Saturday, July 25, 2015

Distressed Victorian postcard

I created this postcard for a swap on one of my groups. We were each sent this image of a woman and given free rein to create with it!!  The digital image was provided as well for those who wanted to print off a few copies for experimenting with before they started their project.  I downloaded the image and sized it for my postcard then printed it on copy paper.  I used packing tape to make a transfer which I applied to a music sheet that had been very lightly washed with watercolour.
Packing tape transfers are very easy - you need a laser printed image, clear packing tape and water.  Trim your image close to the printing, lay a piece of packing tape over the image and burnish well.  Next, soak the tape/image in water.  Once the paper is softened put the transfer on a hard surface and rub off the paper which leaves the toner adhered to the packing tape. FUN and easy!! You can check this link for a tutorial.
Back to the project, I used markers to add colour to the back of the image (sticky side of the tape), trimmed the top and bottom of the transfer then applied it to the music sheet making sure there were no marks on her face.  I burnished it well then ripped the paper on all four sides.  I layered it this piece onto a piece of coordinating hand decorated paper and then onto black cardstock.  Next, I created my background.  I started with a 4" x 6" piece of scrap cardstock to which I glued torn scraps of embossed silver foil left over from a long ago project. Once the glue was dry, I applied colour using sharpie markers in purple, blue and black.  I scribbled colour in a small area and rubbed lightly it to smooth out the marks.  This process removed a bit of colour but I like the look - a bit distressed.  I added the blue and purple first and then did the black a little more aggressively.  I like the way the black remained in the texture of the foil.  After I was done, I went back in and added more colour where I thought it needed a bit more.  Very happy with the resulting background!!  I adhered my layered image on the top portion using double sided tape and added a length of black lace below it gluing the ends to the back.  I added double sided tape below the lace where I was putting the flowers and then added the flowers using large glue dots.  I cut another piece of 4" x 6" cardstock and glued it to the back to nicely finish off my postcard.   Really happy with how this project turned out.  It will be off to my partner this week.