Friday, December 22, 2017

House fabric postcard

I participate in the Birthday Swap on my fabric postcard group and I created this one for my next swap partner.
I have had this house concept in my head for a while now and the paper piecing I did for my last swap encouraged me to give it a try and see how well it would work.
I started with the house rectangle and then found a triangle which would work for the roof.  Next I found some blue pieces that I could use for the sky and the floral greenery fabric for the background landscape around the house.  I found a pieced length of browns for the foreground.  It was a bit short so I added another length of brown brick looking fabric.  I started by stitching the sides (greenery to blue sky) to each other and then I stitched them to the house.  I positioned the roof over the large sky rectangle and stitch it to the house with the sides.  Next, I stitched the brown piece to the pieced one and then stitched this large piece to the bottom of the house rectangle I had just created.  I ironed all my seams and then trimmed the whole thing to 6" x 4".  I added iron fusible webbing to the back of the roof and ironed it into place added hand stitching to it afterwards.  I found a small dark red scrap to use as my front door, added fusible webbing to the back and ironed it into place.  I stitched all the way around using black floss, added a yellow half moon window and hand stitch around it with yellow floss.  I added a small gold sequin with a large french knot to create the doorknob.  I added some hand stitched flowers on either side of the house as well.  I stitched batting to my white backer, layered on my front and then stitched all the way around to attached all the layers to each other.  I created a chain of single crochet stitches using textured dark green yarn and stitched to the each of my postcard using dark green floss in an over hand stitch.   To finish off my postcard I used a small piece of fusible fabric, added my handwritten message using a permanent marker and ironed it into place above the door.  Pretty happy with  how this one worked out!!  Looking forward to trying this design out again with different colours.              Therese

Dove ornament for Christmas!!

I created this red dove ornament for a special person and like it so much I will be making more to include in my Christmas cards to my friends this year!!
I cut two doves (SB) and glued them back to back and added a gold embroidery thread hanger.  Added the year on the back using a black marker.  They would certainly be great in any wonderful paper - glitter, metallic, shimmery, etc so I will have to scour my stash to see what I can find to make them special for each person on my list!!


Dragonfly with alcohol inks on a collage background

I needed a special card this week and so went looking in my stash of collage backgrounds to see if anything would be suitable.  I chose this serendipity background which has been embossed with the Lattice embossing folder.  I die cut the dragonfly from it and wanted to fill the space with a striking dragonfly die cut.  This is my fourth attempt and I am very happy with it!!  I die cut the dragonfly (Spell binders) from silver foiled cardstock and coloured it with alcohol inks.  I punched 1/16 inch holes to create a flight path for the dragonfly and then backed my serendipity background with some turquoise metallic paper which shows through the flight path and the die cut dragonfly hole.  I glued this large element to a kraft card front.  I applied glue dots to the back of the body my dragonfly die cut once it was dry and glued it into the hole.  I lifted the ends of the wings a bit to give the dragonfly some dimension.  Love the way it turned out!!              Therese

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I have been sewing mobius infinity scarves!!

 My sister was wearing an infinity scarf she had sewn up a few weeks ago at my Dad's birthday and so we visually dissected it to see what might be necessary to make one.  We decided that 60" x 18" of fabric would do and it just needed to drape nicely to create the cowl effect that makes this accessory work so well.  I did some internet research and found a few tutorials.  I made mobius infinity scarves - they have a twist in them that makes them sit more nicely around your neck.  I dug some fancy fabric from my stash and made up a few!!!  They are quick and easy and can be made of very thin fabric or heavier as long as it drapes nicely.  I have a few last minute Christmas gifts!!!           Therese

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Die cut red dove Christmas ornaments

A few weeks ago I found this little pile of special red duplex paper in my stash.  I bought it years ago from a store that indicated that this paper was used by their Chinese community for Chinese New Year celebrations.  It symbolizes good fortune and joy!! Having recently become more aware of the Chinese New Year I did a google search and found that it is a country wide festival/celebration where people make every effort to go home and bring in the new year with their extended families.  They let go of the old year and welcome the new year wishing everyone good fortune and joy with little gifts in red envelopes.
So I have decided to wish my friends and special others good fortune and joy with little red dove die cut (Spellbinders) ornaments made out of this special paper. I added a simple gold thread hanger which made these very quick and easy!!  The paper is scented which just adds a little something to these ornaments.
They would look great on the Christmas tree but are beautiful enough to hang anywhere year around as a reminder to keep an eye out for the good fortune and joy that is coming their way.


