Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Copper art charms

Here are the three art charms I created for my 3 for 3 personal art charm swap!!  You can see here the pendant that I created as I was experimenting with this charm making process.  I started by using pliers and cutters to create the shapes I wanted for my charms. I wanted them to be different so it took a little doodling to come with shapes that would work.  I made sure not to make them too big - the art charms need to be about 1.5" long.  Once I had my shapes created, I took them outside, placed them on a heavy metal plate and beat them with a hammer until they were flattened enough.  To add texture I beat them strategically with a hammer with a textured head.  Love the look!!!  Because these charms needed to be completely metal I went looking into my metal stash for something that I could use to embellish them.  Luckily, I found these three little  metal word tags!!  Perfectly sized!!  I used the thread like copper wire to attach them to my charms!!  I also tied together a couple of places on two of the charms which needed to be secured.  
I am super happy with how these turned out and I am really looking forward to seeing what my partner sends back to me.  I have made a few extra which I have added to my collection.