Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Baby cards for my stash

 I am filling out my card stash with a few baby cards!!  I printed the image from BrokenBoxStock with a greeting on letter size vellum and cut them out into quarter sheets.  
I made four different cards -  pink & blue and two other colours for anyone who does not yet know the gender of the child.  
For the pink one,  I used a piece of background paper that featured a gingham border and attached the vellum image and greeting combo to it using an innie & outie bow using green vintage seam binding.  I coloured the image on the back of the vellum using watercolour with as little water as possible to avoid buckling the vellum.  I added a punched ribbon border (SU) in pink after mounting the background/image layer to a white card front.
For the lavender one, I coloured the image to coordinate with my background paper, ripped off the bottom and stitched it to a scalloped border punch piece of white cardstock. I folded the three remaining sides to the back and adhered them using double sided tape.  I glued my decorative paper to a purple card front, added a length of lavender ribbon and adhered my focal element over it using 3D foam tape.  I tied a short piece of ribbon with one knot to my main ribbon just below my image to simulate a bow.  

For my green card, I die cut a circle (3.75") out of my quarter sheet of decorative paper with Nestibilities, centered my coloured image behind the opening and attached them to each other using yellow seam binding and an innie & outie bow.  I trimmed the decorative paper and glued this whole element to a white card front.
For the blue one, I coloured my image with watercolour being sparing with water as before, backed it with a piece of white cardstock which I stitched to the vellum using my sewing machine.  I ripped the edges of the vellum to make it just a smidge smaller than the decorative paper and attached it to my card front using an innie & outie bow after I had glued the decorative paper to the front of my green card.  Really happy with these cards!!

Fall themed laser resist cards!

 Another set of laser resist cards to celebrate the fall season!!  I laid out a variety of leaves (CLKER) in Corel Draw, laser printed the letter sized page onto white cardstock then cut it into quarters before applying some watercolour to the leaves and background.  Love the way it turned out!!  I trimmed them all to 4" x 5.25" and created four different cards with them.
For the first one, I wrapped green cording and red fiber to the layer before gluing it to a red card front.
I watercoloured my greeting (SU), layered
on a deep yellow punchie which I cut in half and glued to the back before adhering it to my card front with 3D foam tape over the cording.
For the second card, I layered my watercoloured punchie greeting (SU) with green in the same way before I punched holes on either side and threaded in two lengths of beige seam binding attaching the ends to the back of the layer with double sided tape.  I adhered the whole layer to the front of a light blue card.

For my third card, I wrapped green cording before gluing the background layer to the front of a green card and added a little layered greeting (SU) over it using 3D foam tape.
For my fourth card, I watercoloured my greeting and layered it with dark orange, punched a slot on the left hand side and threaded through a piece of dark green seam binding before adhering it to my background layer using 3D foam tape.  I adhered the ends of the seam binding to the back of the layer using double sided tape before gluing this whole layer to the front of a yellow card.
I am enjoying the wide variety of possibilities for creating cards with these laser printed images!!!