three strips of washi tape and then used a hammer to manually emboss the edges using the Swiss Dots embossing folder (CB).  I mounted this background to a green card, added the watercoloured die cut greeting and a few sequins to finish it off!!  The greeting is a combination of fonts - one image font for the little bird and a regular one for the words.  These greetings were fun to make!! 
Pretty much ditto for the right hand card!  I used a warm linen Distress ink with a bit of green for the background, a swirl embossing folder for embossing the edges, a handmade washi tape with two commercial ones and then added the watercoloured die cut greeting and some sequins to finish up my card.  The greeting on this one is also made up of two fonts - one image font for the cup and a regular one for the words.  The left hand strip of washi tape was made using a piece of stamped sewing pattern tissue and some double sided tape. 
I hope you will consider giving this a try!  So much fun and you probably have the supplies on hand!!


Thursday, February 08, 2018

Thinking of you with seam binding, a colourful leaf embellishment and decorative paper

I needed a few cards so started with this one which features some hand stamped background paper, seam binding and a beautiful leaf embellishment. 
I started with a very neutral watercolour background and stamped the harlequin background (SU) over it using a warm brown ink.  I cut the paper down and added a darker piece of scrapbook paper which has been stamped with a shell image in a dark brown ink.  I glued both of these to the front of a dark brown card.  I cut a piece of brown cardstock, added two lines of piercings created with my pattern tracing wheel and finally added a length of beige vintage seam binding in the center adhering the ends to the back using double sided tape.  I tied a short piece to the length to simulate a bow.  I adhered this element to the front of my card over where the papers join and then added the colourful plastic leaf embellishment over it.  I used a laser printed greeting punched with the modern label punch and highlighted both ends with pieces cut from a dark brown one.  I mounted the layered greeting with 3D foam tape.                            Therese

Monday, February 05, 2018

Embossing, washi tape and a large greeting die cut

A couple more washi tape cards to send off for my February card exchange!!  
I am really loving these cards!!!  You can check out a few more here.
For the left hand card I added four strips of washi tape to my white background layer.  The yellow, red and green are handmade by me using tissue paper and double sided tape.  Check out the tutorial here.  The blue one is a commercial washi tape.  After adding the tape I used a hammer and star embossing folder to emboss some stars all the way around then glued it to a red card front.   I used gel pens and watercolour to colour my laser printed large greeting.  The rainbow stars is an image from an image font to which I added a font greeting and then digitally inserted both of these elements into a double border frame which I cut with the smallest Deco Label thinlit.  I mounted the greeting to my card and finished it off with three colourful sequins.  
Pretty much "Ditto" for the card on the right.  The greeting is laser printed and die cut with the Deco Label thinlit and coloured with watercolour and gel pen on the frame.  The "hello" is from an image font.  I used a hammer and the Swiss Dot (CB) embossing folder to add texture to the outside of my background after adding the three strips of washi tape.  All three of these washi tapes were handmade by me using tissue paper and double sided tape.  Check out the tutorial on my Tutorial Page (click on the link at the top of this page) So much fun!!  You really should try it!! I added my greeting with 3D foam tape and finished off my card by added three sequins.  


Another washi tape and sequin card

For this card I used Distress ink for the watercolour background using my DIY foam stamp. I put on three strips of washi tape - the two on the right are commercial and the one on the left is handmade by me using red tissue paper and stamped with the stems from a flower stamp using black Versafine ink.  I really like how graphic and bold it looks!!  I manually embossed  some heart shapes using a heart embossing folder. and a hammer.  They I over embossed them with the Swiss Dot embossing folder (CB) and added texture all the way around.  I adhered this large layer to a red card front.  I fussy cut a laser printed chalkboard greeting and added two little heart rhinestones which I coloured with red Sharpies to coordinate with my card.  Add the greeting to my card using 3D foam tape and finished it off with three sequins that coordinated!!  I am really loving these fun cards!! I have a few more here and here and here.


Handmade cards using images from a 4" x 6" photo calendar

I was in need of a set of cards as a gift and decided to see if I could create a set from used calendars pages I have received from my sister, Sylvia over the last few years.  I chose two tea images, a close up of a rose bud and this cool one that maybe ice on a window.  I trimmed the images to 4" x 4" and created coordinating greetings using a digital frame for the Modern Label punch (SU).  I simply added a greeting in a coordinating colour in the oval in the frame, laser printed them and punched them out.
I adhered the images to the top of a coordinating card, added a strip that coordinated and mounted the punched greeting over the strip using 3D foam tape.  I am very happy with the way they turned out and gives me another layout for using these calendar images.  I made this set of cards with these images a while back.   These images are so beautiful I am happy to be able to give them a second life!!