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas cards with embossing and colour

 I needed a few more Christmas cards for this year so I made the last of the card kits I had on hand from this set of cards from my November class.  I love these images!!  I gold embossed the star in gold and the candle in silver, added a coordinating layer beneath - silver for the candles and red for the star.  These elements were then layered onto a card front which was layered with decorative paper using 3D foam tape.  These are quick and easy once you have your embossing done.  I coloured the star's center with a bit of yellow watercolour as well as the flame on the candles.  I did the body of the candle using chalk which gives them a nice soft look. 
Will prep these today and I will be finished my Christmas cards for this year.  I have only a few kits left from this class which I will make up and start by Christmas card stash for next year!!


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Affirmation cards about the power of your thoughts, words and actions

I made up these affirmation cards for a group that I hosted last week.  I laser printed the words onto white cardstock and then randomly applied watercolour until I was happy with how they looked.  Once they were dry, I cut them apart and pressed them under weight to help them lay flat.  They would make great book marks or can be tucked on a shelf or near the bathroom mirror as a daily reminder to choose wisely. 
It behooves us to remember that we have creative power and that what we think, say and do affects our experiences and the process of our lives.  Fear creates a much different life than does love.  We get to choose!!


Wonky tree and snowman on kids Christmas cards

I was making up a few Christmas for my grand children and in the final few I decided to combine the wonky tree and the snowman I had used on previous versions of this card. 
I used blue decorative paper for the background and ripped a strip off the bottom which formed a snowbank.  I added texture to the two navy strips on each one and mounted them on the left and right hand side.  For three of them I tucked the trees under the strip and later realized that I could just have placed the tree on the card and then mounted the navy strip which would have been easier!!  You can check my tutorial for the snowman here.   I added the snowmen to the cards using 3D foam tape and then added iridescent glitter glue to the trees and navy strips to add a bit of texture and glitter!!  I am sure the kids will enjoy them!!


Thursday, December 07, 2017

Card kits - a few paper strips, some embossing and a punchie embellishment

Another few cards from kits that I prepared to add to my gift for the exchange.  These are from this class in April.  I changed them up a bit because I had a bit of time and the inclination.  I embossed the white space near the greeting, I layered the greeting and I added a brad to the flower embellishment.  I like that the extras help to highlight the greeting a little more than the previous ones.  Just goes to show that there are always a lot of options!!  


Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Birthday card for a retired carpenter

My Dad will soon be celebrating this 88th birthday and because he is a retired carpenter I like to include some wood on his card.  I am fortunate to have a woodworker in the house so little pieces of wood appear regularly with "Can you use this?"  Case in point, that is what happened this afternoon, as our son is here working on his walnut railing and a little scrap showed up!!  It was very thin so I backed it with packing tape before die cutting it with the Sizzix "Happy" die.  It worked perfectly!!  After working out just where I needed to stamp the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" (SU) I used my LEGO stamping jig to get it exactly in the right place.  I stamped it over several times to get the depth of colour I was looking for - very easy to do with the stamp jig.  I inked the inside of my wood grain embossing folder and used it to "stamp" the background onto my cardstock.  The dye ink cleaned up very well from the inside of the folder.  I added a bit of black watercolour to the right hand sides of my wood word to just give it a bit of depth before using double sided tape to adhere it to my stamped background.  I added a little comma and an exclamation mark using a brown marker.  Next, I used my chevron punch (SU) to punch out a few chevrons below the greeting and one above.  I chose a dark maroon card which nicely highlighted the chevrons.  I used my tracing wheel to add some lines of texture to the outside edges of my background then glued it to the front of my card.  I watercoloured this laser printed tools image from Beccy's Place - - then distressed the edges.  I added a bit of brown fiber to the back before adhering this focal element to the front of my card using 3D foam tape.  Pretty happy with how this card worked out!!  Fortunately, I will be able to hand it to my Dad personally as we will be celebrating as a family up home.                Therese

Monday, December 04, 2017

Card kit - Lighthouse with a wavy border

On the weekend I needed a little gift for a gift exchange so I put together a few cards from my stash and added a few that I made up from kits that are sitting on my desk from previous classes. 
This one is from this class and very similar to one that I made that day.  The light house is a digital image from ClipartPal.  I laser printed several on a sheet, trimmed them out and then die cut the tops using a Sizzix tag die.  I watercoloured the image and added a laser printed greeting which was distressed on the edge and a short piece of navy seam binding in the hole.  I layered two pieces of decorative paper to my blue card front and then layered on a navy strip which I had cut with wavy decorative scissors, pierced and that added a few lines with my tracing wheel. 
Glad to have a few card kits on hand because it makes getting cards ready quick and easy!!