Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Paper Bead Jewelery

 I participated in a Wild and Wacky challenge a couple of weeks ago and we have to reveal our projects today!!
We were instructed to go to this website:
which generates wild and wacky kaleidoscopes in vibrant colours, when we saw something we liked we just had to print it and create something with the printed copy!!  Too easy!!
I started by stamping my sheet with a solid looking butterfly stamp (SU) and embossing them in silver.  I thought right away that I would like to make paper beads so I found a small piece of wood to make the main element for my necklace, cut a nice accent piece with a butterfly out of the sheet and then cut the remaining piece of W&W paper into long thin triangles with which I created my paper beads.  I rolled them on a toothpick, sealed them with clear finish onto which I sprinkled sparkly embossing powder and then heated them to dry the finish and melt the embossing powder.  I made 13 sparkly beads!!
 For the main element of my necklace I glued my W&W paper to one side of my little piece of wood and created a collage on the other using hand decorated paper, sheet music and a rhinestone.  To seal up the edges I applied clear sealer and then dipped it into pewter UTEE and heated it.  I did the other three sides the same way.  It needed more visual depth so I reheated the first side and dipped it in the UTEE again.  In the end, each side got about 3-4 coats of pewter  UTEE before I was happy with the way it looked - sort of like solder!!  I sealed the collage side and added clear glass beads to the sealer I applied to the W&W side to just tone it down a bit.  The piece is very reflective and you can see part of a silver butterfly in the piece.  Once everything was dry, I drilled a hole at the top and added a metal loop and some beads so I could add it when I strung my beads.  I added blue glass beads and some pewter Ebeads to complete my necklace.  I used Beadalon plastic coated wire to string it and a clasp from my stash of jewelry findings.
So you can see in this photo the collage I made on the other side of my main element as well as the full length of the necklace.  I really like the way the blue glass beads and the pewter Ebeads work with my glittery paper beads.

This was a very great project!! It is fun to get out of the usual and try something different!!  I enjoyed making the beads the most.  I had never used wire to string beads before and it took a little R&D to find the best way to finish it off.  So all in all, a successful venture into the unusual with some wild and wacky paper.  Really looking forward to what all the participants made with theirs!!