Thursday, February 02, 2023

Quilting - Fabric sale

 Our Gramma Africa group is having a fabric sale!!  We have started the process of sorting the donations that are coming in and will continue to process items until April.  There will be LOTS of fabric of every kind along with notions and yarn.  Look forward to seeing you there!!

Garden cards for donation

 I made these cards for a garden theme basket for a group member.  I had two cards in my stash that worked well with the theme so I made two more.  For the first card I used two pieces of decorative paper with a tulip (Melonheadz) printed on transparency.  I made cards with transparencies for my cardmaking group last week and had no luck getting decorative paper to work so it was a pleasant surprise when this one worked out so well.  I coloured the back with markers and then added pink eyelets to the corners before mounting it to my card front.  Love it!!!  For my second card I used a very great gardening image from Beccy's Place. I trimmed it, coloured it, paper pierced it and then used my distress tool on the outer edge.  I mounted it to my card front using 3D foam tape over the top of my paper pieced background.  

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Dog themed cards for donation

Another group member is preparing a basket with a dog theme so I made a few more cards for it.  I was fortunate enough to find a few fun dog images in my collection of digital images.  First card's background is two different papers with a coordinating ribbon over where they join.  The little dog (Jane's Doodles) was laser printed, watercoloured and then layered on green cardstock before being added to the card front with 3D foam tape.  The second cards is similar in that it is a pieced background.  The ribbon runs across instead of along and the little black and white dog (The Alley Ways Stamps) was laser printed, watercoloured and mounted on velvety black paper.  They were both paper pierced as well.    The third card has a orange striped background paper and the dog (FlyClipart) was layered with decorative paper after being watercoloured.  I added some ribbon flags to the right hand side using double sided tape before adhering it to my card using 3D foam tape.  The fourth card has a hand decorated background (collage covered with tissue paper) to which I added  strip of black cardstock and a fishtailed layer of hand decorated paper.  I added two eyelets to the left hand side and tied in some turquoise fiber.  The dog was watercoloured, paper pierced and layered onto a turquoise cardstock before being added to the card front.  Therese


Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Large all occasion card featuring a fun birdhouse sticker, some ribbon and a collage background

 I made this card up for my sister and her husband who are celebrating their anniversary soon.  I chose a bird house sticker from a colouring book and adhered it to a piece of white cardstock.  I watercoloured it to coordinate with my collaged background made with blue scraps which I taped to each other using regular tape on the back.  I added heart rhinestones in the corners and added faux stitching in between using a clear glitter gel pen.  I added some clear glitter to several small elements in my image as well.  I added a yellow ribbon to my background before adhering it to a large green card and then mounted my focal element to the front using 3D foam tape. 

Coffee themed cards for donation

I offered to make some cards to be included in a gift basket which a group member is putting together.  I found several in my collection that would work well.  
For my first card I chose a take out coffee cup (BlackBerry Jelly) which I laser printed and watercoloured to coordinate with my background.  I added a two tone cardstock layer, embossed three lines and paper pierced the scallop border (SU) on the bottom edge.  I added a green ribbon to my background before adding it to a dark red card.  Added the image with 3D foam tape.  For my second card, I did tore my background, added green fiber ribbon before adhering to my bright green card.  I watercoloured my cup (The Alley Way Stamps) to coordinate with my paper and added clear glitter to the seam.  
For my third card I trimmed red rectangles and adhered them to a red card.  I watercoloured my cup (Jane's Doodles) , added clear glitter to the steam,  paper pierced the four edges and layered it onto red cardstock which I trimmed with scallop decorative scissors and paper pierced and finally embossed a line.  I adhered to my card using 3D foam tape.  My final card  features another cup (CLKER) which I die cut (Nestibilities), watercoloured and layered with a brown circle and then a black scalloped circle after watercolouring it and adding clear glitter to the steam.  I added a length of ribbon to my music sheet background (Sweetly Scrapped) before adhering it to my black card.  I added my layered cup with 3D foam tape.  Lots of fun to be playing with coffee themed images and making cards with a variety of colours and sketches.  Therese


Monday, January 30, 2023

Quilting - another set of potholders

 I managed another set of potholders as well.  I cut these a while back while I was working on some QAYG - no binding potholders.  They stitch up reasonably quick when all the pieces are precut.  I stitched a row of stitching on the green diamond to quilt the top to the batting and then added a row of stitching around the outside of the diamond to quilt the top and batting to the backing.  I have a few more sets ready to go.  I like how these stitched up so I will likely make a few more sets.  Therese 

Quilting - Casserole carrier

I decided to create a casserole carrier this weekend.  We have a fundraiser coming up and there was some interest in having some for sale.  There was a sample for a 9x13 pan at the meeting and after some research I decided to try making one for a square or round container.  I cut two squares 22" of two different coordinating fabrics and a 22" square of batting.  I cut a 22" x 2.25" strip for the handle and two 6" x 1.5" strips for the loops.  I originally put the loops and handle on the middle of each side but that did not work very well.  I had found one that worked that way but it was not square so I am sure it would have been fine had I not modified the rectangular dimensions.  So, anyway, I ripped out the stitching, restitched the openings and moved the loops to opposite corners and the handle to the other two opposite corners.  I simply added them to the inside of the square.  It works well for up to a 12" x 4" container though the handle is a tad short.  Because it draws up to the middle it will carry pretty much anything smaller.  I did see one that had trimmed corners which I will try next time and put the handle ends and loops in the seam.  I will lengthen the handle a bit as well.  Therese


