Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More paper!!

Paper sheets from yesterday afternoon and evening!! A total of 35 - 8.5"x 11" sheets!!
Using my large mould and deckle to make larger sheets is most efficient. The sheets can be easily trimmed into smaller pieces depending on the project I am working on.

I was using up some leftovers from previous batches to make these papers except for the second from the left. It is the oatmeal confetti paper to which I added some tea, grass and dark red rose petals. Paper on the left has a creamy white base pulp with flower petals (red and cream), leaves, tea and some peach confetti in it. Third from the left - a somewhat light gray pulp with tiny pink flowers in it - I think from my coral bells last year. On the right, I started with an off white pulp and added pink tissue paper until it coordinated with the carnation petals I had added earlier.
A good day's work - if you can call it work!! Watch for these to show up in my cards later in the year.


A day of papermaking!!

Handmade paper!! I like to make paper in the summer time because it dries so quickly outside!! I soaked four different batches of shredded papers and their additions on Monday and had the pulps ready to go at 9:30am when my friend Linda arrived!! We had a wonderful morning chatting and creating almost 100 sheets of 8.5" x 5.5" paper in a variety of different colours.
The base of the blue was a variety of SU cardstock scraps, white - SU whisper white scraps, green - variety of SU cardstock scraps, beige - oatmeal envelopes from bills, brown - brown paper bags. SU cardstock makes VERY nice handmade paper. I am fortunate to have two great SU demos - Dorothy and Catherine who donate their scraps to me!!
Top left - combination of the white with threads and the blue confetti.
Top two over - SU white with threads. The threads were green, turquoise and pink - a donation from a sewing friend.
Top three over - SU blue with SU confetti in turquoise, pink and green.
Top four over - SU white with red threads donated by my sewing friend.
Top right - combination of green and white/red.
Bottom left - SU green with red threads, gold lame and yellow threads salvaged from an old Christmas ornament.
Bottom one over - oatmeal envelopes and SU confetti - teal, burgundy and brown. Bottom two over - Brown paper bag with tea and dark red rose petals. Bottom four over - combination of both brown papers. Bottom right - brown paper bags with marigold, grass and tea.
I highly recommend making your own paper if you are a paper crafter of any kind. All you need is scraps of paper/cardstock!! You don't need to add anything to it but I love paper with texture and interest so I always add something - confetti bits, naturals of some kind or anything else I think would be interesting.
I will be posting the shots of the paper I made in the afternoon and evening later!! It is still drying because the sun and heat of the day was over!!