Monday, June 08, 2015

A bright Art Quiltie for June

For my June art quiltie exchange I decided I would try a quilting technique that I have heard my Mom and sisters discuss - the faux Cathedral window.  I did a bit of searching on line to see how it was done and then headed to my craft room. I found this bright and linear print in my stash of 4"x 4"squares and thought it would be very appropriate for this technique.  I chose a solid yellow for my backer and after a bit of designing in Corel Draw I established that I needed a 5.75" circle to encompass the 4" square.  I checked the plates and bowls in the kitchen until I found one that was the right size and traced around it in pencil and cut it out the circle by hand.  Next, I added a piece of batting to my square, pinned to the middle of my yellow circle and stitched all the black lines in the design using black thread for the top and yellow in the bobbin.  I like that it made the design a bit puffy!!  Next, I folded what was left of the circle on the four sides over the square and pressed them down.  I stitched all the way around the edge and then stitched the rounded pieces into place over the square.  Thinking it needed a "bit of something" I decided to doodle inside the space I had created with the stitching using a permanent fine tip Sharpie marker.  That looked better!!  Wanting to add a bit of beading to my quiltie I decided to add black seed beads to each space I had doodled. That looked better!!  The inner section needed a bit of a focal point so I added three black sequins stitched on with black thread and black seed beads.  That was much better!!  Finished!!  It will be off to my partner later this week.