Monday, August 19, 2019

A thank you card featuring a reused layer, a punchie greeting and a bit of lace

For this card I reused this decorative layer featuring a multi layered floral focal element.  I added the little punchie greeting to the upper left and then added a green layer in behind my main decorative layer.  This layer had been trimmed a while back from a swap project.  I added a length of lace on the right hand side before gluing this large element to a coordinating pink card front.  This is a large card which was made to fit in a large green envelope from my stash.  I still felt like it needed a bit of something so I used my tracing wheel to add a row of pierced holes all the way around the green layer which finished it off nicely!!          Therese

Hand stitching in my trailer journal

 I have worked a little more on my Trailer journal while were camping with family a few weeks ago.  I added the words in the peach patch with back stitch in the car on the way up and also added some texture stitching to several of the small patches on the right the one rainy morning we had at the lake. 

 I am happy with the way things are going and I expect it will take a fairly long while to get it all done but there is not rush.  I have started journalling our camping trips and that was really the main reason I wanted to get it started so we could document where we had been and some of the details we want to remember about each outing.   Therese