Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I am a papermaker and use recyclable paper to make handmade paper!! I made these sheets for a friend who gave me some petals the other day. They were from tulips, daffodils and a pink hyacinth!! Because the petals were somewhat large and I was making small sheets of paper I blended them a little before adding them to my vat. Used a light yellow pulp which set off the petals very nicely!! She was very happy with the sheets I gave her to use in her cardmaking!!
I would highly encourage all papercrafters to learn to make paper!! You can use any and all scraps of paper to make new sheets which reduces the waste from your crafting and gives you new paper to play with. It is a win-win.
If you really don't need to add another thing to your life then consider donating your scraps to someone who enjoys the papermaking process!
Thanks for checking out my blog and have a creative day!!
Mixed Media Market

This & That Mingle page for March. We had a long list of themes we could us for this mingle. Last year we did holidays and this year we are expanding to include other events or days that are significant in each month. I chose Alexander Graham Bell and did a bit of research on the internet. What an interesting man!! He is famous for having invented the telephone but he was an inventor all of his life and was always thinking and creating. A wonderful inspiration! It was hard to choose which images to use. I downloaded them from the internet to a folder where I put images for my own use. I like to keep my copyright free images separate from anything else I acquire for my creations. The background is a scan of one of his journal pages.
The top left is the front of the fat book page, the top right is the back of the page and the bottom is the inside.

Two ATCs I made this morning for a trade!! I have a box in which I keep my ATC supplies - substrates, images, labels, etc. Whenever I get something I think would be good for ATCs I just put it in the box. When I feel like making ATCs I open the box and see what I have. It is a nice starting off point!! Sometimes I find everything I need!!
The first is a picture I laser printed (down load from the net I think) with some fiber and a little tag. I stamped the base with the SU swirl background in silver Encore!
On the second I layered junk mail onto a green backer. I save interesting junk mail for use in my art. This one is from a fitness brochure. I layered a handmade paper letter over this. I wrote by hand the words "Who" and "You?" at the top and bottom but I could not get the scan to show the words. On the back I layered a vellum with text to support that finding out who you are is the mission of your life and will reveal the best path for your life.