Thursday, February 22, 2007

My SU party has been submitted and I thank all of my friends for coming!! Product should be here by the end of next week!! Yeah!! The spring mini has arrived and I am wondering what the new catalog schedule will be for this coming year!! Something to look forward to!

Just a hint I wanted to share with you that Catherine mentioned at Jayne's party. The stamp pads that have a little liner in them like the StazOn and the Brilliance can be modified so that the liner comes off with the cover - just add a large glue dot or some double sided foam tape to the inside of the lid and place on the pad. The next time you remove the cover, the liner will come with it. Works so well!!

A few new UMs arrived this week so I am off to play in my craft room and hopefully get a few cards made.

Have a creative day!!

The background on this card was created using the granite spray paint that was popular some years back. The can was destined for the garbage so I took it outside along with some large sheets of paper and a large piece of cardboard. I just sprayed until the can was empty. Made 5-6 large sheets of this wonderfully textured black, white and gray paper.
Really love the old world look of this image and thought it worked well with the background. Stamped in with black StazOn which gives a very strong black colour. Added some simple fiber and a "fossil". I made these fossils the other day with some recyclable plastic, my heat gun and some rubber stamps!! It was fun!! I have a whole bunch because it was so much fun trying different stamps to get different textures!! Will have to list them on my MMM site -!!

Just love making "paste paper"!! You make paste (wall paper or cornstarch), add some colour (watercolour, ink, acyrlic paint, etc) and then spread it on your dampened paper. The paper needs to have a good wet strength for this project. In this case, I used white Kraft gift wrap I bought at Michaels. It worked very well. I usually make a day of it when get started making paste paper and just play as long as the paste lasts. I have created my own tools for working in the paste - mostly cut from plastic milk jugs. I like the flexibility of the plastic and the more organic lines they create.
I have now acquired the 1 3/8" SU punch so I can make double layered tags using it in combination with the 1 1/4" SU punch. Just love the ease of making these now. I added a punched shape to the tags - hearts, stars, dragonflies, leaves and daisies and made them in a variety of cardstock colours. Added a little fiber and had a quick and easy card!!

Created this polished stone background this summer when my sister was visiting and thought the colours would work well with this image. Stamped the image with black StazOn. The victorian corner punch worked well with it as well. I thought the card front needed a bit of ornamentation so I stamped it with a coordinating colour and the SU heart background (retired). Great card for the women in my life!!

This card features "faux leather" paper which I made yesterday. You apply acrylic paint and glazes (Glaze Vernis by Delta) in layers until you have full coverage and nice rich colour. Once dry it has the soft lustre of leather. I started with brown paper and made brown, green and burgundy.
The little bird image is a used postage stamp. I collect all of the interesting stamps that arrive on our mail and use them in my art when I can. I like the way this one turned out. Very simple and easy!!
Led a cardmaking class last night featuring handpainted backgrounds. I really like making these acrylic paint backgrounds - I just slosh on paint until I am happy with it. I usually start with leftover paint from my palette after a project and water it down to make a wash and apply it to a sheet of paper or several depending on how much paint I have. The next time I am painting I add more colour washes and repeat the process until I like the look of it. I designed and colour printed the round tag and punched it out. I really like the colour of this one.

I found this layout in a magazine - Joy of Cardmaking. Lots of really good card making ideas.