Thursday, April 23, 2015

Boho Bangles - third time's a charm!

Here is my final boho bangle!!! I was very tempted to create my second bracelet exactly like my first except in different colours.  Instead I decided to use fabric strips which is what he uses in the video.  I used a short piece of bias trim I had in my stash in this beautiful orange/yellow plaid.  You cannot even tell it is a plaid!!  I chose large seed beads that coordinated with the lines of thread in the fabric - yellow, turquoise, leaf green and red.  I created clusters instead of an all over pattern.  I doubled up the reds in the middle of the clusters just to change things up a bit.  I also used gold wire on this one because it coordinated the best.  I also added a large turquoise feature between the last two clusters by using a few slightly larger beads and layering dyed shells on both sides of the central turquoise
bead.  I really like the colour combinations in this one!!

The girls on the group have been saying that once you get started making these it is hard to stop!!  Considering that they are so easy to make and require very little supplies there is no reason not to have an armful that coordinate with your summer outfits!!
I am hoping that these will coordinate with my partners summer attire!!

Boho bangles - the second time around

Here are the supplies I used for my second bangle - taped zip tie, blue 28 gauge wire, sheer ribbon and some blue, pink and clear beads.  I overlapped the ends of the zip tie before applying the red TUCK tape. This tape is very sticky and is used to seal sheathing.  DH has used it for several other purposes as well.  Two years ago it was to seal the holes in the vinyl siding created by LARGE hailstones.  You can see in the photo that I did not overlap the ends on that one - it really peaks where the tape just folds over.  I redid it and added a short piece of extra zip tie over the gap which works much better.  You will see what I did with that one in the next posting.  I used the same shimmery blue/pink ribbon that I used on the first one, wrapping it all the way around my zip tie armature.  I did not have enough beads left over from the first one so I went looking for more beads.  I found some blue and pink ones that worked well together so I simply added the clear seed beads to create this one.  I alternated the pink and the blue beads and added a clear bead between them.  The first time the pattern worked out perfectly - finishing up exactly where I had started.  Not so lucky with this one so I just finished up with three clear beads.  Worked out fine!!


Boho bangles

Boho Bangles!!
I signed up for this swap because it sounded interesting and was a project I had never tried before!
 I find swaps are a great way to try a "new to me" technique or project.
A link was provided for us to preview the technique - Stackable Bangles by Mark Montano.  After watching the video and perusing the supplies I went looking for zip ties, beads, ribbon and wire!!

I had to modify my zip ties because they were not long enough for the bangles I needed to make for my partner.  We all provided our measurements so our partners could create a bracelet which would fit.  I created my armature by wrapping to each other a zip tie and a hair elastic with heavy weight thread and tied off the ends.  Next, I wrapped the armature with a length of shimmery blue/pink organza ribbon.  Bead were next!!  I found some pink, blue, clear and pearl beads which all looked good together and worked with the ribbon.
 I cut a length of blue 28 gauge wire, created a loop around the armature and secured the wire by twisting the end around body of the wire.  I started wrapping the wire around the armature adding one bead at a time leaving the bead on the outside edge of the bracelet.                        
I chose to repeat a pattern - blue, pearl, pink and clear. These beads were pretty much the same size - some plastic and the others glass seed beads.  I really like the look of this bracelet but found that I had measured too closely and my bracelet was too small once I had wrapped it with ribbon and beads.  So it was not going to be suitable for my partner and sadly is also too small for me so I will have to find a new home for it.
After a bit of reflection I decided to create my armature differently for my next bangle and go with a version much closer to what was suggested in the video.  I found that the elastic on the outside of the zip tie made it difficult to position the beads evenly.  The way of creative discovery is trial and error!!