Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Greeting cards with photos from a calendar

 My friend gave me this calendar to see if I could make greeting cards with the photos.  She had seen this post on my blog where I had used photos from my sister's calendars to make cards and thought maybe the same could be done with the ones on this one.  The photos are awesome and I really preferred to not cut them if possible. After a conversation with my sister I realized that if I chose to make larger cards it would be possible to not cut the photos.  I went looking in my stash for envelopes that would be suitable.  I was very happy to find a little stack that would do perfectly.  I laid out the words for the front and the credits for the back in Corel Draw and printed them on letter sized white cardstock.
After that it was simply a matter of trimming the cards to size, folding them in half and I was done!!
So a little stack of beautiful birthday cards for my friend which I am sure she will appreciate!!