Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Cards to donate!

I have been working in my craft room refurbishing commercial cards for donating to a local organization where I have been teaching cardmaking.  It has been fun to create cards with the images from these cards and make a layout that works.  I usually try to add a bit of texture - ribbon, etc to make the cards have more of a handmade look.  I will be dropping those off today.  It is a small step in getting "stuff" out of my room!!
I have a lot of handmade cards I have received in swaps and exchanges that I will be refurbishing as well and donating later on.
I would encourage everyone to consider reusing any cards they receive - either commercial or handmade - by refurbishing them and donating them to a local organization.  Nursing homes and charities are always grateful for something they can use to cheer up the many people that they come in contact with everyday!!