Friday, January 13, 2012

4x4 chunky book page

On AFTCM, we are exploring the Teesha Moore style and are having a 4x4 chunky book page swap. " Let's face it" is the theme and this is the concept I came up with - four faces.  Using handmade decorative paper  cut to 4x4, I laid one on top of the other and drew the center line and then cut it out.  I transposed the pieces so that each side would have a pink and blue face and glued them to a 4x4 of white cardstock.  Started by tracing the cut line and continued adding texture and details such as the eyes with black Sharpie markers in three different sizes.  Also, cut out hearts for lips and glued them in place.  Added silver Sharpie in several different areas for accent and a bit of bling.  Happy with the result!!
It is a reminder that we can only change ourselves.  As we change our perspective, we see the world differently and, therefore, make different choices which changes the world for us.  We are co-creators!!