Sunday, February 04, 2018

Washi tape, a stamped greeting and a few sequins over watercolour

I have experimenting with washi tape cards and here is another one!!  I used my DIY foam stamp to create the background using a blue Distress ink pad on white cardstock.  I stamped the little greeting in black Versafine ink once the background was dry.  I added three little strips of washi tape, two of which I made myself using double sided tape and tissue paper.   Love how it looks!  I watercoloured the greeting and added three little coordinating sequins before mounting the whole thing to a turquoise card front.   I don't believe I have ever used this stamp before so this last little cardmaking session has been good in getting the dust off some of my supplies!!!


Saturday, February 03, 2018

All occasion cards created with reused calendar pages

I was needing a few all occasions cards and found an old calendar in my stash.  This one had been donated to me a while back for cardmaking so I thought I would see what I could make using it.  I started with this harbour scene which I thought would make a nice birthday card!!  I trimmed the image down to size (4" x 5.25") and punched an opening in the bottom section using the Modern Label punch (SU).  I tied a length of 1/8" ribbon between the opening and the left hand edge.  I mounted this large element to a yellow card and adhered a little laser printed greeting punchie (SU) in the opening so it was nicely framed. 
For the next two, I trimmed the images from the calendar pages.  For the hot air balloon card, I added a strip of gray and a green scalloped edged border below that to finish off my top layer.  Wanting to add texture I used my tracing wheel on the green border and pierced all the scallops with a push pin.  I mounted this layer to a blue card.  I added a little word window punchie greeting (SU) with double sided tape over the gray strip and my card was finished.  For the sailboat card, I adhered the large framed image to a yellow layer which I manually embossed on the bottom to add some texture.  At the last minute I decided to add the little laser printed font greeting to the bottom of the image so I carefully lifted the edge and inserted it using double sided tape to secure it to the back of the image and the yellow layer.  I had previously trimmed the bottom edge of the greeting with scallop decorative scissors and pierced each scallop with a push pin to add interest and texture.  I glued this large element to a red card front and I had finished another card!!

For the lake scene card, I trimmed the image to size (4" x 5.25") then simply stamped "my" with an alphabet stamp set and then mounted the "friend" die cut below it.  The die cut actually says "friends) so I simply cut off the "s" to get what I needed for this card.  I love the colours!!  I mounted this large element to a pink card and I was done!!  
For the next card I trimmed the lily pond image to 4" x 5.25" and added a length of narrow yellow ribbon before adhering it to a green card front.  I tied on an extra length of the ribbon to the one on the front using a single knot to simulate a bow.  I layered a small laser printed greeting  over a red Modern Label punchie to create my greeting and mounted it over the ribbon using 3D foam tape.  

For the next two, I used the Word Window punch (SU) to create an opening in my trimmed images (4" x 5.25") and added a length of ribbon from the opening to the left hand edge.  I tied the two ends with a double knot to finish the ribbon.  I mounted a stamped greeting from the back so that it would appear in the opening and secured it with regular tape.  I mounted my finished card fronts to coordinating cards and I had another couple cards ready to go.  
I am pretty happy with my cards and glad to have reused some wonderful art!!

Friday, February 02, 2018

Card kits - a quick way to make a handmade card

I made up this card from a kit from a previous class.  This is the last one from this class and it sure is nice to have had a few card kits around as it makes getting cards made so much faster!! 
I started with two pieces of decorative paper which I glued to the blue card front.  I added the wavy strip over where they join which I trimmed using decorative scissors and added texture with my pattern tracing wheel. FUN!  I watercoloured the laser printed and die cut sailboat image (Arthur's Clipart) and added the blue seam binding on the top securing it with double sided tape.  I added the greeting which I had trimmed with decorative scissors by gluing it to the side of the tag with double sided tape.  I adhered the tag to my card front using 3D foam tape. 
Do you every make up a few extra of a card when you are creating for putting together later?? 


Thursday, February 01, 2018

January Cardmaking - decorative paper and 3D embellishments

For our last card I always try to make it the easiest one!!  
For this one I used a decorative paper for the backgrounds - either a full quarter sheet or two coordinating pieces to create the whole.  I added a layered greeting that coordinated and trimmed the ends to four inches.  

