Friday, December 09, 2011

Christmas - embossed with bling

Created another set of kits the other day using several of the designs from my last class and this one!! This is a quick and easy Christmas card. Stamp the greeting, emboss the layer (SU), add a ribbon and attach to your card front. I added some rhinestones to the center of the snowflakes as well which is a great finishing touch for these elegant cards!!

Not sure I will be posting again before the holidays so I thought I would add my wishes for all of you here.

I wish you all a blessed Christmas season and every blessing in 2012!!
Enjoy your family and friends!
Celebrate the joy and fun of the season!
Make some memories!!
Treasure the blessings you receive!!

Thanks for being here and letting me share my creative experience with you!!


Cardmaking - Dec - #8 envelope

I have seen quite a few cards online lately with elements sticking out of the sides of the card and so challenged myself to see if I could figure how to make that happen!! I know it is not that difficult to make it stick out but getting it to fit in the envelope is what I was concerned about. In the end, I decided to use a 5.5"x8.5" piece of cardstock folded into three sections, added a tab punchie to create a bit of interest and that fit perfectly in the #8 envelopes I have on hand!! So fun when a plan comes together!
From a variety of hand decorated paper/cardstocks I cut 2" panels, punched some shapes out of them, glued them to my card bases and then scored a line to give them an even border. Next, I folded the other end up to make a 3.5" card which was perfect for my envelope. I embossed the bottom flap and added the tab punchie to the top flap. Added a single layer insert to the middle section for writing a message.
Here you can see how easily this design can also be used to create Christmas cards!! I punched out snowflakes, backed the openings with packing tape, added a small rhinestone in the center then rubbed on glitter!! Used the snowflake embossing folder on the bottom flap and added an appropriate greeting on the inside!!

Very quick and easy!!


Cardmaking - Dec - flocked ribbon

I have been collecting flocked ribbon for a while thinking it would be a great way to add texture to a card so I dug out the rolls and worked out a design!! I started with a quarter sheet of designer paper that coordinated with the ribbon which I border punched and added a coordinating cardstock strip which I embossed. I cut "V"shapes on all of their bottom edges. Love the look!! Added a colour printed greeting with brads!! Done!!

It always helps to make quick work of a card when the supplies are few and quick to assemble!!


Cardmaking - Dec - fabric ribbon

I have been wanting to challenge myself to use fabric on some of my cards for a while now and decided I would give it a try for this month's Thank you cards. I created "ribbon" by cutting a strip of lame fabric and hemming both sides!! I love how reflective the lame fabric is while still being very soft and light. I did use some of my wider ribbons for these cards too. When I assembled my sample card, I gathered the ribbon and then placed the layered greeting with 3D foam tape on the back of it over the gathering to capture it. Sometimes, easier said that done!! One girl at class simply placed her greeting oval where she wanted it and then slipped the ribbon in behind!! Way easier!!!! One of the reasons I so love teaching - I learn from my students!! After that, it is a simply a matter of tucking the ends of the ribbon between the decorative cardstock layer and the card front using double sided tape!! I love the simple elegance of these cards!!
This design could easily be created as Christmas cards using a wide Christmas ribbon, some coordinating decorative paper and cardstock!! I laser printed my greeting but it could just as easily have been stamped and punched!! Those supplies will be going on sale with deep discounts in the next few weeks so consider planning ahead and getting your 2012 Christmas cards started in the new year before the Christmas feeling wears off!!


Cardmaking - Dec - Cardinal

December has arrived and most of us are counting down to Christmas hoping the to do list will be conquered in the time we have to get it done! I designed cards for this month's class that are
appropriate for expressing your appreciation for the blessings received over the Christmas season. It is more likely they will be sent if they are ready to go before the season truly gets busy!!
I saw this card on Splitcoast Stampers with its cute little cardinal and after a bit of examination, figured it was created using several punches so dug out my selection to see if I could replicate the little bird. *See below for details in creating the cardinal. I am very happy with the way it turned out!! I sponged all the pieces with black ink and then assemble it. After embossing the label (TH-SX) I added the little green sprigs (MS) punchies and sat the bird just above them. I used the slot punch (SU) to create the openings for my ribbon and glued their ends to the inside of the card. The background paper is one that I created a few years ago using acrylic paint washes and a background stamp I created by gluing fun foam snowflakes to a piece of acrylic. Once I had washed the paper with colour I simply placed the stamp on the wet surface and it moved the colour around which gave a very beautiful subtle texture to the paper which was perfect for this card. I brought along some stamps to let everyone customize their cards to their needs.

It is getting busy! I have parcels to send out, a Christmas letter to print and cards to mail!! Most of the shopping has been done - thanks to DH!!
If your list is looking too long for the time left I suggest you start deleting and/or delegating!! Get creative - no one will ever know that you had intended to make pies and goodies instead of buying them from the local bakery, (baker, friend, farmers market or bake sale)!!


*A Cardinal tutorial I found on line which is pretty close to what I did. I used a 1 3/4" punch (SU) for the body, 1" punch (SU) for the wing and a scallop punch (SU) for the tail. I used the 1 3/4" punch to create the "face" and just hand cut the beak.

Face: The photo on the left shows the creation of the beak section using the 1 3/4" punch. I first cut a 3/4" strip of black cardstock and removed a concave section from the end by placing the end into the punch and lining up both corners with the cutting edge of the punch and taking out a small slice. The next step is shown here: place the concave end into the punch until you have one edge lined up with the cutting edge and the other edge of the cardstock is about 1/4" away from the cutting edge. The little piece makes a perfect "face" for your cardinal.
Body: Use the 1 3/4" punch and fill the punch opening to about 3/4 full just off the edge of the paper. OR Punch a full circle and trim off about a 1/4 of it.
Wing: Punch about a half of the 1" circle OR Punch a full 1" circle and cut it in half to create two wings.
Tail: Punch a full scallop punchie and cut from the bottom of one scallop to center of punchie. Count two scallops and cut from the bottom of that scallop to the center. One scallop punch will make several tails. NOTE: you could substitute a heart punchie for the tail.
Beak: 3/4" x 1/4" scrap of yellow cut to a blunt point on one end
Eye: mini white brad.