Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Sewing - a new little pincushion for my sewing machine

I have made myself a new little pincushion and attached it to my sewing machine!! This is the best thing!!  I never have a place to put pins when I am removing them from the project I am sewing. I have used a free standing pin cushion which eventually falls on the floor which makes it inconvenient.  On one of my recent forays on the internet I found this idea  - a pincushion for your sewing machine - what a brilliant solution.  There are all kinds of inspiration once you start looking.  I decided to make one that fit around the main body of my sewing machine. It allows me access to all of the buttons and knobs and is still very much right where I need it to be.  The fabric I used is from one of my favorite shirts which I wore until the collar became ragged.   I cut off the front button hole band and then created a little pincushion from the bottom portion of the front from which I cut off the band.  I stitched the two sides together and then turned it inside out and folded over a quarter inch on one end, inserted one of the band and stitched them together.  Next, I cut a piece of cereal cardboard for the backer of my pincushion so I don't scratch my machine when I am inserting pins and inserted it into the other end of my pincushion. Next, I stuff it full of polyester batting then folded in another quarter inch on the open end, inserted the other end of the band (I tested it first to ensure the length was correct) into the the opening and stitched it in place.  I passed the band under the needle and then easily maneuvered the pincushion band over the rest of my machine and settled it nicely round the main section.  It fits perfectly and will certainly come in handy on my next project.  I really love that fabric too!! 

As I was cleaning up I remembered I once had a pair of scissors attached to my desk so I would always have a pair when I was cutting threads while I was sewing so I dug into my bin for ties/shoelaces and found this nice cord which I hitched to my scissors and then to the pincushion band which will keep them nice and close when I am sewing.  They will not be falling on the floor anymore!!!  I just remembered that my daughter gave me a really nice pair of scissors which I have stored away because I was not wanting them falling on the floor so I think I will be digging those out and putting them on the end of my cord!!!  Very happy with my new pincushion!!!