Friday, September 30, 2011

Mail Art

On AFTCM, I signed up for a mail art swap!!
I started by printing the names of the recipients using a nice chunky font and traced them onto the front of my yellow envelopes using a black gel pen. I filled the names in with some doodling, added the address of the person as well as my return address and the postage stamp. Next, I added a border and some doodling in the body of the envelope as well. Once finished with the artwork I started filling in the designs with glittered gel pens in a variety of colours!!
This is my first mail art!! I really enjoyed the process and after I was done I decided to search on line to see what others have done. There is as much difference in mail art as there are artists, though most of the art I found on line was a bit more edgy that what I have done here.
I have added a RAK to the envelopes so they will have a bit of surprise when it arrives in their mail box!!
I enjoyed challenging myself to do something I have never done before!! I have been exposed to mail art online over the years and have received several different examples as well.
Challenge yourself to something you have never done before!! Grow!!