Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas cards with embossing and colour

 I needed a few more Christmas cards for this year so I made the last of the card kits I had on hand from this set of cards from my November class.  I love these images!!  I gold embossed the star in gold and the candle in silver, added a coordinating layer beneath - silver for the candles and red for the star.  These elements were then layered onto a card front which was layered with decorative paper using 3D foam tape.  These are quick and easy once you have your embossing done.  I coloured the star's center with a bit of yellow watercolour as well as the flame on the candles.  I did the body of the candle using chalk which gives them a nice soft look. 
Will prep these today and I will be finished my Christmas cards for this year.  I have only a few kits left from this class which I will make up and start by Christmas card stash for next year!!


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Affirmation cards about the power of your thoughts, words and actions

I made up these affirmation cards for a group that I hosted last week.  I laser printed the words onto white cardstock and then randomly applied watercolour until I was happy with how they looked.  Once they were dry, I cut them apart and pressed them under weight to help them lay flat.  They would make great book marks or can be tucked on a shelf or near the bathroom mirror as a daily reminder to choose wisely. 
It behooves us to remember that we have creative power and that what we think, say and do affects our experiences and the process of our lives.  Fear creates a much different life than does love.  We get to choose!!


Wonky tree and snowman on kids Christmas cards

I was making up a few Christmas for my grand children and in the final few I decided to combine the wonky tree and the snowman I had used on previous versions of this card. 
I used blue decorative paper for the background and ripped a strip off the bottom which formed a snowbank.  I added texture to the two navy strips on each one and mounted them on the left and right hand side.  For three of them I tucked the trees under the strip and later realized that I could just have placed the tree on the card and then mounted the navy strip which would have been easier!!  You can check my tutorial for the snowman here.   I added the snowmen to the cards using 3D foam tape and then added iridescent glitter glue to the trees and navy strips to add a bit of texture and glitter!!  I am sure the kids will enjoy them!!


Thursday, December 07, 2017

Card kits - a few paper strips, some embossing and a punchie embellishment

Another few cards from kits that I prepared to add to my gift for the exchange.  These are from this class in April.  I changed them up a bit because I had a bit of time and the inclination.  I embossed the white space near the greeting, I layered the greeting and I added a brad to the flower embellishment.  I like that the extras help to highlight the greeting a little more than the previous ones.  Just goes to show that there are always a lot of options!!  


Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Birthday card for a retired carpenter

My Dad will soon be celebrating this 88th birthday and because he is a retired carpenter I like to include some wood on his card.  I am fortunate to have a woodworker in the house so little pieces of wood appear regularly with "Can you use this?"  Case in point, that is what happened this afternoon, as our son is here working on his walnut railing and a little scrap showed up!!  It was very thin so I backed it with packing tape before die cutting it with the Sizzix "Happy" die.  It worked perfectly!!  After working out just where I needed to stamp the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" (SU) I used my LEGO stamping jig to get it exactly in the right place.  I stamped it over several times to get the depth of colour I was looking for - very easy to do with the stamp jig.  I inked the inside of my wood grain embossing folder and used it to "stamp" the background onto my cardstock.  The dye ink cleaned up very well from the inside of the folder.  I added a bit of black watercolour to the right hand sides of my wood word to just give it a bit of depth before using double sided tape to adhere it to my stamped background.  I added a little comma and an exclamation mark using a brown marker.  Next, I used my chevron punch (SU) to punch out a few chevrons below the greeting and one above.  I chose a dark maroon card which nicely highlighted the chevrons.  I used my tracing wheel to add some lines of texture to the outside edges of my background then glued it to the front of my card.  I watercoloured this laser printed tools image from Beccy's Place - - then distressed the edges.  I added a bit of brown fiber to the back before adhering this focal element to the front of my card using 3D foam tape.  Pretty happy with how this card worked out!!  Fortunately, I will be able to hand it to my Dad personally as we will be celebrating as a family up home.                Therese

Monday, December 04, 2017

Card kit - Lighthouse with a wavy border

On the weekend I needed a little gift for a gift exchange so I put together a few cards from my stash and added a few that I made up from kits that are sitting on my desk from previous classes. 
This one is from this class and very similar to one that I made that day.  The light house is a digital image from ClipartPal.  I laser printed several on a sheet, trimmed them out and then die cut the tops using a Sizzix tag die.  I watercoloured the image and added a laser printed greeting which was distressed on the edge and a short piece of navy seam binding in the hole.  I layered two pieces of decorative paper to my blue card front and then layered on a navy strip which I had cut with wavy decorative scissors, pierced and that added a few lines with my tracing wheel. 
Glad to have a few card kits on hand because it makes getting cards ready quick and easy!!


