Friday, July 12, 2019

Fabric name tags

I made fabric name tags for our reunion this month!!  I started with scraps of fabric about 3-4 wide and stitched them all together making sure they were not too wide so there would be different fabrics in each tag.  I made a LONG strip and then folded over the edges and pressed it to be 2" wide.  I then cut white cotton strips 2.5" wide and folded the edges over until them met in the middle to provide more opacity.  I used multi coloured embroidery thread as my top thread and stitched both sides of my piece strip making a wavy line on each edge.  Next, I laid my white strip (folded side down) on the open side of my strip to cover the raw edges and stitch up both sides to secure them together.  Then, I cut this long strip into 3.25" pieces to make each name tag.  I then stitched all around the edges of each tag with a few extra on the raw ends to secure all the pieces to each other and provide stitching between the raw edge and the hole for the tie.  Once they had all been top stitched I ironed them and stack 4 to a pile and punched the holes for the ties using my Cropadile.  Worked beautifully!!  I had a few ties (T Shirt yarn) cut but my sister has cut a lot more in vibrant colours which she will bring along.  You can see below how the ties are threaded into the holes. 

Here is how it looks tied on to my wrist!  They will be wristbands which is a new way of doing things but this way some of my stash disappeared, used up some thread that was older and what was thin on spools and maybe they will actually keep them for future use.  If not, we will collect them and maybe we can use them to make a book cover or something!!!  We will be provided black fine tip markers for them to add their names.  I expect we will find them tied to all sorts of things like ankles, belt loops, hat bands, buttons, zipper pulls, etc which works just as well.  I was able to tie this myself because the t-shirt yarn is so stretchy!!  I am happy with them though they did take a bit more time than I first thought.  I did change up the design a bit using decorative fabric instead of the plain white and creating finished edges on two sides as well.  Initially, I thought a rectangle of white, gray or denim, two holes and a t-shirt yarn tie.  Not to pretty - but quick and easy!!!           Therese