Wednesday, April 03, 2019

And yet more charms!!!!

These are the charms I made while my grand daughter was visiting!  She invented the process and I decided to make a few as well because they looked so awesome!!  Teen idol charms from the Goodwill were sanded, coloured with nail polish or gesso and then glitter glue was added in a variety of colours and nicely mixed up to create some very sparkly charms!! We added the butterflies - plastic decoration cut from some head bands purchased a while back.  We finished the edges with Sharpie or rhinestones. They came with the jumprings and lobster claw catches on them.  Love how they turned out.  She will be selling them at a fundraising event in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!  Therese

More charms!!!!!!!

 Another set of charms which my granddaughter made this week!  Some will be sold at the fundraiser and the Key chains she made to go with the little stitched penguins she is making for a different event for her Girl Guide troupe.  These started as fun flower stickers - see left on the lower right! She added coordinating circle punchies and added her own greetings, symbols and art using glitter gel pens.  I drilled holes in them and she added jump rings and lobster claws to finish them off!!!!           Therese


 Charms!!!!!!!!!!  My granddaughter is visiting for spring break and she has been busy creating charms for a fundraising event for Girl Guides!!
We started with plastic charms I acquired at the Goodwill a few weeks ago thinking that they would make a good substrate for creating on.  We dug out sandpaper, nail polish and glitter glue and then added the little butterfly accents and just went from there!! We finished the edges with coloured Sharpie markers and/or clear rhinestones!!!   They are awesome in real life!!
These are all of the ones she made - double sided so I took photos of both sides!!        Therese