Monday, December 29, 2014

Gray and rust felted wool cuff

 I have joined a swap on one of my groups where we are swapping little gifts for Christmas.  I have decided to make cuffs for the participants so needless to say these are only appearing here after they have been opened for Christmas by those who received them.
I started with felted wool scraps that my daughter gave me after she was finished her large projects like table runners and teapot cozies.  I started with gray wool (1 1/2" x 8 1/4") for this one and did buttonhole stitch all the way around using dark gray thread.  I added the rust fiber using my sewing machine in free form arrangement.  I die cut a little row of ovals out of dark red felted wool using a large Sizzix border die.  I pinned it in place over the fiber and sewed my embellishments in place through all the layers.
The little circles are plastic and the others are a combination of gold sequins and black seed beads.  After sewing the embellishments in place I went back adding a stitch between each little oval using the same black thread.  Finally, I added two black beads on the end that combined with the long length of fiber creates an adjustable closure for this cuff.
I am enjoying making cuffs. You can check here, here and here for some I have made recently.  I did several others over the summer unfortunately I did not get photos of those.