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Two kids birthday cards with a small note card

The striped background paper on the first card and the dark blue background on the second card were a complete notecard in their previous life!!  I used the striped piece as a background for my large Happy die cut (SX).  I added "birthday" using a laser printed transparency which I trimmed added just below my die cut gluing the ends to the back of the layer.  I embossed a small rectangle with the D'vine swirl embossing folder and added a length of green mesh which I tied with silver embroidery thread which transformed it into a gift.  I used 3D foam tape to adhere it to my card front just below the greeting.  Really happy with how well this card came together.  Wanting to not waste the "hole" from the die cut,  I backed it with piece of embossed yellow cardstock and was sure to glue the "holes" which fell out of the "A" and the two "P"s  in their proper place by using my sample die cut which I store in the sleeve of the die.  I border punched the bottom edge with a scallop border punch (SU) and then punched tiny holes in each scallop. I cut the right hand side with a slot border punch and inserted a red gros grain ribbon leaving a portion hanging below the edge which I flagged.  The other end went over the top and was glued to the back.  I added a layer of green dotted scrapbook paper which I had ripped on the bottom to the front of a blue card and mounted my large focal element to the top portion of my card.  I added a little laser printed greeting below the die cut to complete my greeting and a little yellow star to finish off my card.    A very effective reuse of a card which transformed it into two new ones!!              Therese

Three new "praying for you" cards with reused card fronts

In the process of making a few more cards for my stash I am reusing card fronts that have been donated to me for my cardmaking!!!  For the one on the left I included the framed lighthouse image to which I had added a small vellum greeting which was stamped and gold embossed.  Next I added a gold layer and mounted this large element to a maroon card front.  For the middle card, I trimmed the floral image from the card front and then ran my tracing wheel around the edges to add texture and then added a gold embossed vellum greeting gluing both ends to the back.  I mounted this image to a green cardstock layer which I had border punched on the right hand side with an eyelet punch (SU).  Thinking I needed something to echo the gold on the greeting I added gold paper circle punchies to the back of the green layer behind the eyelet bumps covering three holes at a time.  I layered this large element to the front of a pink card.  For the right hand card I trimmed the image, added a length of purple seam binding gluing both ends to the back and then loosely tied a shorter piece to it which allowed the tails to lay nicely on the initial length.  A bit of a different look than I usually get  - I like it!!  I added a flagged stamped greeting to the upper right hand corner - the only place it really worked!!!  So a few more for my stash!!                 Therese

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

November Card Class - the star of wonder and season of hope candle

I love this design and have used several times over the years!!!  I created the little town of Bethlehem graphic many years ago when I first created cards with this stamp using kraft paper which bleaches to yellow.  This time I laser printed the town onto ivory paper and watercoloured the star's center after embossing it in gold.  Still works beautifully!!  I layered this focal element onto a green layer and used 3D foam tape to adhere it to my red card front to which I had already glued a beautiful gold/red decorative paper.  The most time consuming part of this card is embossing the stamped image with gold embossing powder!!  Still a pretty quick card to make up!!!
For my second card, I used a green card and glued on some metallic holly decorative paper leaving a small border all the way around.  The image - Season of Hope candle was stamped and embossed with silver embossing powder.  This is one of my favorite Christmas card images!!  I watercoloured the spaces in the image using green, yellow and orange.  Once it was dry, I mounted it to a red rectangle of cardstoc and adhered it over the decorative paper using 3D foam tape.  One of the girls used chalks on her image tonight and it turned out beautiful and much easier to do that using watercolour with a very similar effect. I will have to try that next time. 

November Card Class - Die cut tree

I created a few cards with this sketch as my exchange cards for this month and decided to use this design to make a set of  kits for this class.  I used several different dies to cut the opening and a variety of greetings as well so all the cards will be a little different.
I used the same cardstock for the card front and the large topmost layer of this card which has been stamped with a greeting and die cut with a tree.  I added a coordinating decorative paper in between which provides the contrast that creates the focal element.  I added a little star punchie to the tree.  I hand embossed this front layer to avoid having the greeting be lost in the embossing.
For this card I used the medium sized poinsettia die from the Spellbinders set.  I die cut the flower on the top portion and gold embossed a greeting on the bottom section.  The center was created using 3 gold sequins which were held to each other and the card front using mini glue dots.  Again, the top layer is held above the decorative paper which is glued to the card front using 3D foam tape.  I like the contrast and dimension that is created.  I chose to not emboss this one because it seemed more complete and less in need of any more texture possibly because of the larger greeting. 
These kits were pretty fast to assemble as most of the work was already done!!


November Card Class - wonky tree

I have used this design in one of my previous classes and with a few leftover "trees" I decided to incorporate it into this class.  I love how unique the trees are because of the randomness of the little triangles which allows everyone to put their own spin on their cards.  The background (light blue floral paper with snowflakes stamped on it) is torn across the bottom creating a snowbank by revealing the white of the card front.  I glued it even with the top of the card.  The torn edged dark blue rectangles were glued in place after that.  To build the tree, I glued the brown trunk onto the snow bank and then glued triangles in place over the trunk until it was tall enough.  I added a yellow punchie star at the top using 3D foam tape.  I layered the laser printed font greeting punchie (SU Word Window) over a red label punchie (SU Decorative Label) and mounted it to my card front using 3D foam tape.

This card uses a different background - a hand decorated piece of paper with light blue/aqua paint on it.  I used a single layer for the greeting and chose to glue my layer just a little off of the top of the card.

A fun card for this Christmas season.  I counted my cards today and I will be short around twenty so I will see about getting some of these cards kits made up after my second class on Monday.