Sunday, May 05, 2019

Crumb quilting

I had a little fun this afternoon doing some quilting!!  It is called crumb quilting and its aim is to piece together all your fabric "crumbs" into a piece large enough to be used for a project.  In my case, I was looking to give my daughter's sewing machine a bit of a go before it heads back home.  It was having problems with the adjustments on the screen so having been reduced to a simple straight stitch with no adjustments she decided to sent it home with DH and see what he could do with it.  Being the guy that he is he was able to restore all her functions by replacing the screen and updating the software.  He did a "hack" job in that he kept costs down to the minimum and found parts that worked and worked out how all the components worked together so he could get it working again.  As always, there were a few necessary tools that were added to his tool box in the process but as we all know the right tool for the job always makes things go well.  So not being a sewer he asked me if I could take it for a bit of a spin and test it before it returned home.  I bought a bobbin and over the course of this past week I found this quilting concept on line  and decided that it would be the perfect technique to experiment with while I was testing her machine.  Now, hers is a computerized one which I had never used before so it took a bit of getting used to and reading the manual to be able to fill a bobbin, then thread the machine and get the presser food up and down but I eventually got the hang of it.  So using this crumb quilting technique I managed to get a piece about 18" long and about 6" wide done this afternoon.  To test the screen I decide to finish off my bobbin trying out some of the decorative stitches.  Pretty cool!!!!    So I would say that it is good to go!!


Thank you card featuring an emboss background and frame and a colour printed digital greeting

Appreciation for the people and events of our lives is a large part of a good life.

A thank you card for someone special who has blessed us with so much!!

I started with a large envelope and created a white card to fit inside.  I cut two pieces of navy cardstock and embossed them before gluing them on the front of my card.  I added a little strip of pink to echo some of the colour in the focal image.  The image is one I downloaded from KissPng, colour printed on white and trimmed to size.  I distressed the edges as well.  I die cut a square wavy frame  (SX) from silver cardstock and embossed it with the Swiss Dot embossing folder (CB) before adhering it to my card front.  I mounted my image over the opening using 3D foam tape.   Perfect!!!!!!!