Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Guide project - a small composition book with a fabric cover and unique art on the front

I am presenting this little project for my granddaughter's Guide troupe this week.  The goal is to have an artist in and talk to the girls about creating art.  My daughter was instrumental in the design of this fabric cover for the small composition books.  I started with a 10" x 7" of fabric and folded about 1.5" from the top and the bottom towards the center and then about the same in from both sides and pressed them well.  This creates a little pocket in which we will slip the covers of the book and use a staple to hold the cover in place.   I made some in several different colours and themes.

The focal element will be what the girls will create at the meeting.  I have prepared blanks from ivory fabric backed with Heat and Bond onto which they will create their art.  Doodle art is popular and I will walk the girls through the process of creating this art themselves with permanent markers and wax crayons.  They will have the latitude of making it their own in the choices they make as we create.  Once the art is finished it will be adhered to the front of the journal they have picked out for themselves.  They can use it as a Gratitude Journal, to keep track of their homework, as a To Do list or to keep track of their hopes and dreams!!