The greetings were laser printed and layered onto coordinating cardstock.  At this point on some of them I added texture with my pattern tracing wheel!!  I tied a ribbon using a double knot on the one end that had room.  I glued the greeting to the card over where the papers joined or wherever looked good on the ones that whole backgrounds.  I created small 3D embellishments that were created using punchies or die cuts.  The butterfly is a die cut (QK), the bird is a layered punchie (SU), the left hand one is a silver foil flower die cut treated with alcohol inks with a sequin and brad  (TH) and the last one is layered punchies with a sequin and a brad.  These were added with double sided tape or 3D foam tape.   What a versatile design!  By changing the paper and the greeting you could make a card for any occasion.               Therese

January Cardmaking - washi tape, embossing and a large greeting

I have been playing with washi tape so created some cards for this class to make use of what I had created!!  You can check out my washi tape experiments here.   It was fun to use double sided tape and tissue paper to make washi tape!!  With a bit more coordinating options after my creative session I chose three short lengths for each of my cards.  I flagged the ends but you can see that others are just ripping them.  I overlapped them just slightly and varied the lengths of them as well.  I created digital focal elements using a digital frame for the Deco Label thinlit set (SU) and filling it with a font greeting and some single elements from image fonts.  After applying the three pieces of washi tape I did some manual embossing around the edges using  the Swiss Dot embossing folder and a hammer.  I coloured my focal element with watercolour.  I mounted the background to a coordinating card, added the focal element using 3D foam tape and to finish off the card added three coordinating sequins using double sided tape.  I really like these cards!!  I created this other one using a fussy cut greeting instead of adding a die cut and adding a watercolour background before putting on the washi tape.  I will be trying some with stamping as well. 


January Cardmaking - a cute little truck filled with fun!!

Last time our cardmaking group met one of the girls wanted some Valentine cards for her grandsons that featured trucks filled with hearts!!  So I spoke to my sister, Sylvia, who has a little truck stamp and die set and we got together to stamp and cut a few.  We stamped in black and embossed in black then die cut them.  The set includes items you can put in the back like the tree on this first card.  I did a bit of research on line to see what others were putting in the back of their pick ups.  Hearts, gifts, pumpkins, eggs, dogs, etc so I came up with a few images that would be suitable including backhoes and so on.

So for my first card I started with a light gray card and glued on a piece of swirly blue paper to create a sky. I added a torn white strip to simulate a snowbank because I was creating a Christmas card.  I added some stippling on the bottom and a bit of brown watercolour to simulate a winter road.  I chose a little red truck and coloured in the tires with black marker and the windshield, headlight and hubcaps using a clear glitter pen.  I did add a bit of colour to the fenders on the back and front to add a bit of definition and depth.  I used double sided tape to adhere it to the front of my card leaving the back without glue so I could add my little tree.  I used the stipple stamp with green ink on the tree before tucking it in the back of the truck.  I added a layered greeting - laser printed words punched with the Word Window punch (SU) layered onto a red Modern Label punchie.  I added it to my card using 3D foam tape.
For my second card, I use a black card front and added a blue paper at the top and then a green torn strip to simulate a tree line.  I added green scribbles with three different colour pencils on the bottom edge to simulate grass in the ditch.  I used a white gel pen to add a dashed line to simulate pavement.    I glued my embellished red truck in place with double sided tape and then went about adding items into the back.  I had printed off a little dog so I fussy cut it and then added four balloon punchies adding strings with a fine tip Sharpie marker.  I love how it worked out.  To finish off my card I added a small laser printed font greeting with a flagged end.
I am look forward to adding more fun stuff to the back of the other trucks!!         

Here are some of the trucks filled with hearts!!!!  I have left off the greetings so that they can be customized for the recipients!!  The hearts are die cuts in two sizes  (CB) which used up a few scraps from my red scrap buckets.  I like that the hearts are all different colours!!!

Valentine cards with some awesome decorative paper hearts

I am working on Valentine's Day cards and found these beautiful hearts in my decorative paper stash!  I have been hoarding them for many years though I have used a few over the years.  There originally were nine on the 12"x 12" sheet.  I have used up the last of them and I am very happy with the beautiful cards they made!!
The hearts were cut from the sheet to about 4"x 4".  As luck would have it I found a coordinating piece of decorative red harlequin paper in my stash!  I trimmed a couple strips of about 1.25" and added a piece to each heart.  I used a variety of ribbons to cover the joint before gluing this layer to my card fronts.  For the first one, I simply added a little gold die cut heart and I was done!!  With no greeting it is a bit more versatile as it can be used as an anniversary card as well.  The next two are very similar in that I added a gold embossed vellum greeting with torn edges.  I attached them to my card fronts using two tiny gold brads.  A short length of ribbon tied to the one on the card simulates a bow.
 For the last two, I added a heart embellishment which was created by layering two heart die cuts - one from red velvet paper and the other from gold packaging.  On the left hand card the joint was so seamless that I did not have to cover the joint with ribbon.  I simply embossed my greeting on the bottom strip and added my heart embellishment with double sided tape.  For the other I added an embossed vellum greeting along with the heart embellishment.  I love how these turned out!!