Thursday, January 26, 2023

January Card Club - Card #3 - handmade paper flowers with a paper pierced frame

 For our last card I chose to make these quick and easy flowers from handmade paper which I made quite a while back.  I tore squares from four different paper of the same colour family and then tore two leaves from two rectangles of green and center from yellow.  The circles look best if they are not perfect and the same with the leaves so it is a very forgiving process.  We used my pattern tracing wheel and a ruler to create a row of paper pierced holes on all four sides of the card fronts.  We could have added faux stitching with a marker instead.  Once the circles were created we simply glued them to each other starting with the largest and finishing with the yellow center.  We auditioned our flowers with their leaves, made adjustments until we were happy and glued them into place on our card front!!  Done!!  A very elegant card that can be used for a variety of occasions!!!  It was very nice to see my friends again and to spend an evening creating cards with them!!!  Therese

January Card Club - Card #2 - two papers, four rectangles and creative focal element

 For our second card I chose two coordinating papers (3 7/8" x 5 1/8"), stacked them and then cut them.  This gave me backgrounds for two cards!!  The rectangles were adhered to coordinating card fronts.  The ladies were very creative with their cards and arranged their paper very differently and did not necessarily use all of them.  I had provided each kit with two focal elements - one that featured a heart ( Valentine's Day) and one that was more all occasion.  You can see that I made up one with a little hedge hog with a bunch of flowers.  I watercoloured the image and layered it onto a green cardstock square which was distressed on the edges.  I mounted this image onto my card front using 3D foam tape.  The green and red one has a layered focal element - paper pierced scallop (SU), circle punchie (SU) and a die cut heart (CB).  The third one has another watercoloured coffee cup layered onto a scallop circle (Nestibilities).  I could have put the slim one on the left instead and would have had a bit of a different look and I could have used a landscape orientation to change it up a bit more.  Lots of options!!!  Therese

January Card Club - Card #1 - printed transparencies, hand decorated papers and brads

It was time again to make cards with my friends.  We made Christmas cards in November.  You can check them out here, here and here.   I really enjoy the creative process of inventing cards  - figuring out sketches, picking supplies with a variety of themes and colours and then putting together the kits.  For our first kit I chose to print up some images on transparency which I have done in the past but not for a really long time. The images - Eiffel Tower - Brenda Braun, basket - Arthur's Clipart,  car - Clker, bird - Clipart.   I auditioned these images on a variety of preprinted decorative papers with not much success so I dug out my box of hand decorated papers and that worked much better.  These papers were created for special projects or whenever I had extra paint leftover.  I just painted it on white paper or over something that still needed " a bit of something".  Lots of fun!!!!  So for the first card with the Eiffel tower I layered a piece of paste paper over a watercolour background and then laid my transparency over it and added the four brads to keep it in place.  I added this large focal element to a coordinating blue card.  The same process was used for all the other cards.  I love the look of the dark blue behind the flower basket which was a distressed look using the crackle technique.  The one under the car worked out so well because the dark section works perfectly as the shadow of the card.  The greens and blues in the paper behind the bird makes it look right at home.  For the bird and the flowers I added colour on the back of the image with markers to highlight parts of the image.  Really helps the images look real and in context!!!  Therese


Sunday, January 22, 2023

QAYG - another set of potholders

 I managed to get a second set of potholders made up today.  I worked on making up several sets last weekend and I will work on getting them done as time allows.  You can check out the first set here
I am really liking how well I can get the corners lined up using this technique.  
I am joining the great bunch of stitchers at Kathy's Quilts - Slow Sunday Stitching!! Check them out for a lot of inspiring projects.  

Slow Stitching - handstitched and machine stitched journal covers

The hand stitching on these little quilts has been done for quite a while now. To create them I trimmed a backer then trimmed out a front and batting that were just a bit smaller than the backer.  I simply folded the backer to the front and hand stitched the edge to finish the little quilt.  You can see my original stash of them here.  The next few batches are here and here.  Here you can see the journal cover I made for myself to keep track of our trailer journeys with all the hand stitching finished. Here you can see the first steps of getting it constructed.  Today I dug out the baggie of little quilts and thought I would get a journal cover made up with them.  To my surprise I was able to complete four journal covers.  I have the layout in the top photo and then the finished journal cover to the left.  The other three journal covers are below with the layout first and the finished journal cover below it.  These will be donated to fundraisers coming up later this year so I will be spending some time slow stitching each little quilt with coordinating embroidery thread.  They are a little wonky but I was happy to get them done!!  
I am connecting with the stitchers at Kathy's Quilts - Slow Sunday Stitching.  Head on over and see what these very creative stitchers are up to!!!  Always inspirational!!  Therese

Friday, January 20, 2023

Square all occasion cards featuring beautiful photos and coordinating cards and papers

I made cards with the photos from our 2022 photo calendars which we got for Christmas last year!!
These photos were all taken by my sister, Sylvia and are perfect for making cards with!!  I simply trimmed them from the calendar pages to 4" x 4" and then layered them onto 5.25" x 5.25" cards with a coordinating decorative paper in between.  The 3D foam tape I put under the photos just gives them a bit of dimension!!  These are headed for donations at several different places!!!