Monday, May 28, 2012

Collage Mandalas

I created these for a swap on AFTCM - Mandalas.  I did a little internet research to see what others have created for mandalas and found lots of digital tutorials for creating them which were pretty interesting. But, I was wanting something that involved a more hands on technique so decided to search for collage mandalas.  I found several that were done in large scale on canvases so I just adapted the process for these 4x4 chunky book pages.  I did create a layout in Corel Draw before I started with  paper to establish what size each layer needed to be and then raided my collage bucket and found some papers that coordinated.  I started with a 4" x4" square, added a 3" circle with 12 3/4" punchies layered below the edge, 2 1/8" square, a 1 7/8" square, 1 1/4" square, four triangles and a gold 3/4" punch for the centers.  I added black lines to the green-blue one and white lines to the pink-yellow one after I glued all the layers into place.   I am really happy with the way these two worked out.  It is a fun process that has no rules so you can just create as you wish and really allow your inner guidance system to move you along.