Monday, June 15, 2009

My Art - Dad cards

Dad Day cards!! It is coming up so quickly!! I made these up and will have them off in the mail this afternoon in hopes they will reach their destinations by Friday!!

I used printed newspaper (foam stamps and black acrylic paint) as backgrounds on these cards. I had created them for another project and it did not turn out but worked wonderfully on these ones. The little metal letter discs I found at a dollar store which I don't often frequent often so I bought a few packages!! It was fun to go digging through my images for ones that would be appropriate for these cards for some special guys!!
I hope you will celebrate with all of the guys who have or do play a special role in your life.
We are blessed by the men who so willingly participate in our lives and do their best to give us what we wish for and want!!
I am prepping for my Christmas Card class on Saturday!! It is a head start on Christmas which will all make us feel good this year because we will be ahead of the curve in preparation for Christmas!!
Summer is on its way here in south western Ontario!!